10 Simple Ways To Teach Your Kids To Memorize Bible Verses

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Want to learn how to teach your child to memorize Bible verses? It can definitely be done and in a fun way!

This guide will show you how to teach your kids to memorize Bible verses with these 10 super simple, practical ways every day!

how to teach your kids to memorize bible verses

Easy Ways To Teach Kids Bible Verses

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We know how important it is as Christians to memorize scripture! And the responsibility we have to teach our children to do the same.

But where do we start?

Fortunately, there are TONS of ways we can teach our kids to memorize scripture, and hide God’s promises in their hearts… start out with small, key Bible verses and then work your way up to longer passages!

These 10 simple ways are meant to be built into your daily routine naturally. Don’t worry about doing ALL of them EVERY day. Pick a few and just let them become a part of your routine.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or frustrating either! This list includes lots of fun ideas for introducing scripture memorization to your kids, in a variety of ways.

Make it fun, actionable, and know you are helping your kids begin to cultivate their own personal relationship with Lord by learning His Word!

You can help Bible memorization become a wonderful activity for the whole family, without the overwhelm!

Let’s get right into it…

1. Find Short, Impactful Verses To Memorize

The key to teaching your kids to memorize different Bible verses is repetition. This can be done with short, easy-to-remember verses, and repeating them each day until they have them memorized. Then move on to the next!

Remember, it’s a slow and steady pace, not a race. 😉

This is especially great for teaching your toddlers Bible verses. It’s never too early, I promise!

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2. Have Daily Bible Memory Time

If you want to, you can easily create a Bible memory time each day. This would be where you actually sit down and teach your kids a verse to memorize!

A great time to do this would be after breakfast – their bellies are full but you haven’t totally started your day yet. And what better way to start than by reading God’s Word!

Another way to do this is to incorporate Bible memory into your daily Family Bible Time! This can be a super powerful way to help your children memorize Bible verses, as well as dig more into God’s Word together as a family.

I’ve even got a FREE mini-family Bible time guide you can download today to get started!

3. Explain The Verse To Your Child

When you are reading verses, you don’t want to just read them for the sake of your kids memorizing them. Really dig into it, and explain it to your child.

Help them understand WHY they need to memorize this verse, and what God is telling them through His Word.

4. Use Fun Bible Activities

Doing anything HANDS-ON is so key when teaching your kids, and that is no different when it comes to teaching your kids Bible verses!

This is my personal favorite way to help my daughter learn Bible verses!! Bible activities are GREAT tools for teaching scripture memorization because it’s fun!

Lucky for you, I’ve got tons of printable Bible activities and resources for teaching your kids bout the Bible.

You can also access ALL the free printable Bible activities in the picture above + more when you subscribe to my free printables library! This is a HUGE perk of being a subscriber. 🙂 and

More Bible Activity Options:

Here are some other great Bible activity options for you to check out!

**You can read this review of the Hello Bible Jr subscription box here + use the code KIDS to get $10 off your first box!

5. Listen To Scripture Music or Audio Bible

Learning God’s Word through song is one of the best ways to memorize scripture! Especially for kids!

How many songs can you think off of the top of your head right NOW that help your kids learn basic, everyday things?

The numbers song, Daniel Tiger songs, days of the week, ABCs… just to name a few.

We can use this same exact method to teach your children to memorize Bible verses! I’ve even got a great post on some of our FAVORITE scripture music for kids!

One of our personal favorite types of scripture music is from Seeds Family Worship!

These are songs the WHOLE family will love and can memorize scripture together.

These are some of our favorite albums (we own almost all of them though haha!)…

We also enjoy the Hidden In My Heart: Scripture Lullabies albums and listen to these most nights at bedtime.

**Most of these can also be streamed for free on Amazon Prime.

Another great audio option that includes songs is the New Testament on CD for kids! It includes 15 CDs with all of the NT and features the CEV version.

The narration is fun, with different voices, background music, and it includes fun songs throughout to break it up and keep their attention. It’s a super unique and CREATIVE way to wash your kids with the Word! 🙂

We play these during quiet time, or just while she is playing with her barbies or magnetic tiles, anything that she is doing independently.

6. Read A Family/Kid’s Devotional

There are so many options for family devotionals and even devotionals for kids out there! Most of them include a daily scripture you can read to your kids.

So whenever you are going through your morning basket, reading your daily devo with your family, or your kids are reading their own devotional, encourage them to memorize Bible verses during that time.

7. Have Kids Write Or Trace Bible Verses

Writing something down helps us to be WAY more likely to remember something.

If I didn’t have my grocery store list on my fridge, I would never remember what we need to buy!

It’s the same with our kids and teaching them to memorize Bible verses.

You can use these short Bible verses for them to start out with and have them write it out on paper with different colored pencils as a fun learning activity.

Another option for your kids who maybe aren’t able to write yet (like my 4-year-old) are these AWESOME Bible Verse Alphabet Printable Tracing Pages!

We get multiple uses out of these printables with a clear page protector and dry erase markers. 🙂

8. Use Bible Flash Cards

This is something you can do just as you would to help your kids learn colors, shapes, animals, and other things!

You can grab these printable ABC Bible verse memory cards to help teach your kids scripture and ABCs at the same time. It’s a great Bible verse memory tool!

Or, simply make your own!!

Grab some index cards, write the verses on one side, and the scripture reference on the other. (If your kids are old enough to write, go ahead and have them write them out for extra Bible memory learning!).

Then, practice with your kids by reading one side and have them say the other. It works both ways to remember key verses and scripture references!

9. Act Out Bible Verses With Kids

Now this one is FUN!!!

Make up hand motions for different verses so your kids can associate them with each verse. For example, when learning Philippians 4:13, do a motion of flexing your arm muscles!

Not only can you act out motions for certain verses with your kids, but even do Bible Pictionary too!

You are sure to get some giggles, while also effectively helping your kids learn important Bible verses.

10. Watch Christian TV Shows

Did you know there are TONS of options out there when it comes to Christian kids TV shows??

I’ll let ya in on a secret… there are!

During screentime, try playing fun Christian TV shows for your kids, and help them learn more about God at the same time.

You can find shows that have focus verses in them, or even talk about God’s Word to reiterate different Bible memory verses to your kids.

One of the ways we do this is through our favorite kid’s streaming service, Go Minno. Here’s our own personal watchlist:

We have used this service for over 3 years and it is hands down the BEST purchase we continue to make. You can get your first month for free here to check it out!

teach your kids to memorize bible verses

How To Teach Children To Memorize Bible Verses

It is so important to help our kids memorize scripture, so they can hide God’s Words in their hearts and meditate on His truths.

I hope this list of how to teach your kids to memorize Bible verses kicks your overwhelm to the curb! And you’ll even have a ton of fun in the process. 🙂

What are some ways you help your kids memorize scripture? Let me know in the comments below!!

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much for these ideas, I’m going to start right away!

    1. Of course! Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed them. 😊 Let me know how it goes for you all!

  2. These are fun ideas for memorizing Bible verses. My favorite are songs. When I used to teach at a Christian school, my students have a verse that they had to memorize each week. They were tested one on one at the end of the week because they each had to be able to recite it. Initially, my students were all failing to learn it at home with their parents, so I decided to devote some time at school each day. On Monday, I divided the memory verse into short phrases and assigned a phrase to each table. When I pointed at the table, all of the children at that table would say their part of the scripture together. I pointed to each of the tables so the whole scripture was recited it in parts. Tuesday, I rotated the phrases to a different table, so that the students would have to memorize a new part of the scripture, and they would practice saying their new part again when I pointed to them. On Wednesday, we rotated parts again and repeated the process. On Thursday, all of the tables together would have to say the whole scripture together, and then I would test individual tables by having them say the whole thing together when I pointed to them. On Friday, when I called them up individually to recite the memory verse to me, they all passed every week. And it only took a minute or so of practice each week and it was a lot of fun, as is this post. 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh I absolutely LOVE that idea! What a fun and unique way to learn verses! I’m going to suggest this to our church’s preschool teachers. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤️

  3. These are all great ways to teach kids bible verses. Thank you for sharing them.

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