The Bible Food Truck: 75 Devotions for Kids {Book Review}

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We’re serving up more than dinner around here! This new devotional for kids showcases how food plays a big role in so many of our favorite faith stories from the Bible.

This is such a great family devotional to have on your bookshelf, and I’m giving you an inside look!

Check out this review of The Bible Food Truck: Serving Up 75 Devotions for Kids About Food in the Bible!

the bible food truck book review

The Bible Food Truck: 75 Devotions for Kids About Food in the Bible Review

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If you have been looking for a devotional book to read with your family and kids all about who Jesus is… then look no further!

The Bible Food Truck: Serving Up 75 Devotions for Kids About Food in the Bible is a devotional book written by Vanessa Myers, whose passion is to help kids live out their faith at home

This book takes you on a fun food truck adventure through the Old AND New Testament.

There are 75 devotions in this paperback book, and are perfect to read before dinner or even after breakfast on the way to school!

We actually keep our copy in the kitchen drawer near our table, so we can read through them after or before eating.

But, you may have some questions, right?? Like what age/ages are this book best for, what’s the format each day, etc.?

Let’s look at those answers next!!

Book Layout

The layout of this book is SO kid-friendly, and you’ll notice that right away. It’s lightweight and easy to take in your purse, or them in their backpacks on the go.

The font is very fun and makes it a little more “exciting” for kids to read. It’s also larger print, so kids who are starting out reading will have an easier time.

Each devotion is no more than two pages and broken down in the following way:

  • Day # and Title
  • Scripture reading
  • God’s Dail Special – the key verse from the scripture reading, and is a great way to memorize Bible verses!
  • Short devotional that kids can easily read
  • A guided prayer to pray
  • Faith To-Go – I’ll explain this part below!

Here’s an example day from our copy of the book:

the bible food truck book review look inside

The Faith To-Go is my favorite part of this devotional!! It features an action or activity to help kids apply what they have read (or what was read to them).

For kids, learning by action and applying what they read is so much more beneficial than just keeping the knowledge in their heads.

It really helps kids connect these Bible stories with practical ways to serve God and help others in everyday life

They need to see faith acted out and this book really helps them to do that!

What Ages Is This Book For?

This book is great because it can be read by older elementary-aged kids+ on their own, or as a family devotional with younger kids too!

So if you are looking for a devotional you can do with your preschoolers and elementary-aged kids, you’ve found it. 🙂

My daughter is 5 and it’s simple enough to keep her attention, but also has substance to it. We really love the application at the end, and the verses we add to our list of memory verses.

Overall I would say this book is great for ages 4 -11.

Where Can I Get This Book?

You can pick this book up on Amazon in paperback or the Kindle version, and it’ll be there super quick if you have Prime shipping. 🙂

Grab this book on Amazon HERE.

The Bible Food Truck 75 Devotions for Kids book review

The Bible Food Truck: 75 Devotions for Kids Book Review

I hope this book review helped encouraged you to spend more time learning about God as a family!

Make sure to check out Vanessa’s website HERE! She helps to equip families for living out their faith at home by providing faith and Bible resources that are simple and fun for children and their parents. 

Also, feel free to check out some of our other favorite books for the family, moms, and kids below…

Will you be picking up your copy of this book for dinner time devotions? Let me know what you think!

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