Screen-Free Bonding Activities for Christian Families + Free Printable

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Are you looking for some new and fun ways to connect and spend more quality time together as a family?

Get ready to unplug because I have some awesome screen-free bonding activities your family will love doing together, plus some free printable game cards!!

bonding activities for families

Screen-Free Bonding Activities for Christian Families

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“Mom, I’m BORED!”

Ahh the dreaded phrase every Mom is just LONGING to hear, right?

OR maybe, if your child is 4-5 like mine, it’s “But I don’t have anything to play with!” That phrase has seriously made me rethink some things and the need to purge some toys.

Instead, we decided to limit screen time including TV shows, movies, and tablet time, and have noticed a HUGE difference in her demeanor.

And you know what? It wasn’t just for her… we tried it for ourselves too!!

Something we have been working on is trying to turn the TV off, put the phones away and participate in more screen-free activities together as a family.

We have found some really fun family night activities we enjoy, puzzles, and even some great Bible-themed games as well.

Check out some of our favorite screen-free bonding activities to do as a family, plus a fun FREE printable game to start using today. 🙂

Printable (Unplugged) Family Idea Cards + Game

These printable cards include 24 pre-filled cards with bonding activities to do with your family, plus 12 BLANK cards for you to personalize and fill in your own!

Download Your Family Unplugged Idea Cards from the free printables library HERE.

bonding activities for families

Already have access to the printables library? No need to sign up again, grab the link from your welcome email and download today!

Fun Ways To Use These Screen-Free Printable Game Cards

Go ahead and print these cards on 8.5×11 cardstock paper. Then cut them out, laminate (we love this pink laminator from Amazon), and then place them in a cute box or jar!

You can even have your kids decorate a special “screen-free game” box. 🙂

Once you have them assembled, there are so many fun ideas for using these cards! Here are just a few…

  • Fill in the blank cards with ideas personalized to your family
  • Have a weekly family night and let someone choose a new actvity each week
  • Do a 7 day family night challnege and pick one each day
  • Add one card to your family Bible time

Looking for more family night ideas??

Check out these 75 fun and simple family date night ideas you can start today + a free printable list!!

Our Top 5 Favorite Screen-Free Activities

Out of all of the ideas included in the free printable, we definitely have a few favorites we like to do. Hopefully, you find some favorites from this list, as well as add your own ideas to the blank cards!

Here are a few of our favorite family activities we enjoy doing together…

1. Make Breakfast For Dinner

Last summer we finally traded in our classic bbq grill for a flat top griddle… and it was one of our best decisions ever!

One of our favorite things to do whether rain or shine is to make breakfast for dinner on the griddle. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, the works!

Our daughter thinks it hilarious to have breakfast at dinner time, and it’s always a fun time cooking together. 🙂

2. Take A Nature Walk

Nature walks make for PERFECT family night activities! You can do this in your own backyard, or bundle up in the car and head to the park.

It’s a great opportunity to teach your kids about God and creation, and tons of fun.

nature scavenger hunt checklist

Here is an awesome (free) nature scavenger hunt we like to do – you can find it in one of my favorite blogger’s printables library HERE.

3. Play A Game

Board games, cards, and puzzles are a great way to disconnect, unplug, whatever you want to call it, and focus on each other!

Some of my favorite memories when I was younger with my family were playing board and card games, and I still remember some of the inside jokes that we made.

girl playing a board game

A recent favorite for my daughter and me on days at home is Mancala! There is even a super cute kids version where instead of marbles, they are tiny little plastic, shiny animals.

It’s a great game for helping develop those fine motor skills, and strategic thinking. 😉

Here are some of our favorite Bible-themed board game options for families of all ages!!

4. Have A Family Praise & Worship Session

My daughter LOVES to sing and dance, and thankfully she loves to do this to worship songs!

You can enjoy a fun praise and worship session after family Bible time, or if you are musically inclined, grab out some instruments and sing hymns together.

Here is some of our favorite scripture music for kids, that the whole family will love!!

**This isn’t exactly screen-free, but you can make it that way by just singing acapella or, we play ours on our echo dot.

5. Look At Old Photos

This isn’t on the list, but one we made up as a “blank card” activity. G (my daughter) loves to look at old pictures from when she was a baby, and it’s so fun to reminisce all together.

Plus, some of the photos I don’t even remember, and it’s fun to explain to her what was happening and remember for ourselves! 🙂

bonding activities for christian families printable

Screen-Free Bonding Activities for Christian Families + Free Printable

I hope this list inspires you to put the phones away and enjoy some quality screen-free time together as a family!

Don’t forget to download your printable cards and enjoy laughing, learning, and growing together. 🙂

What are your favorites from this list? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I absolutely needed this! Thank you for sharing these ideas!

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