Free Printable Gratitude Journal For Kids {6 Pages}

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Looking for a fun, hands-on way to gently remind your kids to be thankful? Sometimes it can seem like a daily struggle, but I have an awesome resource for you to do just that today!

Check out this free printable gratitude journal for kids!

Free Printable Gratitude Journal For Kids

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It can be hard to teach our kids to be thankful, especially when it seems like there is always something new and shiny out there, right?

New toys, wasting food, wanting what a friend has… these are just some ways our kids can express ungratefulness. It happens to us as adults too, it just looks a little different (bigger house, a better job, nicer clothes, etc.).

It is our job as parents to teach them to be thankful in all circumstances, not based on what we have or don’t have.

So how do we teach our kids to be thankful and recognize that everything we have is a gift from God?

One fun and PRACTICAL way to do this is by using a gratitude journal for your kids, and I have one for you today!

What Is Included In This Printable Gratitude Journal

This free printable gratitude journal for kids includes places for them to really think about things they are grateful for, the best moment of the day, how they’re feeling, as well as Bible verses that talk about thankfulness that you can pray together with them. 

It has 6 pages, and the colors are so fun and simple, perfect for boys and girls. 🙂 The pages you’ll receive are:

  • THANKS acronym page
  • I am feeling/draw a picture page
  • Things I am grateful for… page
  • Affirmation word fill in page
  • Bible verses about gratitude

You can use this even with your toddlers! How, you ask, when they can’t write yet?

Simply ask them the questions yourselves and write their answers. Then, put a date on it and keep it as a reminder for them to look back on and be thankful!

When we start teaching our kids YOUNG to practice being thankful, you are instilling that mindset in them to show outward gratitude as they grow older.

**TIP: laminate the pages and use a dry erase marker to fill the pages in, then wipe clean and reuse to save on ink!!

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Creative Ways To Use This Printable Gratitude Journal

There are so many fun and creative ways to use these printable pages! You out as many copies as you need, making it a daily thing to do, weekly, or however often you want. 🙂

From encouraging your kids to spend time with the Lord, gifting it, or even a special bonus for Sunday school teachers, you’re sure to love this free printable gratitude journal for kids. 🙂

Encourage Kids To Have Daily Quiet Time With God

This gratitude journal would be a great way to introduce daily quiet time with God to your kids!

We do a quiet time here, but since my daughter is unable to read it usually just involves music or her looking at books. However, like I mentioned earlier, even though she can’t read it right yet I can still fill in the pages for her and ask her these questions.

She is learning her letters so it’s even good to let her practice, and especially with the word affirmation page, she draws a picture!! So it is definitely for little ones too. 😉

But if your kids are old enough to read and write, then each morning, maybe even while you are doing your morning routine and quiet time with God, encourage them to do the same.

Or if you would rather go through it together with your child to help get them in the routine, it may be something they pick up and start doing on their own!

How awesome would it be if everybody started today the day with a mindset of thankfulness? YAY!

Gift It To Others

This would make a perfect gift for all the kids in your life!! You can give it to your kids, nieces, nephews, kids in your child’s Sunday school class, or their friends.

You can give this gift for birthdays, Christmas, or put a copy in your kids’ Easter baskets.

This could even be given as a pre-Thanksgiving gift! Start preparing your kids’ hearts and minds for Thanksgiving – add in some scripture reading about thankfulness and you’re good to go!

Not only is it budget-friendly because it’s free, but a very thoughtful gift!

Once you download this journal, you are able to print as many copies as you like!

Use As A Sunday School/Homeschooling Activity

Last (but surely not LEAST), this would be great for all my homeschooling Moms and kids’ Sunday school teachers!!

Use this activity any time during the year in your lesson planning, but it would be especially great to use in conjunction with a lesson on being thankful. 🙂

More Ways To Teach Your Kids About Thankfulness

For more helpful ways to teach your kids about thankfulness check out these posts here, including what the Bible has to say about thankfulness…

free printable gratitude journal for kids

Free Printable Gratitude Journal Pages

I hope this free printable gratitude journal will help you encourage your kids to be thankful (and you too!) in all circumstances!! I know it has for us. 🙂


Is it a struggle to remain thankful for you and your kids sometimes? Do you think journaling will help? Let me know in the comments!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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