5 Creative Ways To Share Your Faith As A Stay At Home Mom

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Sometimes it can feel like being a stay at home mom means fewer opportunities to witness to others. How do we effectively share our faith with others during this season?

Good news! I have 5 CREATIVE ways to help you share your faith as a stay at home mom!

sharing your faith stay at home mom

Sharing Your Faith When You’re a Stay At Home Mom

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It can be tough to share our faith with others in general, but especially as a stay at home mom. It feels like we are always busy… but we don’t GO a lot of places, right? We don’t get to meet new people a lot.

And when we do, sometimes it isn’t on our minds to be sharing our faith, but simply accomplishing what we need to get done so we can check it off our list and move on to the next thing.

Also, if you are like me, most of your friends are Christians and your kiddos play together. Nothing wrong with that!

But we ask, “What can I do for your kingdom God? How can I witness to others in this stage of life?”

Well, I want to offer you some CREATIVE ways you can share your faith even during your season as a stay at home mom.

Be warned, some of these require getting out of our comfort zones, but I promise, it will bless you immensely in the long run, and create some amazing experiences with God!

Now, I’m not saying that in all of these situations God will bring a super huge, life-changing moment in your life. Like you get to witness to someone and they give their life to Christ in the middle of aisle 10 at Walmart.

But what I am saying… that 100% WON’T happen if we aren’t stepping out in faith! That is step one.

So let’s make the most of the opportunities we DO have by implementing some of these new and unique ways to share our faith with others…

Looking for encouragement and boldness when it comes to sharing your faith? Check out these 11 empowering Bible verses about sharing your faith!!

1. Wear Christian T-shirts/Accessories

You have to wear clothes every day right? Why not wear clothes that have verses/and or Christian quotes on them!

Headed to the grocery store? The park? Zoo? Library?

Pair some cute Christian t-shirts/accessories with shorts in the summer, and jeans and a cardigan in the winter. When someone asks you about it, that creates an awesome opportunity to witness to them, and possibly plant a seed!

Some of my favorite faith-based t-shirts I have seen – believe me, I have LOOKED – that is a great balance of good quality and decent price (budget is super important when living on one income) are from Love In Faith.

My mom actually saw an ad on Facebook, and I warned her to be careful because you never know how those turn out to be. Well, this one is a US-based company with real people, and I am SO happy she shared them with me!

Here are just a few shirts I recently ordered after my first initial purchase:

christian mom t shirts

My mom chose these as well as some “faith” earrings and a necklace:

christian t shirts

*SIDE NOTE: I do not receive any commission from Love In Faith… I just LOVE their stuff!

They are always having some kind of sale, whether it’s 40% off everything or BOGO, making it super affordable. I have worn mine multiple times and have no issue with quality. 🙂

These also have cute hats, jewelry, and tumblers! You could rock the whole look from head to toe (even your drink) if you wanted to!

This could even apply to your phone with cute Christian wallpapers! But we’ll get to that next…

2. Set A Worship Song As Your Ringtone

When you are out, and your phone rings, why not bust out some awesome Christian music??

You may get some looks but that’s okay! If people are going to hear a phone ring, how awesome would it be to give them a little God in their day?

I currently have my ringtone as Kim Walker Smith’s Holy Spirit. Whenever it goes off my daughter immediately starts belting out the words! It’s awesome!

It can even encourage your friends and family who know the Lord to do the same… think a symphony of worship music happening!!

Here are some Christian ringtones you can purchase on iTunes for super cheap today:

  • Holy Spirit – Kim Walker Smith
  • Glorius Day – Casting Crowns
  • You Say – Lauren Daigle
  • Overcome – Elevated Worship

Along with that, you can even have a Christian wallpaper on your phone (here are some really pretty ones for free!), like a verse that means a lot to you or something, or a Christian phone case. There are also tons of pop sockets that are ADORABLE and faith-based that you can attach to whatever phone or case you have.

Here are some super cute Christian pop sockets from Amazon:

People may see that one small detail and ask you about it, or compliment you on it, which are both great ways to spark conversation.

3. Use Christian Home Decor

Maybe you aren’t in a season where you can go out a lot – maybe you have 3 kids with a baby on the way and getting out of the house is tough.

First, let me tell you that you are doing the WORK OF GOD when it comes to parenting your kiddos and teaching them about God.

That’s number one! Don’t discount the important job God has equipped you with and called you to.

But you can still share your faith by using some great Christian home decor! Find faith-based pillowcases, bed sheets, wall signs, letter boards ( I LOVE this one from amazon), etc.

Invite people over to your home rather than go out, and they can see those things and possibly even comment on them. Boom! Start a conversation about it. 🙂

You can take pictures and post them on social media too. For example, take a picture of a wall sign with a verse and share that verse with others along with a little encouragement or what God is speaking to you about it.

Here are a couple of examples from our house:

We have our family’s life verse (Philippians 4:8) in our living room, and another verse above our bed with some wedding pictures.

This is a super simple way to share your faith even when you are a stay at home momma!

4. Skip The Click List/Instacart

Listen, I will be the first to admit that I LOVE grocery pick up and delivery. This saved us TONS of trips during those newborn nap days or trying to lug in a car seat in the pouring rain and push a grocery cart.

But it got comfortable.

My daughter is 4 and perfectly capable of walking in the store with me, and I even encourage her to help me grab groceries and place them in the cart. Kids LOVE to be a part and help.

Now I don’t go to the store EVERY time… I still use both of these every once in a while, especially for places like Costco because it is 35 minutes + from our house.

But there is something about going out and being present. That means looking for opportunities and not shying away, something that is personally hard for me sometimes.

This starts in your morning quiet time with God. Pray BEFORE you go to the store for God to give you opportunities to share your faith with others.

You can even try going to new stores you usually don’t go to, outside of your community. We have a Kroger 5 minutes from our house, where we always go. However, there is another one about 10 minutes away.

It’s a great way to run into new people outside of your community, especially if you are somewhere where you are in a small town and know lots of people!

Speaking of community…

5. Find Ways To Get Involved In Your Community

Sometimes, we can look for amazing opportunities to share our faith with others right in our own backyard!

Outside of church, or spending time with friends and family, try and find other ways to meet new people!

For example, this last year was my daughter’s first year of t-ball. Let me tell you, if you want to be plugged into an environment of unbelievers, this is it. Really, any sport/activity you can get your kids involved in, this is a great way to meet new people and talk to their parents!

Wear your Christian t-shirts, like before, and have your worship music playing when someone calls. 😉

Yes it can feel uncomfortable, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now I am NOT saying you have to come out with a bang and start preaching and shouting with a Bible in hand at the ball game.

Definitely not that! Build relationships. If your child makes new friends, invite them AND their parents to your home.

Get to know them, love on them, and nurture those relationships. You never know what will happen! God puts people in our lives “for such a time as this” and wants us to make the most out of every relationship.

sharing your faith as a stay at home mom

Being a stay at home mom doesn’t mean you can’t find opportunities to share your faith with others. I hope these fun and creative ways to share your faith have helped encourage you!

You are doing GREAT, and once you start stepping out of your comfort zone, you never know what kinds of awesome opportunities God will bring to you. 🙂

Which one of these ways spoke to you the most? Let me know in the comments!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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