5 Ways to Make Family Discipleship at Home FUN

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Looking to learn more about how to grow closer together to God as a family??

Having family discipleship in your own home will give your kids the foundation they need to learn to know and love God. 🙂

Here are 5 simple ways you can disciple your kids at home and make it fun!

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Simple Ways To Make Family Discipleship At Home Fun

*This post may contain affiliate links & referral links, meaning I may earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through post links. This is of course at no extra cost to you and helps keep the blog up and running!

*This post may contain affiliate links & referral links, meaning I may earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through post links. This is of course at no extra cost to you and helps keep the blog up and running!

Something God pressed upon my heart even before we had our daughter, but ESPECIALLY after we found out we were pregnant, was to teach her godly things from a young age.

It can seem overwhelming when it comes to teaching your kids about God, and sitting down to have dedicated family Bible time.

BUT, it doesn’t always have to be this sit-down and quiet type of thing.

While there is definitely a time and place for specific family Bible time, reading God’s Word together and studying it (SO important!) there are other ways you can teach your children about God in a fun and interactive way!

You can enjoy family discipleship at home – it’s not up to their Sunday school teacher, children’s pastors, grandparents, etc.

Nope, it is OUR job as parents to disciple our families and teach them godly things from a young age, so they can grow and learn to love Him.

BUT I promise you, you can make it fun and interactive, while still pouring into your kids and instilling those godly habits in them from a young age.

So how exactly can you make family discipleship at home fun?? Here are a few simple suggestions for you…

1. Watch a family devo or movie together

Although participating in screen-free activities as a family is so important, you can use screen time in a good way!

There are tons of great Christian TV show options for kids, as well as Christian movies. Some of our favorites that we watch are:

  • The Prince of Egypt (DVD)
  • Joseph: King of Dreams (DVD)
  • Veggie Tales – we really like the episodes Queen Esther and Lord of the Beans
  • Owlegories (Go Minno or Prime)

We also utilize Go Minno, which is a kids’ Christian streaming service, and is filled with awesome TV shows, music videos, and great 5-minute family devos!

We have used this for about 4 years now and it’s worth every penny. Our favorite is the Buck Denver 5 Minute Family Devo’s. These are great to use after the bath and right before bed, from toddler age and up. 🙂

In the mornings we will listen to the fun praise songs on there, watch shows without me worrying about what she’s taking in, and even talking about them together as a family.

*You can get your first month FREE with Go Minno here!

2. Listen to Worship music

What better way to enjoy time together as a family than by worshipping together?! It’s such a beautiful picture of what it will look like when we all come together to praise our King.

There is something so powerful about worshipping with our kids at home, at church, etc.

BUT, worship isn’t just singing songs and praises to God – yes that is a form of worship, but worship is a lifestyle.

What does that mean?

It’s what you do in your quiet time with God, how you live your life, how you respond to situations, how you show love to others, and participating in corporate worship with your church family as well.

Having time to sing praises to God together teaches your kids how to know and love God, and shows them what our lives should look like.

Here are some of our favorite scripture songs for kids we like to listen to every day!

You can also fill your time with these great kids’ worship songs, with videos and hand motions to get them up, dancing and singing praises to God. 🙂

3. Read through the Bible or family devotion

Nothing is better to disciple your family at home than reading God’s Word. What is the point of anything we do if we don’t understand what to do, why we are going it, or how to?

Something we started doing recently is reading through a proverb a day (there are 31 for a reason!) and it has been a blessing! It’s a great start to our morning routine.

For us personally, I usually let my daughter play with something that keeps her hands busy, but not a loud or electronic toy. She still takes it in, but doesn’t lose interest because her hands are busy. 🙂

It’s also great for your kids to see you reading the Bible, for so many reasons, but mainly to see it as a normal, necessary thing they should do every day!

You can pick different books of the Bible or chapters to read through each day, OR find a great family devotional book to help relate it to your kids and the ages they are at.

A good family devotional can be the key to a fun, interactive, and stress-free family Bible time! You can find a great age-appropriate family devotional book from this list here, and start talking with your kids about God.

4. Do a Bible activity together

Doing a Bible activity together as a family is a great interactive way to teach your kids biblical truths and spend quality time together as a family!!

Our favorites to do are the fruit of the spirit printables, playdough mats, reading through these easy verses for toddlers to memorize, and

Some other fun Bible activities you can do:

Not only will doing these things help teach your kids more about God, but provide some great quality time together as a family.

It will help create a unified family, open and honest communication, and the fruit that will come from that time together will be such a blessing!

You can find tons of Bible activities for FREE here in my printables library!

5. Utilize outside as much as you can

Getting outside is a great way to get some fresh air, and be reminded of just how great our God is.

It’s a super simple yet HUGE way to teach your kids about God and that HE made them, and everything we see.

My daughter and I will talk about the different things God created, and usually, the conversation will end up going like this after a minute…

G: Mommy, who made that car?

Me: Someone or a group of people who build cars.

G: So God DIDN’T make everything, right?

Me: Well, God made the person who made that car, and gave him the gifts, abilities, tools, and resources needed to make it.

G: So God DID make everything!!

You can even take this a step further and show pictures of other places in the world, or travel to different places and use everything as an opportunity to show that God is our creator. 🙂

Like I mentioned earlier, doing a nature scavenger hunt (we like this one) is a great outdoor idea, or bring one of your favorite Bible activity books outside to read and talk about.

**If you haven’t started incorporating family Bible time into your routine, don’t worry! It’s never too late to start.

Here are some great tips for having dedicated family Bible time each and every day, even with young kiddos – it’s never too early to start teaching them about God!

ways to disciple your family

Encourage Fun & Effective Family Discipleship At Home!

I pray this encourages you and your family to have discipleship at home, and that you feel confident and equipped! Use these ideas for some good, godly conversation with your family this week. 🙂

Remember, God knows your desire to pour into your family, and He will give you the strength to do so!

Which ways do you enjoy learning about God with your kids? Let me know! 🙂

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  1. Grace This Place says:

    Love this!! I have 3,4,6&6 and we love memorizing scripture, having the conversations, and worshipping throughout our day ♥️ Thank you for sharing!

    1. Of course 🙂 that’s awesome!! Good job Mama! That’s great to hear you and your family enjoy worshipping and talking about God together. <3

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