15 CREATIVE Christian Ideas For Halloween… That Aren’t Scary!

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Are you looking for some non-scary Halloween activities that your family can do together this year?

Better yet, ones that are faith-based and that will point your kids back to Jesus?!

Check out these 15 super fun Christian ideas for Halloween that aren’t spooky or scary!

Christian Ideas For Halloween

Christian Ideas For Halloween To Do With Your Kids

It can be easy to do a quick search and find Christian activities and things to do around Christmas and Easter, because they are about Jesus, right?

But what about those other holidays that aren’t biblically based?

For example, how can we still celebrate Halloween as Christians, but make it about Jesus??

Halloween was originally about celebrating the dead, and the spirits of the dead. When it was “Americanized” it focused more on the “silly spooky” and fun traditions, rather than the dark and demonic things.

Either way, the true meaning of Halloween ISN’T about Jesus. So when asked do we celebrate Halloween, I’d say the answer is yes, but the FUN, non-scary side of it!

We can dress up in fun costumes (not creepy) and go to our church’s trunk or treat, eat candy and enjoy some fun pumpkin carving and activities.

So overall, that can lead us to this important question, is it a sin to celebrate Halloween?

Let’s check out the answer…

Is It A Sin To Celebrate Halloween?

No, I don’t think so.

But it also depends on WHAT you are celebrating when it comes to Halloween.

Spooky, dark, summoning spirit-type things? No.

Time with family, pumpkin activities, eating candy, and doing faith-based activities? Yes.

We can take a holiday that may be “sinful in nature” but always point it back to Jesus.

I think it’s okay to take a stand and to show our kids that we don’t have to celebrate something the world does just because it’s the norm. We need God, and so does the world, in the past present, and future!

We as Christians, want to do things that please and honor God and show our kids that too.

Reveling in the creepy and dark things, demonic spirits (which ARE real by the way, and not something to be messed with) isn’t the point of how we as Christians celebrate Halloween.

We are called to stand out and that’s why I wanted to give you tons of Christian ideas for Halloween that you can do with your kids!

All of them point back to Jesus, but still, let you celebrate during the month of October or any time of the year really. 🙂

What I really love about all these activities is they can be used for moms with their kids at home, Sunday school classes, or in homeschool lesson planning!!

Let’s get right into this fun list so you can start planning a fantastic GOD-focused fall season…

15 Christian Halloween Ideas & Activites For Families:

From fun fall crafts to free printables to Halloween Bible lessons, here are 15 fun Christian Halloween ideas you can do as a family this year!

Best of all, they are all either free to download or can be done at home! Win-win.

1. The Pumpkin Prayer {Mindy Jones Blog}

One of our FAVORITE things to do is the pumpkin prayer activity! 🎃

Basically, you take an already fun and popular fall activity, pumpkin carving, and make it all about Jesus.

Each step you do relates to part of the pumpkin prayer. So for example, first you would cut the top of the pumpkin in order to empty it, and say the first line of the prayer, “Open my mind so I can learn about you.

Then go through each step and you have not only said a prayer but helped teach your kids to pray too!

You can check out this super fun Pumpkin Prayer activity here PLUS a free printable! It includes the prayer with each step right under it so you can keep it handy while enjoying this activity together. 🙂

2. Candy Corn Trinity {Primary Flourish}

This fun candy corn trinity activity is a great one to use at home or for Sunday school classes!

Since candy corns have 3 colors, it’s a great way to relate it back to the Bible and God as the trinity. It breaks it down in a simple way that kids can start to understand!

It includes an info page, a page to color and cut out, and of course, feel free to buy some candy corn to snack on together afterward. 🙂

Here is another great Bible lesson using candy corn to teach children about the trinity!

3. Pumpkin Patch Gospel {Creative Bible Study}

This is a fantastic object lesson you can use at home or in a classroom setting!

It goes through pumpkin carving and gives you word for word what you can say, as well as a cute pumpkin book, The Pumpkin Patch Parable to read along to as well.

4. Christian Pumpkin Windsock Craft {Happy Home Fairy}

My daughter LOVES making crafts, especially ones that she can hang up to “decorate” the house. 😉

This Christian pumpkin windsock is so fun to make and can be kept and played with for a while!

It takes the concept of a jack-o-lantern but makes it not scary, using crosses for eyes instead. Then you add the streamers and ta-da! Your kids will LOVE this activity.

She even includes a cute poem printable to glue to the back of the craft, about shining with the light of Jesus! I printed my copy out and laminated it to keep and reuse. 🙂

5. Dry Bones Skeleton Craft {Out Upon The Waters}

This skeleton bones craft proves that skeletons don’t have to be creepy! Instead, relate them back to the Bible and the story of Ezekiel 37 and the dry bones.

All you need are some basic materials you probably already have, and read over the story in the Bible as a reminder that God brings dead things to life!

6. “Do Not Fear” Christian Coloring Pages for Halloween {Ministry To Children}

Do you have kids who become frightened at Halloween time? Or maybe they are scared of the dark or from a bad dream… Then you need these Do Not Fear coloring pages!

This is honestly a brilliant idea for teaching your kids that God is always with them, no matter what scary things they face in life. They are free to print and download!

G colored hers and decided to hang it up on her wall by her bed, so at night when she gets scared, she would be reminded that God is always with her! 🙂

Your kids can hang their completed picture by their beds, on the fridge, or laminate it and keep it as a continual reminder to not be afraid!

7. Halloween Bible Lessons {Out Upon The Waters}

Calling all homeschool Moms and Sunday school teachers, this is for you!!

This is more of a resource list than ONE specific activity, but she has 10 different Bible lessons about Halloween and for all different age groups – preschool, teens, elementary, etc.

This is definitely a page you want to bookmark for Fall!!

8. Candy Corn Gospel Printables {The 5th Grade Renegade}

Have you heard of the colored bead bracelet crafts, that use different colors to teach kids about the Gospel?

If you liked that activity, then you will love this candy corn Gospel printable!

It’s very similar but uses colors of the candy corn (a Halloween staple for most people) to talk about the Gospel, plus some cute printable bookmarks.

This is very creative and something I definitely want to incorporate in our home this fall…. while eating lots of candy corn of course. 😀

9. Easy Paper Pumpkin Crafts {The Moffatt Girls}

This adorable paper pumpkin craft is so fun and easy to do, plus it looks really cute as a fall decoration!

The materials list for this is SUPER simple. You’ll need:

  • Orange and green construction paper (or use white and have kids color them)
  • Staples or brads
  • Scissors
  • Markers to write

You cut strips with the construction paper and have your kids write what they are thankful for and piece them together like a pumpkin! Or if they are younger, you can ask them and write it for them.

She includes step-by-step instructions WITH pictures, making it super easy to follow along, and definitely something you should try with your kids this fall!

**SEARCH TIP: There are a lot of activities on this post – hit “Ctrl + f” at the same time and copy this phrase to find it easily! “VERY EASY pumpkin craft

10. Halloween Candy Bible Verse Match-Up Game {Out Upon The Waters}

This fun and YUMMY Halloween candy Bible verse match-up game is perfect for all ages of kids – from toddlers to teens!

You just need some candy (she gives you suggestions of what to use, but make it personal for your family!!) and the printed Bible verses. You will read the verse and match them up with the candy.

This would be great to do as a family Bible time activity, to kind of switch it up for October. 🙂

11. Printable Halloween Jesus Shine in Me Coloring Pages {Coloring Pages Info}

I always LOVE seeing free coloring pages, and this super cute Halloween Jesus Shine in Me Coloring page is a great one to have for Halloween!

It’s a really cute and creative picture of a pumpkin with a cross on it, and the words “Jesus Shine in Me” to color in.

We really enjoyed the coloring pages, as you can see!!!

This would be great to pair with your pumpkin prayer activity, by placing a tea light inside the pumpkin to physically show your kids how Jesus lights us from the inside!

12. Christian Pumpkin Carving Story {True Money Saver}

This Christian pumpkin carving story is definitely worth a read and to try with your kids around Halloween!

It gives you step-by-step how to carve the pumpkin and a Bible verse and word prompt on what to say for each step. Each one points back to Jesus and the Gospel.

For example, the first step is to wash the pumpkin and then talk about how God “picked us” and cleaned us up on the outside and inside. How cool?!

13. Christian Pumpkin Carving Activity & Book {Lessons 4 Little Ones}

This pumpkin carving activity is very similar to the previous one, just a different perspective!

It also goes over how to create a fun Christian pumpkin carving book, encouraging kids to draw on each of the pages different things about Jesus.

For example, on one page they can draw a heart, a happy face, and a light, each representing a different aspect of God and His love for us!

14. Pumpkin Carving with Bible Verses {Celebrating Holidays}

Do you sense a theme here with the pumpkin carving?? Haha.

Not only is it such a fun fall activity for any family, but a beautiful way to represent the Gospel and point our families back to Jesus!

This pumpkin carving with Bible verses activity includes each step of the process with Bible verses, as well as coordinating coloring pages to print!

15. Make A Fall Family Bucket List {Mindy Jones Blog}

Let’s wrap up this AMAZING list with an extra bonus… my free family bucket list for you to print and start doing!

Have you ever made a family bucket list before? This can help get you started or give you some fresh new ideas of things your family can do to connect together, not only in the fall but all year long.

These 30+ different activities would be a great replacement for Halloween, or in addition to. 🙂

Here are just a FEW of the super fun ideas on this list…

  • Outdoor movie projecter night
  • Make a fall-themed charcuterie board
  • Go to a pumpkin patch and paint them at home
  • Camp out in your backyard
  • Make homemade fall crafts together
  • ….. and TONS more!

Enjoy your free printable list!!

More Christian Alternative Ideas for Halloween

Here are a couple of other great Christian alternative ideas for Halloween to do during the fall with your families!

christian halloween ideas

Christian Ideas For Halloween That Aren’t Scary

I hope this list has given you lots of fun (and don’t forget FREE) Halloween and fall activities to do that will point your families back to Jesus!

These could be good alternatives for Halloween or a good follow-up to remember that Jesus is always worthy to be praised, no matter what holiday we are celebrating.

Happy fall! 🍂

What type of Christian Halloween activities does your family do? Let me know in the comments!

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