Beautiful Acts Of Kindness (Finger Paint) Tree Craft For Kids!

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Are you looking for a fun and hands-on way to teach your kids about kindness?

You will have a blast with this beautiful, finger-paint activity you can do together this fall or any time of the year!

Check out this beautiful acts of kindness tree craft for kids plus a free printable to make your own. 🙂

acts of kindness tree craft

Beautiful Acts Of Kindness Tree Craft For Kids

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Raise your hand if you would love a fun way to teach your kids about being kind to others.

Okay good!

Now raise your hand if your kids love doing fun crafts.

If you are like me then you have both hands in the air and are waving frantically to both of these questions!

As parents, we want to really instill in our kids a love for people just as God has.

And while teaching them about kindness is wonderful, it’s always great to SHOW them in a hands-on visual way that they can understand.

That’s why I wanted to make this super fun Bible-based craft that isn’t just for kids, but the whole family to work together and show different acts of kindness to people around you!

This activity would pair fantastically with my free Thanksgiving acts of Kindness BINGO, which includes 25 different, practical acts of kindness you can do together. 🙂

Download below, enjoy, and stick around for some fun and unique ways you can use this acts of kindness tree craft!

Printable Acts Of Kindness (Finger Paint) Tree Craft

acts of kindness tree craft

Download your FREE Thanksgiving Acts of Kindness Tree Craft in my printables library here!

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How To Use This Acts Of Kindness Tree Craft + What You’ll Need:

This is such a great activity that your kids will love and give you the opportunity to teach them about kindness and blessing others!

All you need for this craft is:

I recommend printing on cardstock, that way the stamp/paint won’t bleed through. Once you have completed your tree, you can laminate it and hang it up as a reminder to always be kind!

After each person completes a random act of kindness, they can place their thumb in the stamp color (I recommend either red, orange, and yellow to make it a fall tree, or shades of green for year-round) and stamp it on the tree!

Once you are done it will look like a beautiful piece of art, and you can reflect on the acts of kindness that you all did for the tree to “bloom.”

Complete and Use as Thanksgiving Wall Art

This would be a great activity to add to your family’s Thanksgiving traditions this year!

During the month of October and November, you can complete any of the 25 acts of kindness and fill out your tree.

Once you are done, like I mentioned earlier you can use it as beautiful wall art and a reminder of kindness in your home. 🙂

Or feel free to place it in a cute frame and add it as tabletop decor in your office, on the fireplace mantle, the kitchen island, somewhere where everyone can see!

Use During Family Bible Time

You could definitely add this craft to your family Bible time! Take an evening and read over some scriptures about kindness and then do this activity together.

You won’t be able to complete it in ONE sitting, but you can talk about it and bring it up the next few weeks as a reminder for everyone to be looking out for opportunities to be kind.

Make it a big deal for when someone gets to put a stamp on the tree. 🙂

You could pair it with a family devotion about kindness to introduce the activity to your kids!

acts of kindness tree craft for kids

I hope you and your family enjoy making some great memories together and creating this beautiful kindness tree craft!

But more importantly, that the Lord will help you teach your kids about showing kindness to others, and see His kindness towards you as well. 🙂

Have you ever made a “kindness tree” like this before? Let me know what kinds of acts of kindness your family participates in!

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