8 Best FAMILY Devotions To Bring Kids & Parents Together

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Do you want to make sure your family is spending time in God’s word together daily? But maybe you don’t quite know where to start?

I’ve found 8 of the best family devotions that will help your whole family grow closer to each other, and to God!

best family devotions

Best Family Devotions To Do Together

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I remember when my daughter was little, maybe after her first birthday. I wanted to start teaching her about the Bible, and develop a plan to have family Bible time with my husband, her, and myself every day.

But I had NO clue where to start. Especially with a one year old.

I knew that God wanted this for our family, and how important it was to start. She would take it in as she got older and I was honestly surprised at how much she remembered!

It’s so true what they say, kids absorb EVERYHING!

Anyway, I started researching and found some amazing devotionals for families!! Some we have personally used and others that were highly recommended!

I even created my own family Bible guide! It was PERFECT to help her start understanding short, simple key points, verses, & prayers to pray (once she started talking!).

Now, I want to share with you (and hopefully take some of that overwhelming pressure off to find a great family devotion) what I found so your family can start reading together.

Here are 8 of the best family devotionals to help you and your family grow closer to God and each other!

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1. Experiencing God at Home Day by Day: A Family Devotional

Experiencing God at Home, the family version is a great spin-off of the original study devotional for adults!

It is a daily devotional and is made to help guide parents in having worship together as a family. It also helps you (parents) lead your kids toward developing their own personal relationship with Christ at each age and stage of growing up.

Many reviews have said this book gives a good range of activities and quiet time suggestions for preschool age as well as older children. A great well-rounded devo!

You can read this book on the Kindle app:

2. 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families

This is laid out in a weekly format, so it would be a good one to repeat each night or pick a different activity listed in there to do each night.

Each week has a “Family beatitude”, a focus word, weekly Bible verse (great for memorizing with little kids!), activities, prayer journal options, a prayer, and a “wrap up” chat.

This one lays it out so well and very clear, with a basic intro to talking about the Bible. This is a great place to start if you haven’t done family Bible time before, or if you have very young children.

3. Go Minno Storybook Bible

This one is great because it works great as an illustrated storybook Bible to do daily Bible reading with your kids – it has 52 stories from the Bible with family connection questions at the end of each.

It is personally one of our FAVORITES that we use in our home, and can easily be used as a kids devotional when your children get older and can read on their own.

4. The Family Bible Devotional

The family devotional is great for families with any age kids, including toddlers!!

What I love about this one is the author’s story behind it. She had a desire in her heart to sit and read the Bible together as a family, and shared what worked best for her and her kids. It isn’t just a “kids devotional” but challenges you as a parent as well in your faith, and helps you grow.

This devotion is great for learning, teaching, and not preaching at your kids. There are 52 short readings, each with engaging background info and discussion questions. 🙂 Great for keeping kids interested in learning about God’s Word!

You can read this book on the Kindle app:

5. Jesus Calling: 100 Devotions for Families to Enjoy Peace in His Presence

If you have ever read any of the other books in the Jesus Calling collection, then you will definitely enjoy this one as well!

This is the Jesus Calling Family Devotional, with 100 devotions for families. It is such a great option for families with kids of any age, but short enough to keep even toddlers interested in discussing God’s Word!

jesus calling family devotional

There are two short pages per devotion, one for adults and one for kids. It includes a short devo, scripture to read for each, a “read more” section for deeper learning, and questions to talk about together.

jesus calling family devotional

We personally use this one and really love it for a quick, 10-15 minute family devotion!

6. Grace for the Moment Family Devotional: 100 Devotions for Families to Enjoy God’s Grace

This devotion was written by Max Lucado, who has some amazing best-selling books for Christians including two of my personal favorites, Grace and Anxious For Nothing.

Just as the previous book, this one includes 100 devotionals for families, one per day for adults and one for kids, both on the same topic so you can really dig into it together!

There is also scripture to read together, and a “growing in grace” activity and discussion question each day.

You can read this book on the Kindle app:

7. Undivided: A Family Devotional: Living FOR And Not Just WITH One Another

Unlike the others, this family devotional is a 12-week study on being UNdivided as a family! It’s great to repeat every 3 months for a year to really hit home these key points.

Family unity is so important and this devotional digs a little deeper than the others. This would be great for families with preschoolers all the way up to teens!

It includes 4 easy sections to follow per devotion:

  • Learn it – your family will read and learn the context of the passage
  • Live it – you will talk about how to apply the passage through practical and easy to understand devotional reading
  • Ask it – family discussion questions to help explore biblical truths
  • Give it – this will be a fun hands on activity that you can do at your own pace

This weekly devotional is great, and the way it’s spread out gives you time to really focus and get a ton out of each lesson!

You can read this book FREE with Kindle Unlimited:

8. Once-A-Day: At the Table Family Devotional

What if you could have a great family devotion each night… while eating dinner??

Yes please!

This At The Table Family Devotional is perfect for that! You’ll get 365 daily readings to do together as a family, at the dinner table.

You will get a daily scripture from the NIV, short devotional reading, questions to go over, and a closing prayer. You can complete this family devotion at the table before dinner is served, while eating, or after dinner, and before clean up (especially if you have toddlers haha!).

Super easy to get your kids (and yourselves!) involved in God’s Word together each day. 🙂

You can read this book on the Kindle app:

8 Family Devotionals To Grow Closer Together

I hope this list of some of the best family devotionals inspires you to get your family into God’s Word each day, so you can grow closer together and to Him!

Also, don’t feel like you have to do EVERYTHING at once. Give yourself some grace, grab one that you feel okay with, take that first step, and God will handle the rest. ❤

best family devotions

What are your favorite family devotionals to read together? Did you find any from this list that you love? Let me know in the comments!

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