Free Printable Fruit of The Spirit Playdough Mats

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Are you looking for a fun new Bible activity to help teach your kids about the fruit of the Spirit?

Well, today I have something super special for you! Check out these free printable Fruit of the Spirit playdough mats!

fruit of the spirit playdough mat printables

Free Fruit of The Spirit Printable Playdough Mats

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It can be hard to find good, fun biblical activities and resources to teach our kids more about God and his Word, am I right?

Rather than go online and spend money, I had it on my heart to create some fun (and FREE) Bible activities you can enjoy with your kids at home. 🙂

These free printable fruit of the Spirit playdough mats are the perfect addition to your daily routine!

Kids love playing with playdough anyway, so you might as well incorporate the Bible into it, right?

You will get 5 pages total – 4 with the actual “fruits” on them but with a different background color (both boy and girl-friendly!!), and with the most adorable graphics. 🙂

Your kids can use different colors of playdough to fill out each of them.

As you are going through each one, there is also a 5th-page info sheet about each fruit with a coordinating verse.

You can go over and read each verse with them relating to each fruit.

Feel free to talk about it while they are doing this super fun, hands-on activity that will also help boost their creativity too!

*You can use these cute playdough cutters to make it even easier to shape and play with them, and match them up!! How fun!

Anytime you can make the Bible interactive and hands-on for your kids, it really helps them relate to it on a deeper and personal level.

Rather than just reading to them the fruits of the spirit, this activity will help piece it together for them and a fun and memorable way, over and over again!

Check out this detailed post here on a SUPER effective way to TEACH the fruit of the spirit to your kids at home!!

Creative Ways To Use These Playdough Mats

Think playing with playdough is the only way you can use these??

While it is the reason FOR them, there are so many more ways you can incorporate these printables in different situations in your life!

Let’s take a look at some unique and creative ways you can use these fruit of the spirit playdough mats…

First things first, I would HIGHLY recommend printing them out in color on heavy-weight white cardstock paper, fit to page (they are 8.5×11).

Then make sure to laminate them so you can use them over and over – this is if you are using them with playdough!

Use Them As Kitchen Tabe Placemats

These would make super cute placemats for your kitchen table!

Once laminated, you can place them where your kids sit, help protect the table from food (we all know it happens) AND teach them godly things at the same time.

You could even print one of the fruit pages on one side, and do a front/back print with the info sheet on the other.

So it would be doubled sided and you have all the info you need right there!

Rather than spend money on kids’ placemats, you can use these free ones as a fun, biblical (and cute) substitution!!

Homeschooling Lesson/Sunday School Lesson

Homeschooling moms, and kids Sunday school teachers, you have come to the right place!!

This would be a great resource to use during your Bible lessons whether you homeschool, teach kids at church, or just want to start getting your kids into learning about God and the Bible.

It’s free also, which is important because we don’t always have room in the budget to buy all the things, ya know?

Feel free to download the entire Fruit of The Spirit printable activity bundle here, and create an entire lesson plan with this how to teach post too!

Use As A Bible Activity Coloring Page

This is actually a pretty funny story and 100% NOT expected…

While I was creating these and writing this post, I noticed my daughter busy at her craft table, which is what she usually does while I work here and there.

I had already printed off a “test” sheet to make sure they fit the page okay, that size was okay, etc… and I did it on regular copy paper in black and white so I wouldn’t waste color ink.

The next thing I know she is showing me a picture she had colored saying, “Mommy, mommy, LOOK!”

She had colored in each of them with (mostly 😉 ) the right color!!

I hadn’t even thought of using this as a coloring page activity, but it turned into just that! Don’t you love things that are multi-use??

This would be a super fun way to incorporate the Bible and the fruit of the spirit into your day, whether as a Bible activity with your child, a homeschool lesson, or print them out and bring them to your Sunday school class if you teach kids.

Super quick and easy, right?? But with a great eternal purpose!

They do show up as black and white, but as you can see the colors went right over the top of it! It worked out great.

So not only do you have a printable playdough mat, but you also have a free printable coloring sheet Bible activity. Yay!

You can thank my 4-year old for that one haha. 😉

Download the Fruit of The Spirit Printable Playdough Mats from the printables library HERE!

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**These printables use the NIV translation of the Bible. Read full disclosure here.

fruit of the spirit playdough mats

Fruit of The Spirit Playdough Mat Printables

I hope you and your family are blessed by these fruit of the spirit playdough mats!

Enjoy this fun Bible activity with your kids, and continue “producing good fruit” in them, because that’s exactly what God has called you to. 🙂

Are you and your kiddos excited to use these playdough mats? Let me know in the comments!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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