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first grade homeschool curriculum

Homeschooling 1st Grade: Christian Curriculum & Schedule!

Homeschooling your children and taking control of their education is such a blessing but can be overwhelming!! Especially just starting out and homeschooling first grade or younger. What curriculum do I choose? How do I find our learning style? What will our daily schedule be? I wanted to share our first-grade, Christ-focused homeschool curriculum picks…

Prayers for Vegetable Garden

4 Prayers to Pray Over Your Vegetable Garden

Do you have a home garden? There are so many great benefits to growing your own garden, especially for your family! Part of the equation though is the hope and prayer that your garden will yield a good harvest, right? Otherwise, what’s the point?! Here are 4 mighty prayers you can pray over your vegetable…

small garden ideas for kids

Why You Should Build A Small Garden With Your Kids This Summer

Looking for a fun and UNIQUE thing to do with your kids this summer? Go ahead and get your summer bucket list out, because you’ll want to add starting a small garden with your kids to it. Not only will you be able to enjoy the “fruits of your labor,” but use this as a…

summer bucket list

70+ Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families In 2022

Looking for some fun adventures to take this summer with your kids? Then you definitely need to consider making a fun-filled summer bucket list! What all could you add to it? I’m glad you asked! From indoor activities, outdoor fun, crafts, and fun family trips to take, you’ll want to check out these 70+ summer…

summer schedule for kids

Super Flexible Summer Schedule For Young Kids + Free Template

Summer is a time to enjoy being together as a family, and maybe even check some of those fun things you’ve been wanting to do off of your summer bucket list! But that energy can get burnt out quick, so let me help kick summer boredom and overwhelm to the curb with an easy, flexible…

30+ NON-SCARY Fall Family Bucket List Ideas

30+ NON-SCARY Fall Family Bucket List Ideas

Do you love spending quality time together as a family? We sure do! With fall being our favorite season, I wanted to incorporate some fun ideas to add to our to-do list! Here are 30+ (non-scary!) fall family bucket list ideas you can start doing this year! Fall Family Bucket List Ideas It was important…