The 10 Lepers Bible Workbook + Free Bible Verse Coloring Pages

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Looking for a fun, biblical way to teach your kids about being thankful?

Whether you are a mom, homeschooling mom, or Sunday school teacher, you will want to check out these awesome worksheets!

Take a look at this 10 Leper Bible lesson workbook for kids plus download two of the coloring pages for FREE today!

10 Lepers Bible Lesson + Free Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Sometimes it can be hard to find good Christian material for our kids – don’t get me wrong I love the cute little workbooks for ABCs and 123s, and they are necessary to teach our kids.

But what if you could find a printable workbook for kids that was educational AND Biblical??

That’s why I wanted to give you a fantastic option for both of these things, as well as teach your kids a very important gratitude lesson in the Biblethe thankful leper!

This printable workbook is PERFECT for Christian moms and homeschooling moms who want to teach their kids at home.

Or maybe you are a children’s Sunday school teacher – first of all, BLESS YOU! What you do for our children is so amazing, teaching them in class on Sundays or Wednesdays and I personally am thankful for you.

This would be a great printable activity you can use for your classes. There are so many options because this workbook contains 16 pages of bible learning made FUN!

Feel free to either send each kid home with the workbook or take a few pages to work through during class each week.

You can also pair it with these free thanksgiving coloring pages for a lesson on thankfulness during the fall season as well.

So what exactly is included?? Let’s take a look…

**You can grab 2 of the workbook pages completely FREE at the bottom of this post. 🙂

What’s Included In The 10 Leper Bible Lesson Workbook {16 Pages}:

This printable workbook has SO many activities!

It is not only a great way to introduce your preschoolers to the 10 Lepers Bible story, but help them learn basic learning skills as well.

Take a peek at what’s included in this awesome printable activity:

  • 16 pages of learning and FUN!
  • Reading activity – each page tells the story in a continual form, but with a different activity for each page!
  • Bible verse tracing activities
  • Visual perception activities
  • Coloring activities – color and memorize scripture pages as well as color and read!
  • Scripture memorization activities
  • A simple math activity
  • A super fun memory match game that helps kids learn how to say “thank you” in 9 different languages + use to practice cutting skills as well!

Click here to grab your 10 Leper Bible Workbook for kids.

How To Use This Bible Lesson:

Each page includes simple instructions that you can either read to the kids or if they are old enough, to read themselves.

You’ll see it really explains the activity very well and is a great guide! Plus, you need literally ZERO prep.

You don’t have to be a pro teacher, this workbook puts it all together for you. 😉

A quick tip for the memory match game – first, cut out all the squares with the different versions of thank you on them/the thankful leper, and a page of the colorful squares.

You can then glue them or tape them together back to back, or make that a part of the activity for kids by having them cut it out and glue it together themselves.

Then, simply face them down and let the kids try to match the right thank you words to each other!

That matching game is our favorite, as well as the drawing in the faces page. 🙂

10 Lepers Bible Lesson FREE Coloring Pages

If you have been around here for a bit, you know we LOVE Bible verse coloring pages!

My daughter absolutely loves coloring pages, especially ones with short, easy to memorize Bible verses.

There are two specific pages included in this workbook bundle that encourage kids to memorize scripture while providing a fun coloring activity too. 🙂

One page is a super fun reminder to always give thanks, just like the one leper did from the story. The other one is a picture of the thankful leper with a verse about how ALL things are possible with God.

God an heal the sick, save the lost, answer prayers… all important things of God to teach your kiddos!

Want to test these pages from the workbook out first? Go ahead and download them below or from my free printables library. 🙂

Grab your FREE coloring pages by clicking here!

10 lepers bible lesson for kids

Teaching your kids the Word of God is so important for their spiritual growth, and I hope this makes it an enjoyable experience for you and your kids.

I pray that this 10 lepers Bible lesson workbook blesses you, and helps you teach kids all about the importance of being thankful! 🙂


Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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