3 Reasons Your Kids Should See You Reading The Bible

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Have you ever asked yourself, how in the world do I get my child to start reading their Bible?

Not only that, but how do I make it known how important it is and get them interested? The answer may be simpler than you think!

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3 Reasons Your Kids Need To See You Reading The Bible

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Let’s be honest, reading some parts of the Bible can be tough. Especially in the Old Testament, and especially when it’s your kids reading it. I totally get that.

But it is SO important. And all points back to Jesus and the Gospel and THAT is what we want our kids to see. And we want to help them understand by teaching them about the Bible!

So, how do you get your kids to start reading the Bible?

Well, you have to start reading yours first.

Let’s dive straight into these 3 INCREDIBLE benefits of your kids seeing you read your Bible!

It Encourages Them To Start Reading Their Bible

To put it simply… your kids are watching you. Every move you make, every word you say – and yes, I did start singing the Every Breath You Take song in my head. 😉

But seriously. It is so true! Why should kids read their Bible if they never see their parents doing it?

Is it good to have quiet time with the Lord alone? YES! Of course. It’s essential! This is where we as parents get our filling, study God’s Word, hear from Him, and go to “war.”

But, it’s okay to let your kids see you reading your Bible if you didn’t get to have that quiet time this morning.

Sometimes we (I’m raising my hand too!) can be guilty of thinking if I can’t have my quiet time by myself, I can’t have it at all. Our “time” has been interrupted and is therefore no good.

Let me tell you right now, God wants us to come to Him under ALL circumstances, including the chaos in young motherhood.

And what better way to minister to those precious kids that God has entrusted to you, than by reading your Bible in front of them.


Plus, reading your Bible in front of your kids can lead to my next point…

You Have The Opportunity To Read The Bible Together

Do you have that vision in your mind of you and your kids all sitting around the table together each reading your Bibles? OR maybe reading it to them if they aren’t yet old enough?

Guess what? When your kids see you reading the Bible, this is the PERFECT opportunity to achieve that vision!

What better way to get them interested in something than by you doing it first. Kids just seem to want to do what mom and dad are doing right?

BONUS – you will also be more prepared when they ask questions about the Bible.

Which leads to my next point…

They Can Ask You Questions As They Read

I feel like one of the biggest fears of a Christian is not knowing all the answers. For example, if someone asks us a question about the Bible that we don’t know, we feel ashamed, and therefore we don’t talk about it a lot so we don’t get asked those questions.

Well, guess what? KIDS ASK QUESTIONS. All. Day. Long.

I know you understand what I am talking about here!

And that is a GOOD thing. They ask you questions about why the sky is blue, why the dog has a tail, why they can’t lick the floor (maybe that’s just my kid?), etc…

How awesome would it be if they started asking authentic questions about the Bible??

We won’t always know all the answers, and it’s okay to let them know that, and that you will find it out and get back to them.

By doing this, you will not only help them learn, but grow in your own knowledge and understanding of God’s Word!

But you can have a LOT more confidence in answering your kids’ questions about the Bible if you have been reading your Bible on your own. Makes sense right??

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Your Kids NEED To See You Reading Your Bible

Ultimately, it is so important for your kids to see you reading your Bible!

By doing this, you are setting up an open environment where reading the Bible is a normal thing. Build it into your routine to where it becomes weird if you DON’T read the Bible daily.

I hope this not only encouraged you to get into God’s Word but to let your kiddos see you reading as well!

Do you let your kids see you reading your Bible? Which tip stuck out the most to you? Let me know in the comments!

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