5 Best Daily Devotionals For Moms To Read

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Looking for some daily spiritual encouragement in your motherhood journey? Good, because I have got an awesome list of books for you today.

Check out these 5 best daily devotionals for moms!

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What Are Devotionals & Why Are They Important For Moms?

Devotionals can help you not only connect more with God but with your children as well.

And there are SO many different types of devotionals – there are weekly ones, daily, month-long, etc.

What I want to focus on here are quick, daily devotionals to help you in your role as a mom – such an honorable role that God has given us, right??

That’s why it’s so important to make sure we are digging into God’s Word each day. Devotionals for moms are a GREAT way to do this, and help you not get overwhelmed.

While it is great to read spiritual-minded books (non-devotional books for moms, Christian parenting books, etc.) we have to remember that the Bible is THE number 1 book we want to make sure we are reading daily.

It’s the source of life and gives us the ability to love well and grow closer to Christ.

When we are letting what He’s poured into us overflow into our kids and family, we won’t run out.

Daily devotionals can help aid this, however!

A good devotional always have scriptures for you to focus on, pray through and read, so they can be a great guide for you to start reading and studying the Bible.

Any devotional is great to read for Christians, but as moms, we have different struggles, right? That’s why it’s so important to read through a good, solid, biblical mom devotional, no matter the ages of your kids.

How do you get started with incorporating a devo into your day? Good question…

Tips For Starting A Daily Mom Devotional Routine

Here are some quick tips to help you get started with reading daily devotionals…

1. Start A Morning Routine

First and foremost, it would be super helpful to have some sort of morning routine in place. As in, waking up before your kids, and putting in that time in the morning to get your mindset right with daily Bible reading.

Give Him those firstfruits, and He will honor that. I promise, when you see that fruit of praying and fighting for your children, it will be so worth it.

You can check out this great morning routine for Christian moms!

2. Let Your Kids See You

Sometimes (more than I care to mention) I would sleep in and let myself be woken up by my daughter coming into my room.

But what I noticed as she got older, and I would read my Bible or devotional at the table, she began asking me questions.

What are you reading Mommy? What does it say? Why are you reading it? Can you read it to me?

Then we started reading kids’ devotionals specifically for her!

With your kids seeing you reading your Bible, they associate that daily Bible reading as something normal to do and encourage them to start doing it themselves and growing in their faith.

3. Give Yourself Grace

Maybe you are in a stage of kids not sleeping through the night, newborns or not, and waking up before your kids seems impossible.

I went through this with my daughter (she didn’t sleep more than a couple hours at a time until she was 6 months old!!) and so I had to figure something out.

I would read my devotional or do my Bible reading at night for the longest time.

All my life I had been a night owl, and I stayed up with her and would read on my kindle or phone while she slept.

And I honestly, that’s how I made it through that first year of motherhood!!

God knows your desires and knows what season of life you are in.

And He wants to help! Let him. 🙂

Now, without further ado, let’s look at some great mom devotionals to help you grow closer to Christ and your children…

5 Best Daily Devotionals For Moms

Here are some of my favorite daily devotionals for moms!!

I love that they are quick (5-30 minutes) and can fit right into your daily morning routine.

Whether you have toddlers or teens, these are sure to encourage you!

1. Bible Promises For Moms

This book is ONLY $3 on amazon, super compact, and jam-packed with biblical encouragement for moms!

I keep it on my nightstand so I can read it before I even get out of bed.

If you are struggling with something specific, you can search the index to find a prayer and scripture to encourage you.

This book is filled with Bible verses, and short encouragements no matter what season of mom life you are in.

She is also the author of one of my FAVORITE Christian books for moms, Becoming Mom Strong. There is a Bible study that goes with it, and I promise, your spirit will be blessed by it!

2. A Little God Time For Mothers

This devotional is a 365 day devotional specifically for moms, and it kind of reminds me of the Jesus Calling books.

It has a short, easy-to-read devotional with a theme, verse, and prayer to prayer.

It’s great for doing in 10 minutes or less, and then feel free to dig deeper in your study Bible to pray and look further!!

I also have this general A Little God Time for women book, and it has 2 devotionals for each day, morning and night. Another great option!

3. A Mother’s Garden of Prayer

This book was given to me while I was pregnant with my daughter, and I immediately opened it and started praying the prayers in there.

Wow! They are powerful and specific!! As a new mom, I was super thankful to have this as a guide.

There is every imaginable situation or way to pray for your children that you can think of in there – from before they are born to their future job and spouse.

It is a great one to either read through daily (one a day) or if you are feeling God impress something specific on your heart, you can use the index to easily find what you are looking for.

There is a scripture to read and a very detailed and personalized prayer for you to speak out loud.

4. Praying Through the Bible For Your Kids

This book is by The One Year team and they have some of our favorite books!!

One is our favorite kid’s devotional we read every morning with my 5 year old (The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers – HIGHLY recommend!).

This book really helps keep your focus on God and remember that HE is in control – He holds the life of our kids, and has a plan and purpose for them. It’s our job to pray for them!

It goes through an entire year with a 365-day layout, meaning you can pick up on any day and start whenever. Definitely a plus!!

Each page includes the day/date and:

  • Multiple scripture references to look up
  • A focus verse for the day
  • Short devotional to read (2-4 paragraphs – so great for moms!)
  • Personalized prayer to pray over your children
The One Year Praying through the Bible for Your Kids

I have noticed a huge difference when reading this book and praying for specific things for my daughter. It’s been cool to see the fruit of that in her life!

5. 100 Days of Bible Promises: A Devotional Journal

If you are creative at heart, or love to doodle and journal, then this devotional is for you!!

This book is beautiful, and each page includes a short devotional to read, multiple scripture references, a key point, and of course… a large place to doodle, draw or write down what God is speaking to you!!

Here is a little excerpt from one of my pages – I am NOT an artist, but like to be creative every now and then. 😉

filled in devotional journal for moms

This is a 100-day devotional, so it will last you a good long while, or you can pair it with another book you are reading through.

You can check out her entire collection of journal devotionals for women here!

Best Devotionals For Moms

I hope that this has encouraged you to dig into God’s Word more, and maybe even start reading a daily devotional, specifically for moms!

Remember, God has called you to motherhood, and HE is the one with the answers we need. Keep leaning into Him daily. 🙂

Which book/books are you going to pick up from this list? Make sure you check out these other AMAZING books for Christian moms here!

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