15 Best Christian Thanksgiving Crafts & Printables For Preschoolers!

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Looking for some great, Bible-based fall activities for your kids?

These are perfect for Christian parents & homeschooling Moms looking for some Christian Thanksgiving activities!

Or maybe you are kids’ Sunday School teacher who is looking for some great Bible crafts and activities for the classroom on Sundays and Wednesday nights.

Either way, you will DEFINITELY want to check out these 15 BEST Christian Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers!

fall Bible crafts for preschoolers

Best Christian Thanksgiving Crafts & Printables For Preschoolers

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Your kiddos will absolutely love doing these Bible crafts and activities, and the good news… they are all Christ-focused, making sure you are teaching kids about God and being thankful all year long. 🙂

Some of these are some freebies from me to you, but I also want to say a BIG thank you to these other amazing Christian Moms for sharing these great Christ-focused fall activities for their kids!

1. Acts Of Kindness (Fingerpaint) Tree Craft For Kids {Mindy Jones Blog}

This beautiful acts of kindness tree craft is a great way to get the whole family on board with doing acts of kindness for others!

This is one of my personal freebies to you! You can download the template from my free printables library and use it for your family.

This is a super fun craft to make with your kids that can be kept for a long time! You can add it to your Thanksgiving traditions, or pair the activity alongside your family devotional.

Make it super exciting – every time your child does an act of kindness it’s a big deal!

YAY! Let’s go put a fingerprint on the tree!” They will LOVE it. 🙂

Once you complete it, it would look beautiful hung up in your home as a fall decoration, and serve as a gentle reminder to be kind to others.

It’s super easy to make – check out all the details about the acts of kindness tree craft here and make sure to download the next one on this list to pair with it which is…

2. Acts Of Kindness BINGO {Mindy Jones Blog}

What kid doesn’t love BINGO, right? Use these awesome acts of kindness BINGO to fill your fingerprint tree craft and make it a fun game.

Encourage your kids to do these 25 different acts of kindness and be the first to fill their BINGO boards.

But keep in mind, it isn’t about winning – rather encouraging and training your kids, so that the next time they see an opportunity to be kind they are way more likely to do so!

acts of kindness bingo game

You can download your free acts of kindness BINGO sheet here.

3. Thanksgiving Bible Verse Coloring Pages {Mindy Jones Blog}

My daughter had a BLAST coloring in these free Thanksgiving coloring pages!

Kids LOVE to color, right??

But these aren’t just ordinary coloring pages – these have Bible verses about thankfulness on each page, perfect for helping them memorize scripture and focus on Christ all season long!

The images are super fun and adorable, kids will love them, and also get the benefit of reading God’s Word.

Plus, from working in the nursery at church for many years, Bible verse coloring pages are ESSENTIAL to have! This would be a fun weekly activity for your Sunday school kids during the month of November. 🙂

Click here or the picture below to download your free printable thanksgiving coloring pages!

4. Free Printable Gratitude Journal For Kids {Mindy Jones Blog}

Do any of you keep a gratitude journal? Or even just love journaling in general?

Why not get your kids in on the action with their very own free printable gratitude journal, designed with kids in mind!!

There are 6 pages of writing in things you are thankful for, how you are feeling, affirmations and drawing, as well as tons of scriptures on gratitude that you can read through together as a family!

And this doesn’t only have to be for older kids who can write, but for your toddlers and preschoolers as well!

Help them work through it and even use it as practice for pen control and writing their letters. Until they are ready, you can ask the questions inside and fill it in for them.

This still helps your young kiddos think about things they are grateful for and be able to talk about them. 🙂

Click here or the picture below to download your free kid’s gratitude journal!

5. How to Make a Gratitude Jar: Mom & Me Tutorial + FREE Printable {Blooming Creativity}

Making a gratitude jar is super fun and a great hands-on way to teach your kids about gratitude, and incorporate it into your Thanksgiving traditions!

It can be something that is a fun, one-time activity to do with your family, or a continual thing.

This tutorial is so simple to follow, and she even includes what supplies you’ll need, how to use them, plus free gratitude jar printables to place on them.

Here is a great glass jar set from Amazon!

6. Fall Handprint Sunday School Craft For Kids {Meaningful Mama}

This fall handprint Sunday school craft is so adorable and definitely one you will want to add to your family fall bucket list!

Basically, you trace your/the child’s handprint on brown paper, down to their wrist and it makes a tree.

Then you cut out “leaf” shapes on red, orange, and yellow paper and have them write things they are thankful for.

She includes simple step-by-step instructions as well as everything you’ll need to complete it.

The end result is so beautiful, and it will be a great reminder for your kids this fall to remain thankful. 🙂

7. Pumpkin Bible Craft {Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station}

This super fun pumpkin Bible craft is so adorable and one that would be great for Sunday school classes or at home with your own kids!

She includes a free printable template for making these pumpkins!

bBasically, you take strips of paper (orange and green) with the printed words and piece them together to make a pumpkin!

The “leaves” have 1 Chronicles 16:34 on them which reads, “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!”

This craft is also great to use for scripture memory too because of the short Bible verse!

8. Free Printable Coloring Pages For Fall {Bible Crafts And Actvities}

Here is another set of some very cute, fall-inspired coloring pages!

The pages included have super fun designs, and while they can be used all fall, she has some great ones for Thanksgiving too!

Some of the pages have each fall related items separated, so ift could also be used to help kids practice their scissor skills as well. 🙂

9. Thanksgiving Craft: Thankful for Jesus {Egglo Entertainment}

If your kids LOVE gluing things to paper (mine sure does haha) then they will love this super fun thankful for Jesus craft!

It is a free printable of a cross with scripture, and the saying “I am thankful for Jesus.” Then you can either do finger painting on the cross, or glue objects candy corn, pumpkin seeds, leaves, etc.

A very fun and interactive activity for Fall and Thanksgiving!

10. Family Pumpkin Patch Craft {1+1+1=1 Blog}

What is a craft without paint, right?

This super fun pumpkin patch craft is so cute and perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary-aged kids! Definitely a great family Thanksgiving activity to have under your belt.

It’s very similar to the Joy To The World advent activity, in that you draw a green line for the vine, and the kids will use orange and green paint to make little “pumpkin fingerprints” along the vine.

You can then fill it with a scripture verse about thankfulness and hang it up for everyone to see!

11. Pass The Mashed Potatoes Bible Craft {Sunday School Zone}

This pass the mashed potatoes Bible craft is SO creative and fun! It would be a great one to do at home in preparation for Thanksgiving and for Sunday school classes.

It’s a very fun and visual way to remind kids to be grateful for the food that God has given us to eat. 🙂

12. Thankful Turkey {Crafted With Love}

Paperbag crafts are always a hit in this house! This super fun thankful turkey craft is very easy to make with minimal supplies – things you probably already have actually!

You just need a paper bag, some construction paper, glue and markers to write.

You’ll cut the paper in leaf shapes, have kids write what they are thankful for, and glue them to the bag, which will look like a turkey.

This would be great for Sunday school classrooms, and a fun family activity for everyone on Thanksgiving Day!

13. Thankful Tree Tutorial {One Creative Mommy}

This thankful tree craft is a BIG (literally) way to show kids thankfulness in a visual way.

Basically, you make the shape of a tree with recycled brown paper, and tape/pin it to the wall.

Then, the kids can add little leaves (red, orange, yellow paper) and write things they are thankful for!

You can have your kids add one thing a day at home leading up to Thanksgiving, or each week in your church Sunday school classroom.

14. Cardboard Thankful Turkey Craft {A Dab of Glue Will Do}

This cardboard thankful turkey craft is absolutely adorable and a great way to get the whole family in the spirit of Thanksgiving!

You will make little turkeys, and their “feathers” which are made from construction paper, will each be something you are thankful for.

Don’t worry, she includes a free printable template for you to download and use to make these turkeys. 😉

You could hang these on the fridge when completed, or let your kids play with them!

15. The Thankful Leper Bible Lesson + Free Coloring Pages {Mindy Jones Blog}

thankful bible coloring pages

You can use this Bible lesson to teach your kids more about God’s Word and the importance of always saying thank you!

There are fun worksheets perfect for homeschooling, Sunday school classes and to work through together at home as a family during the fall season.

You can check out what all is included and grab this awesome 10 Leper Bible lesson bundle here.

10 lepers bible lesson for kids

Want to test it out first?

Download the 2 coloring pages with it for FREE here! Both have a Bible verse about being thankful. 🙂

**My printables in this list are available in my free printables resource library!

Plus, TONS of other encouraging scriptures, Bible activities, and other printables to help you be intentional in faith, family, and home!!

fall bible activities for preschoolers

Christian Fall Activities For Preschoolers

I pray that you and your family & friends enjoy these fall Bible activities for kids!

Keep Christ as the focus in your home and church this Thanksgiving with these fun, hands-on crafts and printables!

Make sure you bookmark this page so you can easily find it. 🙂

Which craft are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love these! We are a huge crafting family so these are great ideas. I’m always looking for biblical crafts to do! Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s awesome! I’m so glad you loved these ideas, your family will have so much fun this fall. 🧡

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