50+ Easy Bible Crafts For Kids

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Looking for some fun and easy crafts you can do with your kids that will help teach them about God? Or maybe you are a Sunday school teacher looking for creative, biblical crafts for class?

Check out this list with over 50 EASY Bible crafts and ideas for kids and families!

easy bible crafts for kids

Easy Bible Crafts & Actvities For Kids

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There are so many benefits to doing something visual and hands-on like crafts, especially when it comes to teaching your kids about God each day.

We love doing crafts, but I’ll be honest, it wasn’t something that came naturally to me! It took me a long time to find simple, meaningful crafts to do with my daughter as she got older.

One great thing about THIS list of easy bible crafts, the search has already been done for you and they are all FREE! 🙌🏻

Your kids can also keep most of these unique crafts and play with them! You won’t have to go spend money on toys, and also fill their toy bins with things that will teach them about God and His Word.

These crafts may be geared towards the preschool age, but these can definitely be enjoyed by toddlers, older kids, and the whole family together.

They are also great for doing at home as a rainy day activity, during family devotion time, for homeschool, and perfect for all my kids’ Sunday School teachers out there!!

Without further ado here are 50+ fun and easy Bible crafts your kids will love…

QUICK TIP: Make sure you utilize the Table of Contents at the top to easily navigate this list.

I’ve divided these crafts into different sections and categories, depending on what you are looking for (Bible characters, holiday, cross crafts, etc.), or simply enjoy scrolling through the list! 🙂

Bible Story Character Crafts For Kids

Here are some Bible crafts that are based on different characters in the Bible and fun Bible stories kids love! Use these crafts to get your kids engaged in learning about the Bible.

Daniel And The Lions Den Preschool Craft & Lesson {Two Pink Peonies}

This craft is so easy, and you probably have most of what you need to make it already!

Paper plate crafts are always a hit with kids – she also includes a general summary of the story to share with your kids while making it!

This craft would be great to pair with this printable Daniel In The Lion’s Den Activity Workbook! Use it at home or in Sunday School. 🙂

Bible Craft For The Letter Z- Zacchaeus In A Tree {Catholic Icing}

Tree crafts are always so fun, and this one is laid out perfectly with a Bible lesson included! All you need is some construction paper, tissue paper, glue and you are good to go.

It’s a super fun, 3D craft that teaches the story of Zacchaeus! She has a whole series on Bible alphabet crafts for kids here.

Jesus Calms the Storm – An Easy Sunday School Craft {Mommy Snippets}

Marina from Mommy Snippets is such a good friend and has the BEST crafts and activities for kids and families.

This Jesus Calms the Storm craft is so fun to make, and a great way to teach kids about how God is there to help us through the storms of life.

Free Joseph’s Coat Printable {Two Pink Peonies}

This craft comes with a free printable and is one of my favorite stories in the Bible!

You use these fun NO mess paint sticks (sounds weird I know, but they are pretty amazing and actually work!) to color in His coat and read the story in Genesis 37.

Feeding The 5,000 Craft {Crafting The Word of God}

This craft is 3D (love those!) and includes instructions with a free template to color in, cut out and assemble. So much fun and great for lesson plans!

Jonah & The Whale Craft {Meaningful Mama}

I love paper cup crafts, and so do kids! Grab a blue paper cup, print out her free printable “whale” tell and learn all about Jonah and the Whale!

She also includes an assembly video, which is AMAZING and so easy to follow.

Paper + Clothespin Jonah and the Whale {Out Upon The Waters}

Who knew all you needed was paper and a clothespin to teach your kids about the story of Jonah? This is another fun and unique way to teach kids the story

Noah’s Ark Crafts

There were SO many Noah’s Ark crafts, so decided to single out some categories! You can pick which one you like best, or do a combination of all of them.

Paper Plate Noah’s Ark Craft {Artsy Craftsy Mom}

Just looking at this bright and fun picture makes me want to run and do this paper plate Noah’s Ark craft right now!

She includes step-by-step instructions as well as recommended scripture reading to go along with it too.

Noah’s Ark Craft {Catholic Icing}

This one is so cute, and can be thing up in your kids’ room, the fridge, as a door hanger… anywhere! A super fun and creative way to tell the story of Noah.

She also includes a cute little poem (to the tune of Ants Go Marching In) to sing along while making the craft!!

Paper Plate Noah’s Ark Craft {Out Upon The Waters}

This is the perfect craft for Sunday School or rainy days at home! It is a super easy craft to do, but also takes some time which is great for those “bored” days at home.

Fill your time with teaching kids about God in a fun and interactive way. 🙂

Build Noah’s Ark with Cheerios {Out Upon The Waters}

What better way to craft than to snack at the same time?? Grab some glue, paper, and cheerios, and make this fun Noah’s Ark Craft!! Perfect for toddlers especially.

Creation Story Bible Crafts For Kids

Here are a few crafts that focus on the creation story, Adam & Eve, and more in the beginning of Genesis!

Cupcake Liner Apple Tree Craft {i Heart Crafty Things}

This tutorial is so simple, and while the post itself isn’t scripturally focused, you can definitely make it that way.

Read through Genesis, and even pair it will this fun sensory activity about Creation!

7 Simple Crafts About Creation {Everyday Christianity 365}

This post includes over SEVEN different crafts all about Creation, as well as step-by-step instructions for each! I love things like this that are one-stop shops to gather all you need.

Holiday/Seasonal Bible Crafts For Kids

There are so many great Bible crafts to do with your kids, and not just for Christmas! Check out these Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter craft ideas for kids…

Christmas/ Nativity Crafts

The majority of this list is Christmas-focused, HOWEVER, celebrating the birth of Jesus isn’t just something to talk about at Christmas.

You can do these crafts any time of the year and remind your kids about Jesus’ birth and what it means for us as Christians.

Check out this post for tons more Christ-centered advent activities!!!

“Joy To The World” Fingerpaint Lights Christmas Craft {Mindy Jones Blog}

joy to the world christmas craft

My daughter and I actually made this craft 2 Christmas’s ago! It was so much fun and not as messy as you would think.

It’s a fun fingerprint craft that we put the phrase “Joy to the World” on, and it helped us teach her what Christmas is all about!

Printable Advent Wreath And Candles Activity {Mindy Jones Blog}

Enjoy celebrating the weeks leading up to advent with this fun craft and activity!! It includes instructions, as well as the themes of each week of Advent with scriptures to read as well.

You can print this color, cut and paste craft out from my free printables library.

Nativity Lacing Paper Plate Craft {The Gingerbread House}

Do you remember making different shapes from a string like Jacob’s ladder and the cup & saucer? This craft definitely reminds me of those, but uses plates and can be hung up as decoration!

She includes a printable pdf template to use and instructions, making it a super simple and fun craft with your kids!

Easy Nativity Story Stones {The Gingerbread House}

Who doesn’t love a good Modge Podge craft??

If your kids are anything like my daughter, they love playing with and collecting rocks, stones, anything small like that.

Simply print off these cute little pictures, add them to stones, and use them to tell the Christmas story!

Mary and Baby Jesus Paper Ornament {Mommy Made That}

This craft is SO cute and makes for a perfect tree ornament!

She includes step-by-step instructions with pictures, showing you exactly how to make it. Perfect for a Mommy/child activity. 🙂

Crumbled Paper Nativity Craft {Mommy Made That}

Kids like crumbling up paper anyway right? Put those skills to use with this beautiful nativity craft!

It’s from the same lady as the previous craft, so pictures for each step are included! Plus she also includes a free printable to cut the people and stable out from.

Easy DIY Felt Nativity Scene {Mama Smiles}

diy felt nativity

I don’t know what it is but felt crafts are always at the top of our list! I love how soft felt is and it’s perfect for tiny hands.

She includes a very simple tutorial for making a felt board to put these nativity scene cutouts on! Use it to teach them about the birth of Jesus and enjoy a Christ-centered advent. 🙂

Felt Nativity Crafts: Adorable Christmas Ornaments {Sustain My Craft Habit}

Another felt Nativity craft!! I love that these can be used as ornaments for years! I am a big believer in showing all your kids crafts on the tree, and these would be the perfect addition.

Plus it is NO SEW which makes it simple and safe for kids to participate!

Nativity Christmas Ornament {Mommy Snippets}

This post is fantastic because she walks you through each step on how to make your own nativity ornaments! Making ornaments and buying a new one each year is one of our favorite Christmas traditions.

She uses rustic wood blocks as the base, so it will be cute and stylish too! And your kids will have a blast painting them.

Fingerprint Christmas Ornaments {Mommy Snippets}

As you can tell, we love fingerprint crafts around here (see examples 1 and 2 😉 )! These ornaments are simple to make and can be added as filler ornaments to your tree.

Or, make 25 and pair with some simple daily advent readings and add one to your tree each night leading up to Christmas

If you are like me and have 5 Christmas trees in your house (haha) then you can use these as a fun activity for your kids and fill the extra trees with them!!

Beautiful Christmas Angel Craft {i Heart Crafty Things}

These paper-made angels are so cute and would look beautiful as Christmas decor! Stand them up on your mantle, or add to your tree. Your kids will love making them!

You can also make these in Sunday School with the kids to take home. 🙂

Handprint Baby Jesus Ornament {Mindy Jones Blog}

handprint baby jesus craft

My daughter actually made this at preschool, so there is no post linked to it, BUT I’ll give you the basic rundown real quick…

You’ll need:

Simply dip your child’s hand in brown finger paint and place it on the white construction paper.

Then, cut out a small white circle and blue oval – draw a face on the circle and place both on top to look like baby Jesus on the handprint.

Cut around the handprint with the scalloped edge scissors, hole punch a small hole at the top, tie a string/ribbon through, and ta-da! You are done! 🙂

I would also recommend writing their name, age, and the date on the back!

I love handprint crafts because they are so personal, and if you do this craft each year from the time your child is a baby and up, you can see the growth and eventually put them in a scrapbook! 🙂

Easter Bible Crafts

Here are a couple of wonderful Easter crafts for your kids to do, perfect for teaching them about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Here are tons of other great Easter activities and printables to add to your crafting as well. 🙂

Hosanna Branch Wavers: A Palm Sunday Craft {Mommy Snippets}

This craft includes a tutorial that shows you how to make these fun “palm branch” wavers – feel free to read about what led up to the resurrection of Christ.

This is a GREAT Sunday School craft because it is simple and kids love tracing their hands!

Tape Resist Easter Cross Craft {The Resourceful Mama}

This may be the simplest craft on this list and it is SO beautiful! All you need is white cardstock, painter’s tape, and watercolor paint.

You can hang these cross pictures up on your fridge, or frame and hang them up in your home!

Halloween/Thanksgiving Bible Crafts

Here are some great crafts for you to do at home or for Sunday school lessons, all about our favorite season, Fall!!

You can pair these with some scriptures about thankfulness as well if you’d like!

**Check out this post here for more fantastic Thanksgiving-themed bible crafts for kids!

Beautiful Acts Of Kindness (Finger Paint) Tree Craft {Mindy Jones Blog}

acts of kindness tree craft

See? We love fingerprint crafts around here! This tree craft is perfect for encouraging your kids to do acts of kindness – for each one they do, they can add a fingerprint to the tree.

We have our hanging up in our home after completing it in November!

There is a free printable included as well as how to use it and would pair awesome with this free printable BINGO acts of kindness activity. 🙂

Thankful Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft {Mommy Snippets}

Think about all the things you are thankful for, and also help teach your kids about gratitude at the same time with this cute turkey craft!

Make sure you save those empty toilet paper rolls!

Pumpkin Prayer Activity {Mindy Jones Blog}

This activity only needs a pumpkin and some carving tools! It would make an excellent addition to your fall family bucket list, and turn pumpkin carving into a great lesson on becoming more like Christ.

You’ll also get a wall art of the prayer, as well as printable bookmarks – perfect reminders for your kids to take with them!

Thanksgiving Craft: Thankful for Jesus {Egglo Entertainment}

This one is a cool tissue paper craft that reminds kids to be thankful for Jesus in a fun and creative way.

They have Thanksgiving Bible verses included as well as a printable cross!

Pass The Mashed Potatoes Bible Craft {Sunday School Zone}

I love how simple this is, and it can be used any time of year, but especially during Thanksgiving!

It includes a free printable with instructions, a Bible story about gratitude with scripture references, and a supply list.

More Fun Bible Crafts For Kids

Think it ends there? No way!

Here are tons more great Bible crafts for your kids or Sunday school class lessons, that you will definitely want to check out!

Free Printable Fruit of The Spirit Playdough Mats {Mindy Jones Blog}

We love learning all about the fruit of the spirit – it’s one of our favorite scriptures to read and there are so many fun ways to teach kids about it!

Download this free printable fruit of the spirit playdough mat from my printables library and start crafting with playdough today. 🙂 A fun Bible craft kids will love!

This pairs great with this free 30+ page fruit of the spirit activity pack too!

Armor of God Birthday Party Ideas {B4 And Afters}

So while the title of this post may be for setting up an Armor of God birthday party, she goes over how to actually make the “armor” – perfect for a craft with your kids!

It’s SO creative, something I would have never thought up, and definitely one to check out!! She includes a picture tutorial using simple everyday household items.

Holy Spirit Craft – Handprint Dove {Catholic Icing}

Teaching our kids about the Holy Spirit is so important! This craft and tutorial does a great job of that and is so simple to make.

Not only is this a fun craft to make with your kids, but a great keepsake to keep and look back on as they grow up.

How To Make Faith Bracelets + Free Salvation Bracelet Printable {Mommy Snippets}

faith bracelet craft

Remember those fun faith bracelets with all the colors you’d make as a kid?

This is a great tutorial to follow as well and she includes a free bracelet printable too, explaining what each color means!

This is a wonderful way to encourage your kids to share their faith with others, and you can make yourself one as well!

Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord – Bible Craft {Catholic Icing}

How beautiful is this craft? Trust me, it isn’t as hard as it looks – she includes a free printable for kids to glue on the pate and color in!

You could even add a hole punch at the top with a strong, and hang it up in your kids’ rooms as a beautiful reminder of God and His promises!

The Lion and the Lamb: A Paper Plate Craft {Ministry To Children}

How cute is this lion and lamb craft!! It is such a cool way to talk about this concept in the Bible, and they even include Bible passages to read/lesson plan, for what ages, and exactly how to make it.

It would be great for home or Sunday School!

Holy Spirit “Pinwheel” Craft {Ministry To Children}

This craft is fun, colorful, and actually practical! It was made by the same site as before, so it also includes materials needed, a key passage, and an age range.

Instead of placing it on a pencil, you could put it on a dowel rod and let your kids put them in your yard, or play outside!

The Lost Sheep Puppet {Crafting The Word Of God}

the lost sheep craft

How adorable is this craft?! It can be used to tell the story of the lost sheep (Luke 15), and teach kids about how much God loves them and pursues them.

You can also use it for tons of other scriptures and passages in the Bible such as:

You’ll get a free printable sheep cut out, simply cut them all out and assemble!

Cross Crafts

The cross is such a beautiful reminder of what was done for us – that God gave His son, raised Him from the dead because of His great love for us.

There are so many varieties of cross crafts you can make, here are just a few…

Wooden Button Cross Craft {Mommy Snippets}

This craft is great for those of you who love doing fun activities with your kids as well as having a cute decoration at the end of it!

This cross craft uses buttons and would look great on your walls or even give as a cute gift.

Stained Glass Tissue Paper Cross {Mommy Snippets}

Aren’t stained glass crafts so much fun? Not only that, they are beautiful to look at!

It’s a gentle reminder that God can bring beauty from ashes, and give you hope! Once you make this beautiful stained cross, let your kids keep it as reminders of God’s promises.

Easy Cross Craft {Mommy Snippets}

This cross craft uses tissue paper and a cross sticky board. Let your kids get creative with the colors, and share the Gospel with them while they are making it!

Painted Wooden Crosses {Out Upon The Waters}

These crosses are painted and then made into necklaces, something my daughter definitely loves!!

Let your kids get creative and paint these small wooden crosses, and wear them as reminders of who God is and what He did for them. 🙂

Make sure you sign up and get exclusive access to TONS of printables in the free printables resource library!

easy bible crafts for kids

Easy Bible Crafts For Toddlers, Preschoolers and Sunday School!

I hope you have enjoyed this list of amazing Bible crafts for kids and found some new and unique ways to teach them about God!

Whether you are a Christian mom, Sunday school teacher, or work with kids in any capacity, I pray this list blesses you and becomes a go-to for your future plans. 🙂

What crafts are you going to try with your kids or Sunday school class? Let me know in the comments!

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