Who Is Jesus? Forty Pictures to Share with Family {Book Review}

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Have you heard of this fantastic book that helps you teach your kids about who Jesus is?

Not just the names of Jesus, but deeper into God’s Word and what He says!

Whether you have or have not, you won’t want to miss this detailed review of what (I think) is an amazing must-have family devotional on your bookshelf!

Check out this review of Who Is Jesus? Forty Pictures to Share with Your Family!

Who Is Jesus Forty Pictures to Share with Family book review

Who Is Jesus? Forty Pictures to Share with Your Family

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If you have been looking for a devotional book to read with your family and kids all about who Jesus is… then look no further!

The Who is Jesus: Pictures to Share With Your Family is a book filled with 40 different symbols and images of who the Bible says Jesus is.

This book focuses on WHO Jesus is and sharing that with your family.

There are tons of references straight from scripture that can help teach us a more full picture of who Jesus really is, why we should know these things, and how they transform our daily lives.

This book is not only beautifully illustrated, but the content is so fruitful and transformational. It features full-page images defining what you’ll be talking about that day, one page or so of reading, connection questions, songs, and other activities to do as a family.

It is set up as a 40 day devotional for lent, and a great way to help teach your kids about Jesus and the resurrection.

However, it’s not just limited to that time frame!!!

This is one where you can pick and choose a day and go through any time of the year, because we always want to teach our children about God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

So you may have some more questions like what ages is this book best for, what’s the format each day, etc.?

Let’s look at those answers next!!

Book Layout

It is set up as a 40 day devotional for lent, and a great way to help teach your kids about Jesus and the resurrection.

But you can use it any time of the year. The beginning has a short introduction as well as the best practices for using this book, which is always helpful.

Each day features:

  • Day # and name of Jesus title
  • Scripture reference
  • 1-2 pages of explanation and devotional to read
  • Reflection questions for everyone to answer and dig deeper
  • More Bible references to get you to open your Bibles together (love that!)
  • Key verse to remember – perfect for Bible memory verses

Something that is very unique and AWESOME about this book is the very back!

It includes the “reflect” answers to the questions asked for EACH day, as well as song suggestions to worship together as a family.

This truly makes this devotional stand out, because it gives you a little guidance if you get stuck on any of the questions, or want some options to dig a little deeper as a family and worship together!

I really like the fact that it gives a little “extra” and it’s some of our most used pages with the songs. 🙂

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Here are some examples of “who Jesus is” from the book:

  • Jesus is the serpent crusher
  • Jesus is the ark and the door
  • Jesus is the prince of peace
  • Jesus is the mercy seat

The book measures 8 inches x 8 inches and is a very sturdy hardback material. I really wish the pictures of the inside did it justice because they are so beautiful, and really make an impact.

The whole point is for you and your kids to remember the names, associate them with the images and relate them back to scripture.

What Ages Is This Book For?

This book is so great because it really is perfect for any size family, of all ages! You can use this as young as 4-5 years old, and all the way up to teens.

So if you are looking for a devotional you can do with your preschoolers and teens, you’ve found it. 🙂

My daughter is 5 and it’s simple enough to keep her attention, but gives us the option to dig deep and really expand on the questions.

Overall I would say this book is great for ages 4 -15.

who is jesus forty pictures to share with family devotional

Where Can I Get This Book?

This book is for sale on New Growth Press, a Christian publishing company – seriously SO many good books.

We have a lot of the family devotionals and kids’ books from their site as well. Definitely check them out!

Grab it HERE from New Growth Press.

You can also pick this book up on Amazon, and it’ll be there super quick if you have Prime shipping.

Grab this book on Amazon HERE.

Who Is Jesus? Forty Pictures to Share with Family review

Final Thoughts On Who Is Jesus? Forty Pictures to Share with Family

I hope this book review helped encouraged you to spend more time learning about God as a family!

You can check out some of our other favorite books for family, moms, and kids here below…

Will you be picking up your copy of this book? We are loving it so far! Let me know what you think!

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