75 Fun Weekly Family Night Ideas To Connect More

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Looking for the ultimate list of things you can do together as a family??

Put those cell phones away and enjoy growing closer to each other and making memories for years to come. 🙂

Here are 75 fun family night ideas you can use to start spending more quality time together!

family fun night ideas

75 Fun Weekly Family Night Ideas To Connect More

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Recently, we have been trying to incorporate more family nights together each week.

Having that time to connect spiritually together with a great family devotion is super important, but so is playing and having fun together.

Before we know it, weeks go by and all of the sudden we realize our families haven’t really got to sit (phone/screen-free) and connect together. That’s why I wanted to offer this giant list of ideas!!

The great thing about these ideas is pretty much all of them are budget-friendly, mostly screen-free, and can be done at home or near home.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a “successful” family date night. All you need is each other, and some ideas to get started!

Why You Need A Weekly Family Fun Night

Why are family nights so important? Here are a few biblical reasons why I think you should consider having a dedicated family night each week in your home!

1. God wants us to grow closer together

There’s an old saying I heard once that says, “If you aren’t growing closer together, then you aren’t growing at all.”

I think it was talking about marriage mostly, but it applies to families as well! There is always room to grow individually, and closer to one another. This is His will!

God also uses other people to help hold us accountable and “sharpen one another.”

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17 NIV

By becoming closer to one another, we can make sure we are keeping sin out of our lives by being open and transparent with our family.

2. Remain unified as a family

We all know that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10)… and he starts within the family!

If he can’t keep you from knowing God, he will try to do everything he can to distract you, including causing disunity in your family.

Planning and creating that space to connect together not only strengthens your family bond, but there is such power when you pray over your family!!

Here are some great Bible verses and prayers on family unity you can read to help you remain unified, and keep it!!

3. Build memories

When you look back at your time when you were younger, do you remember the gifts and things you received, or memories of your family?

I remember vacations we took, games we played together and spending time together.

This is what we want to build for our kids! Show them what a loving, godly home looks like – one filled with joy, laughter, and closeness.

Yes, there is a time for tears, heartache, and similar things… but you are the one who is in control of making FUN memories that your kids will remember when they grow up.

One Thing To Remember When Planning A Weekly Family Night

Don’t feel like you have to do all these activities ALL. AT. ONCE. Just be consistent in your family night each week, and slowly start working through the list.

You may find something you all absolutely fall in love with and decide to do it again and again… that’s fine! The goal is to start spending more quality time with one another, whatever that looks like for your family.

For example, we really love #’s 1, 2, and 24. 🙂

This list is merely a guide to help you get there!

Don’t worry, there is no need to get overwhelmed – it’s not as hard as you think. Take a look at some of these ideas and you will see how easy it can be to start incorporating a weekly family night into your routine.

75 Family Fun Night Ideas

Here are tons of fun ideas, including Bible board games, outdoor adventures, screen-free activities, and tons more!

I hope you find some great ideas from this list and enjoy connecting as a family!

  1. Play a Bible board game
  2. Complete a puzzle
  3. Read scriptures on thankfulness
  4. Have family Bible time
  5. Take turns reading a Bible story out loud
  6. Play cards
  7. Play charades
  8. Do a holiday craft together
  9. Do a fun Bible craft
  10. Bake a cake
  11. Research a country and cook a traditional dish from the place
  12. Have a dance party
  13. Have a praise and worship session
  14. Set up an ice cream bar with fun toppings
  15. Have a pillow fight
  16. Play freeze tag
  17. Movie night in a fort
  18. Play hide and seek
  19. Pick a story from the Bible to act out
  20. Enjoy family Bible time
  21. Throw a high tea party
  22. Write out your favorite Bible verses on cards
  23. Draw outside with chalk
  24. Make breakfast for dinner (one of our favorites!)
  25. Make sock puppets and put on a show
  26. Take a nature walk
  27. Work on a jigsaw puzzle together
  28. Interview each other
  29. Do an act of gratitude for someone else
  30. Have a family photoshoot
  31. Have a backyard picnic
  32. Write a story together
  33. Look at old photo albums
  34. Tell stories by flashlight
  35. Have an indoor picnic
  36. Family movie night (here are some awesome Christian movies for families!)
  37. Make your own pizzas at home
  38. Backyard camping
  39. Stargazing – use this to tie in how big God really is!
  40. Scavenger hunt (we love this family scavenger hunt here!)
  41. Make a funny video together
  42. Watch home movies
  43. Make a family time capsule
  44. Host a family talent show
  45. Have a family art night with paint and supplies
  46. Dress up for dinner
  47. Build magnatiles/legos together
  48. Play BINGO together
  49. Create a family vision board
  50. Play card games
  51. Go on a family walk (yes, the pets too!)
  52. Read a family devotion together
  53. Play a sport together
  54. Read a book together
  55. Kids choice night – dinner, game, movie, etc.
  56. Go to the local library and rent books for each other
  57. Sleepover in the living room
  58. Volunteer together as a family
  59. Bake cookies or a treat together
  60. Try a new meal together for the first time
  61. Listen to scripture music together
  62. Make a family bucket list
  63. Family connection questions
  64. Do fireworks or sparklers if allowed in your neighborhood
  65. Play hacky sack
  66. Go on a $10 shopping spree at Walmart/Dollar Tree
  67. Go to a local orchard and pick apples/pumpkins/strawberries
  68. Plan a dream family vacation
  69. Build a backyard garden
  70. Feed the ducks at the park
  71. Play at the park/have a picnic
  72. Camp in the backyard
  73. Learn a new game together
  74. Cook a meal together
  75. Memorize a Bible verse together

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family fun night ideas

75 Fun Weekly Family Night Ideas

My prayer is that you and your kids start enjoying more time together and that this list helps you get started!

Put the phones away, start building those precious memories, and grow more in godliness and unified together as a family. 🙂

What is your favorite idea from the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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