DIY Fruit of the Spirit Activity Sensory Bin For Kids

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Looking for a fun activity to do indoors (or outdoors) with your kids, but also learn about God at the same time?

Check out this super EASY DIY fruit of the spirit sensory bin activity that kids will love!

diy fruit of the spirit sensory bin kids

DIY Fruit of the Spirit Activity Sensory Bin For Kids

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Sensory bins have really been on the up and up lately it seems! I’m not going to lie, they used to intimidate me quite a bit (messsssy) but once God worked on that in me, we came to enjoy them!

We bought a few pre-made bins from Michael’s which we really enjoyed, but I wanted to try making our own!

They were usually put together with things we already had, and if we didn’t have them, it was something super simple to replace.

Since we really love learning about the fruit of the spirit, I figured why not make a fruit of the spirit activity bin!

It’s such a great concept to teach to our kids especially from a young age because it teaches biblical character traits, and there are so many visual ways to show them.

And, as I am currently writing this, my 5-year old has been playing with this specific bin, over ALL her other ones, for going on 2 hours now! Definitely toddler, preschool, and even older kids approved!

Keep reading for how to assemble this super easy fruit of the spirit sensory bin, as well as some fun and creative ways to use them…

How To Assemble Your DIY Fruit of The Spirit Sensory Bin

Here’s a quick look at how to assemble your bin, with supplies needed (some you may already have), where to get them, and step by step instructions for assembling!

Plus, a quick 45-second video to visually show you how assembling this fruit of the spirit activity bin is so easy.

Check it out below!

1. Supplies Needed

Here’s a picture of all the supplies you’ll need! I’ll link them each below as well as other alternatives for each.

fruit of the spirit sensory bin

2. Step By Step Instructions

Check out this super quick video (only 45 seconds!) with step by step instructions, or follow along with the list of steps below!

1. First, add in the kinetic sand.

You will most likely have to knead it out a little bit with your hands if it is a new bag or dump in the current sand you have. We only used one bag but you definitely need two!

2. Next, add in the colored rice.

We used about 1/3 of the 1 lb bag, would probably use closer to half with 4 lbs of kinetic sand!

3. Add in your fruit charms/beads, or play food.

Or both if you want like we did. I would start with the big fruit for younger kids and smaller charms for over 3 years old.

4. Place your “tools” in.

This fine motor tool kit is SO cute and a must-have for any sensory activity you do, especially water beads. Great for sorting and grabbing!

You can also use plastic spoons or forks from the silverware drawer – it doesn’t have to be fancy! Just wash them after. 😉

5. Add in the wood letters.

We used just the beginning of each of the “fruit” name, because spelling them all out would make it too cluttered for us.

You can totally do that though and just keep the letters in a separate baggie to bring out when you use this bin.

6. Last, add in your fruit of the spirit memory cards!

We laminated ours (LOVE this pink laminator here) and that way they could wipe off easily.

Ta-da! You’ve made your sensory bin! Now enjoy, and feel free to use the printable memory cards for some fun activities, check out these ideas below…

Use This Sensory Bin To Teach Kids The Fruit of the Spirit

Now that you have your bin assembled, check out these different ways and even fun games you can use this fruit of the spirit sensory activity for.

Here are a few great suggestions for you…

You can also set these up in your homeschool curriculum, use them in your classroom, Sunday school, and kid’s ministry at church!

These would work great in any setting with kids and helping them learn about the fruit of the spirit. 🙂

fruit of the spirit activity sensory bin

Simple Fruit of the Spirit Activity Sensory Bin

I pray that this bin not only becomes a fun source of play for your kids (and maybe even gives you some time to get things done), but most importantly it helps you teach them more about God and what His Word says.

Don’t forget to grab your free fruit of the spirit memory cards and instructions here to use with your sensory bin!

Also, check out these other amazing DIY Bible-based sensory bins for kids here. 🙂

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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