BEST Bible Board Games For A Fun Family Game Night!

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Looking for some fun, Bible-based games to add to your family game nights?

I’ve got an awesome list for you today filled with tons of Bible board and card games your family will love! These are great for families with kids of any age.

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Best Bible Board Games For Families

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Something we have been working on is trying to turn the TV off, put the phones away and participate in more screen-free activities together as a family.

We love spending our evenings playing games and doing puzzles together!

More specifically, board games are an awesome way to connect as a family, especially when they are Bible-themed!

I can’t wait to share this list with you of over 18 family games to play together and point your families back to Christ as well.

I have even broken these down into categories for you; you can use the quick navigation to look for what you need, or feel free to browse the whole list and fill your game closet with some great options. 🙂

Whether you have toddlers or teens, there is something on this list for all types of families! Enjoy. 🙂

Popular Games With A Bible Edition

Here are some games that are already very well known and popular, but with a Bible twist! This would be a great place to start introducing games into your evening routines. 🙂

1. Apples To Apples

Ages: 8+ | Players: 4-10

This is a play on one of my personal favorites, Apples to Apples. However, the cards are definitely family-friendly and it’s a great way to teach your kids to “defend” scripture and the Bible!

2. Bibleopoly

Ages: 8+ | Players: 2-6

This should be an easy guess… monopoly but the Bible edition! If you love the original you will definitely enjoy this one. It also has a traditional play as well as a shorter, one-hour style of play – perfect for a one evening family game night!

3. Bible Outburst

Ages: 12+ | Players: 2 teams

This is a fun play on the original Outburst! There are 10 target answers for different topics which include: “names for Christ,” or “animals in the Bible,” etc. You then have 60 seconds to shout out answers!

4. Scattegories Bible Edition

Ages: 8+ | Players: up to 6

This game is similar to Outburst, and would be fun to add for family night or even to your homeschool curriculum. 🙂

Bible Games For Families With Preschoolers

These fun interactive games are ones that your preschool-age kids will absolutely love!!

You can also pair any of these games with some scripture reading to really hit home the point.

5. Noah’s Ark: Don’t Rock The Boat

Ages: 3+ | Players: 2-6

We love this game! it is SO much fun and will have you all laughing and concentrating at the same time. You have to try and balance the animals on the ark without tipping it, and there are even fun informational cards for each animal.

6. Noah’s Animal Rescue

Ages: 4+ | Players: 2-4

Another super fun game that also helps your kids build skills such as working together, strategic thinking, and more! The goal is to get all of the animals to the ark before the flood comes.

7. Children’s Bible Trivia

Ages: 5+ | Players: 2-6

Trivia games are such a great way to get kids thinking, and this one is specifically for helping them learn about the Bible! There are 7 Bible categories, and the goal is to get up the rainbow by answering one question for each category.

8. Bible Bingo

Ages: 4+ | Players: any

Kids LOVE bingo!! Bible Bingo is a super fun, engaging game that helps kids and families memorize scripture by matching Bible verses together.

9. Bible Stories Memory Game

Ages: 3+ | Players: 2+

This game is a lot of fun and helps teach your kids stories from the Old Testament. It is set up like a matching game, and would be great to help them memorize Bible verses as well!

10. All Aboard The Ark

Ages: 4+ | Players: 2+

In this fun matching game, you have to help Noah find the matching male and female animal cards. You can work together to find all sets of animals onto the Ark before the water rises!

Bible Card Games For Kids

Card games are great, even for little kids too! Here are some fun Bible card game options for families as well. 🙂

I would recommend one or a few of these cards holders – they come in handy (no pun intended!) for small hands that may have trouble holding the cards. I still use one myself!

11. Bible Rummy

Ages: 4+ | Players: 2+

This spiritual take on a classic card game is great for teaching your kids more about the Old Testament! There are 12 popular Bible stories included on these jumbo-sized cards.

12. Jonah, Go Fish

Ages: 4+ | Players: 2+

We have been playing Go-Fish for a while, and we love the biblical aspect of this one! It tells the story of Jonah, one of my daughter’s favorites, using jumbo-sized cards.

*Here is another fun option for Bible Go Fish here – different art style and design but the same concept!!

13. Bible Old Man

Ages: 4+ | Players: 2+

The third game in this jumbo Bible card series is Old Man, a play on Old Maid! It will help introduce biblical principles to your kids in a fun and interactive way!

14. Bible Trivia Flash Cards

Ages: 6+ | Players: any

Flashcards are a great way to teach kids things, including about God! This game is not only full of learning but will provide lots of fun for the whole family.

More Fun Bible Bible Games For Family

Enjoy looking at these other fun Bible board games for your family to enjoy together!

15. Memo Bible

Ages: 9+ | Players: 5

This is a very fun and unique game, and perfect for teaching scripture memory to your kids! There are 84 verses to learn – the cards will have part of the verse on them and you have to recite the rest.

16. Bible Trivia

Ages: 7+ | Players: 2-4

This is great for smaller families! We love trivia games and this one has over 700 different questions about the Bible!! It’s fun to learn new things about God’s Word, especially as an adult. 😉

17. Christian Culture – The Game of Christian Conversations

Ages: N/A | Players: any

Anything that will help spark godly conversation in your home is always a win!! Bust out your Bibles and enjoy discussing these stories and topics. This is not only great for family game night, but for friends and holiday get-togethers as well.

18. So You Think You Know The Bible

Ages: 10+ | Players: any

This game was recommended to us by a friend, and while we haven’t tried it yet (age level is a little too high for us now) it looks like a BLAST!! It’s a fun way to fellowship together as a family and grow more in the knowledge of God and His Word.

family playing board game

Best Bible Board Games For Family Game Nights

My prayer is that you and your family not only enjoy spending quality, screen-free time together but grow more in godliness as a family. 🙂

I hope you find some great ones from this list. Enjoy these super fun Bible board games that everyone will love!

Which Bible board game is your favorite! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great summary! Check out True Frenemies. A Christian board game where you must help another player as well as yourself to reach the Tree of Life. The catch? You will know who you need to help, but you will have no idea who is trying to help you. Welcome to a mixed up world where your friends may suddenly turns on you and your worst enemy saves the day!

    1. I will definitely look into this game! Thanks so much for recommending it! 🙂

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