Best Study Bibles For Women Who Want To Grow In Faith

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Have you been wanting to really dig in and study your Bible more, but have no idea where to start?

Like, for instance, what study Bible should you even choose? There are so many wonderful options, and having that desire is a great start.

Here are some of the best study bibles for women specifically, as well as why you should definitely consider using one in your daily quiet time with God! 🙂

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What is a Study Bible For Women & Why Do You Need One?

Understanding God’s Word is something we should strive for each and every day. A lot of times we ask God to speak to us, or answer our prayers.

And the beautiful thing is, not only did He send His Holy Spirit to comfort, convict and guide us, but He also gave us something so special… His Word!

We actually have a couple translations and types of Bibles in our home – some study Bibles and some non-study Bibles.

It’s always great to read through different versions and types, because God may highlight something to you in one that you didn’t see in another.

Using the SOAP Bible study method is also a huge help in understanding and applying God’s Word to your daily life, and pairs great with a trusted study Bible.

Here are a few things a study Bible includes that a regular Bible may not:

  • Notes for indivivual verses at the bottom of each page
  • Books of the Bible info page
  • Maps and charts
  • Timelines of Bible events
  • Reading plans
  • Cross refereces
  • Concordances
  • Some even include short devotions (especially women’s study Bibles!)

So can study Bibles actually help you understand the Bible better? Let’s find out…

Do Study Bibles Help You Understand The Bible Better?

The short and simple answer… YES!

The main thing that study Bibles for women help you achieve is to better understand the context of what you are reading.

How many times have you heard an athlete quote Philippians 4:13 at the end of a football game or some sort of sporting event?

Yeah… NOT exactly what Paul was saying when he wrote that verse, was he?

He wasn’t talking about praying for strength and then God would help him win a game.

The context of that verse is him writing while in prison, and knowing what it meant to have plenty and to have little, but His strength and contentment came from Christ alone.

Context is key!!

We listed some of the main differences between a study Bible and a regular Bible earlier, but let’s dig into a few of those a little more and why they are super useful to have in your daily Bible studying time.

Here are some of the key features that study Bibles (especially those for women) have to help you understand the Bible better!

1. Study Notes – at the bottom of each page you can find the chapter and verses you are reading, and sometimes it explains things that may need more clarification.

**These are NOT God’s Word, simply man-made explanations, so definitely take them before the Lord first!

2. Book Introductions – this is a page before each book of the Bible that tells who wrote it, when, and some historical context behind it

3. Biography Spotlight – a place where a certain person or group of people is highlighted from the Bible to give you more insight and depth into them

4. Maps & Charts – visual aids that REALLY help you understand where they were at in that time and relate it to today. I love this part of study Bibles!

5. Concordance – this lists certain words throughout different places in the Bible; for example, a list of verses where the word “love” is found

6. Reading Plans – some study Bibles include reading plans for you to follow each day, whether it’s through the entire Bible, or specific to the OT and NT

7. Blank Space for Notes and Highlighting – some study Bibles are also great for journaling and have blank spaces to write notes, important dates, and highlight as well!

My personal study Bible has little devotionals throughout that help relate what I am reading on a new level, which I really enjoy.

It is catered towards women too so it’s very easy to read through that to understand a little better what God’s Word is saying and how I can apply it to my life.

Most study Bibles and even some kids Bibles have these features above, and they definitely help you study the Bible better!

How Do You Choose The Right Women’s Study Bible For You?

There are so many study Bibles on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? What should you look for when purchasing a study bible?

Definitely take a look at the features we just talked about and decide what is most important when it comes to choosing the perfect women’s study Bible for you.

Most all study Bibles include study notes at the bottom of each page and charts throughout.

But what other things are important to you?

Do you want a study Bible that includes helpful reading plans throughout it, to help you read through the Bible more?

What translation do you want? We prefer NIV or ESV as they are close to the original text and much easier to read through with our daughter.

Do you prefer a hard-back Bible, leather-bound, large print, etc.? One that can fit in your purse, or a large Bible?

These are just some of the things to consider along with the other features listed earlier to help you decide which study Bible is right for you,

Another thing to consider is what version or translation does your church use? It doesn’t have to be a huge factor but if you are deciding between two, it may be worth looking at.

For example, our church uses primarily ESV or NIV, so when memorizing scripture ourselves or with our daughter, it makes it much easier to work on the same version together.

6 Best Study Bibles For Women

Now that we have looked at why you need a study Bible, how to go about choosing one, and the features to look for… let’s get right to it!

Here are 6 great study Bibles for women (different versions!) who want to start digging deeper into God’s Word and experience Him on a whole new level.

**Click on each to check out more info!

1. The Women’s Study Bible (NIV)

This is my absolute favorite study Bible I’ve ever had, and the one I have personally used for a couple of years now!

I love that it is catered to women, so there are lots of great little sections that relate so well to life.

It includes all the study notes, biographical portraits, timelines, encouraging quotes, charts, index, and book introductions!

Here’s what it looks like in person:

women's study bible

It is in the NIV translation, which is what I use to teach my daughter to memorize Bible verses, so it’s a great all-around pick for women. 🙂

2. Life Application Study Bible (NIV)

This is a very similar option to the one above, except it isn’t specifically catered to women. It has a lot of the same features!

It’s a great option if you are wanting a study Bible for the whole family to use together – this was the first Bible my husband and I bought together as a married couple, and we use it for our family Bible time each day.

3. ESV Women’s Study Bible

If you prefer the ESV translation, then this is a great study Bible option for you!

It is hardcover, not leather-bound so that is something to consider! This one has a lot of the same features PLUS a sewn-in bookmark, many daily devotions, and a very extensive concordance.

4. The CSB Study Bible For Women

The CSB is another great study Bible translation for women – in fact, I have friends who use and love this Bible!

It has great features, so if you prefer this version over the NIV or ESV, you won’t be missing out at all!

It’s also a great Bible to use if you are leading/teaching a small group, Bible study, or women’s class.

5. CSB She Reads Truth Bible

This Bible is also from the CSB translation, but what makes it different is it was created by the same people who developed She Reads Truth – a great Bible app and resource for Christian women!

It includes devotionals from their site, as well as Bible reading plans for every book in the Bible AND the whole year!

It includes specific instructions for using all the features and makes for a great study Bible option for women.

6. One Step Closer Bible (NLT)

This one I am NOT as familiar with, but after checking it out I thought it was definitely worth mentioning!

It includes some similar features such as application notes, book introductions, but also includes a “help finder” which provides easy topic references to tons of different Bible verses.

Definitely worth checking out!

Helpful Accessories For Your Women’s Study Bible

Here are some super helpful accessories that can make your Bible study time more fruitful, and ultimately help you grow closer to God.

These things aren’t needed – you really only need your Bible right? But they can help aid that spiritual growth!!

Here are our top picks in study Bible accessories:

  1. Bible Tabs – I love these cute pink Bible tabs here! They help find what book you are looking for easily
  2. Non-bleed Highlighters – these pastel clay highlighters are very pretty and don’t bleed through the page
  3. Bible Pens – these Bible pens are smooth and not too thick for the thin pages
  4. Journal – I always like to keep a blank journal near by to write down things God may be speaking to me, prayer requests, etc.
  5. SOAP Bible study sheet – you can grab this free SOAP Bible Study sheet with you when studying different scriptures and passage in the Bible

Another great “accessory” to have is a good Bible commentary, for those times when you want to dig even deeper into the scriptures you are reading, further than what the notes say!

study bibles for women

Best Study Bibles For Women

I hope after reading this you see why having a study Bible is so important, and can help you understand God’s Word better and grow in faith!

Hopefully, you’ll find a great recommendation from this list and feel confident when choosing one to use. 🙂

What kind of study Bible do you have? Let me know in the comments!

Want to get your kids reading the Bible too? Check out these easy, FREE Bible reading plans for kids and adults!

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