Thanksgiving Coloring Pages With Bible Verses: Free Printables For Kids!

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Are you looking for a fun way to point your kids to Christ this Thanksgiving? They will have tons of fun coloring in these free Thanksgiving coloring pages with Bible verses!

Not only will these Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages keep the focus on God, but help your kids with scripture memory too!

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages With Bible Verses

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I’m always looking for fun and unique ways to incorporate Christ into everything that we do!

Especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas, which can seem to bring about lots of chaos and cause us to be LESS thankful and appreciative of what we have.

These Thanksgiving coloring pages stand out from regular ones because they have thankful scriptures on each page!

You get to celebrate and talk about Thanksgiving while still being able to use these coloring pages to teach your kids about gratitude, and bring it back to what the bible says about being thankful.

It is a great opportunity to share with our children why we as Christians can have a spirit of thankfulness, and that’s because of Jesus!

The verses are short and simple and would be great to help your kids memorize scripture as well, and hide them in their hearts when they start to grumble or complain.

**You’ll be getting 10 coloring pages with super cute graphics kids will love, and a verse to color in and memorize as well. 🙂

Make sure to download these Bible verse coloring pages below and check out some other FUN ways to use them!

Download these FREE Thanksgiving Coloring Pages With Bible Verses in the printables library!

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Creative Ways To Use These Thanksgiving Coloring Pages With Bible Verses:

Need some more inspiration for using these coloring pages? Here are some more fun and unique ways you can incorporate these Thanksgiving Bible verse coloring pages in different ways!

Homeschool Or Sunday School Lesson Planning

All my homeschool Moms and kids Sunday school teachers, these are for you!

These bible verse coloring pages would be great to incorporate into your homeschool/stay-at-home mom routine or use in your Sunday school class as a fun activity.

For homeschooling, you can print these off and build them into your daily routine once November comes! Perfect for a lesson on being thankful and scripture memory as well.

For Sunday school teachers, we all know how much kids love to color!!

Please feel free to print as many of these as you need and use them as a fun Fall/Thanksgiving lesson activity! Or feel free to pair it with a Bible story about gratitude to hit home the point even more for the kids.

Fun Christ-Centered Thanksgiving Activity At Home

We love using these coloring pages at home! My daughter loves to color and we also go over the verses and make it a fun Thanksgiving family activity as well.

But the great thing is, you don’t have to just use it during November or at Thanksgiving!

It’s important to teach our kids about gratitude all year long, and let’s be honest, sometimes we want to keep the spirit of fall alive all year long too. 😉

We personally love using these jumbo-colored pencils for coloring!

Use As A Scripture Memory Tool

To build on top of that last point, not only are these pages great for a fun Thanksgiving home activity, but great to help teach your kids to memorize scripture as well!

Kids love doing hands-on activities such as crafts, games, coloring, so why not use those things to help them learn God’s Word?

The verses are short enough to go over, and you can even make it a weekly type activity – help them memorize a verse a week leading up to Thanksgiving and then color the page with that verse!

Give As Gifts To Family & Friends

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what God has blessed us with, so why not bless others around you as well?

Print these pages off, add a cute little bow and give them as gifts to your kids, nieces, nephews, your kids’ friends, anyone you can think of who would be blessed by these bible verse coloring pages. 🙂

thanksgiving coloring pages bible verses

Christian Thanksgiving Coloring Pages For Kids

I hope these free Thanksgiving Bible verse coloring pages will bless you and your family!

But more importantly, help you encourage your kids to have thankful hearts and be pointed back to Christ this season. 🙂

Download these Thanksgiving Bible verse coloring pages from the free printables library here + access tons of other great resources for your family!

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    1. I’m so glad you love them! I pray they bless your family this Thanksgiving ❤️

  1. I love this coloring page. It’s a great Thanksgiving idea for the children. Pinning for later 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you love these coloring pages! I hope they bless you and your kiddos this Thanksgiving. 🙂

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