Free Fruit Of The Spirit Printables For Kids {30+ Pages}

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Learning about the fruit of the spirit is so important in your Christian walk. So why not make a super fun way to help your kids learn about them too?!

Check out this AWESOME (and free) fruit of the spirit printable activity bundle!

FREE Fruit Of The Spirit Printables For Kids

Do you ever go searching for fun biblical activities for your kids and come up short? Raising my hand here too!

That’s why I felt God lay it on my heart to create these engaging fruit of the spirit printables for kids. We have been working through these in our house, and having a blast doing so!!

Taking that into consideration (what works best, what doesn’t), made creating this bundle 100% kid-approved!!

Teaching our kids the fruit of the spirit is a GREAT place to start because kids do really well with short lists and easy to remember points. Plus, it’s great for teaching the practical aspects of living out our faith and applying them daily!

When we operate out of each of these fruits, we are growing more and more into the image of Christ, by first modeling it ourselves and then finding ways to help our kids too. 🙌

You’ll be getting over 30 pages of fun activities to do with your kids, or have them do independently! These printables will help make sure they are having lots of fun while still encouraging them to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word daily.

Let’s take a look at what you will be getting in this bundle…

Fruit of The Spirit Wall Art

The wall art printables are so ADORABLE and would be great to use in your home as decor! There are 5 colors to choose from depending on your style and a plain one too, great for any aesthetic.

Place them in frames and hang them on the wall, on your office desk, kids’ dressers, etc.! You can also laminate whichever one you like and stick it on the fridge.

Not only does it look really cute as a home decoration, but will help keep the fruit of the spirit on everyone’s mind, including your kiddos. 😉

Fruit Of The Spirit Coloring Pages

What kind of kids’ printables would these be without some coloring?! This is jam-packed with fun fruit of the spirit coloring pages!

Not only is there a coloring page for each fruit, but I included the name of the fruit to trace – great for younger kids learning pen control.

There is also a square for kids to draw the fruit themselves and color in!

Both are great for all ages, but older kids will especially love using their imagination and trying to redraw the fruit. 🙂

Fruit Of The Spirit Activity Pages

Tracing Page: This one is great for helping younger kiddos with learning to write their letters, and for all ages to help with scripture memory!

Cut & Paste Activity: For this one, you can print it out multiple times, and cut and paste them on the correct spots in the basket each time.

Another option would be to cut out the fruits on the individual page, laminate them (I LOVE this laminator from Amazon) and the basket sheet, and use velcro sticky dots for fun, daily reusable activity!

Save on paper and let your kids stick them on over and over. 🙂

Matching Game: The matching game is great to help dig deeper into each “fruit” meaning. What does love look like in scripture? Joy? Peace? See where the Bible talks about each fruit of the Spirit and even work on scripture memory!

These are great pages to explore more in God’s Word, and the reference sheet would be super helpful to laminate and keep on hand as a biblical teaching resource!

Fun Ways To Use These Fruit Of The Spirit Printables

There are so many ways you can use these printables! Whether you are using them during family Bible time or as fun teaching resources, the possibilities are endless. 🙂

Here are a couple of suggestions…

Use For Family Bible Time

Use these activities during your family Bible time! you can find some great family and kids studies on the fruit of the spirit and then reiterate them with this fun activity after.

Print out as many copies as you need if you have multiple children, print them

You can even frame their tracing pages, matching pages, and cut and paste basket pages on the fridge! This will not only show them off and build confidence in your children, but be a good reminder to see front and center every day.

Make A Bible Activity Binder

This would be a great addition (or start) to your kids very own Bible activity binder!

You only need a few things to get started…

  • 2+ inch binder
  • 3 hole punch
  • A laminator (we love this one from Amazon!)
  • Colored pencils or dry erase markers if you choose to laminate

Simply hole punch each paper and add the the binder. You can use the wall art as a cute binder cover and laminate the matching & tracing pages to make them reusable. Print off lots of copies of the fruit of the spirit coloring pages and refill as needed!

You can take this binder for kids on car rides, at restaurants, use it at home, or bring to friends houses to enjoy together. 🙂

Feel free to fill this binder with other AMAZING Bible activities for kids from Arrows & Applesauce – my favorite shop! The code MINDY15 will get you 15% off!!

Homeschool/Sunday School Lesson Plans

Are you a homeschooling Mom, a teacher at a Christian school, or a Sunday School teacher??

Then you need this bundle!!!

Not only is it free (hello budget-friendly!) but would be great to add to your teaching routine no matter the capacity in which you teach.

Let your kids work on this during the day for homeschooling, or grab it for your school/church classroom as a fun lesson plan for the fruit of the spirit.

Use the matching game sheet as a quick guide to dive into each fruit more, the tracing page for verse memory and letter practice, the basket page as a craft (you’ll need scissors and glue!), and finish with the coloring pages to hang up or send home with the kids. 🙂

Download Your Free Fruits of the Spirit Printables For Kids:

You can grab this activity bundle, download, print, and start using them today! Just click the link or image below and enjoy helping your kids grow more in godliness.

**These printables use the NIV translation of the Bible. Read full disclosure here.

Download the Fruit Of The Spirit Printables For Kids HERE

Do you want access to MORE awesome, biblical, FREE printables like this one? Get exclusive access to my free printables resource library here!!!

More Free Fruit of the Spirit Printables For Kids:

I hope you enjoy this awesome resource whether you are a mom wanting to help her kids grow in the first, or a Sunday school teacher looking for free resources to teach kids at church.

Here are some other great places to find fruit of the spirit printables:

Fruit of the Spirit Printables

I hope you enjoy this FREE fruit of the spirit printable bundle for kids!

There are over 30 pages with fun ways to teach your kids about growing in the fruit of the Holy Spirit including coloring, matching, bible memory verses, and cut & paste!

You and your kiddos will have fun together, while still making sure you are feeding them biblical knowledge, and ultimately helping them grow in their love for the Lord. 🙂

How would you use these printables with your kids? Let me know in the comments!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤


  1. What a wonderful idea. These are so cute! I think that Fruits of the Spirit is one of the easiest lessons in the Bible for kids to understand.

    1. Thank you so much 😊 I agree! It’s such a simple concept yet so important to implement and actually SEE in our lives and our kids.

  2. Katie Imig says:

    I have grandkids in 3 different homes. I would like to provide these printables for all three Moms to do with their kiddos. How do I get them in color?

  3. these are adorable! I used them with the children at church today and they really enjoyed it, i loved seeing their eyes light up as they learned about all the times they are feeling the spirit. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. That is so awesome to here! Thank you for sharing and for teaching little ones about God! 🙂

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