Free Printable Holy Trinity Coloring Pages For Kids

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Looking for a fun and visual way to teach your kids about the trinity? It’s such a mysterious and sometimes difficult concept to teach, but these coloring pages are a great start!!

Check out these free printable holy trinity coloring pages, as well as some unique ways to use them!

trinity coloring pages for kids

Free Printable Trinity Coloring Pages

As Christian parents, we know how I’m important it is to teach our kids about God daily, including biblical concepts like the trinity.

But where do you start??

Today I have for you a fun and FREE coloring page that helps explain the trinity to kids and would make for a super fun activity.

My daughter has already colored hers in, so it’s preschool approved. 😉

Download Your Free Holy Trinity Coloring Page

This printable coloring page features The Holy Trinity in a pretty and visual way for your kids to understand!

They can color in the individual words, and each picture. There is a house representing God the Father, a cross for Jesus the Son, and a dove for the Holy Spirit.

Go ahead and download your free printable trinity coloring page below (no sign-up required) and check out some fun ways to use it! 🙂

Download Your Free Trinity Coloring Page HERE.

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Fun Ways To Use This Free Printable Holy Trinity Color Page

There are so many great uses for this free printable trinity coloring page! Whether you are a mom, or Sunday school teacher, you’ll definitely want to check this out. 🙂

Here are just a few creative suggestions for you…

Use For St. Patricks Day Activity

We actually used this as a fun coloring page for St. Patricks Day!

Rather than leprechauns and pots of gold, you can teach your child about the Holy Trinity and let them color on this fun page!

She loved coloring this in, and a quick fun fact…

Not only did we talk about the trinity but the colors she chose were actually primary and secondary colors, so we got a fun BONUS lesson too. 😉

Make A Bible Activity Binder

You can definitely make a fun Bible activity binder and add this page in for your kiddos!!

There are only a few things you’ll need, that you may already have on hand:

You can print as many copies of these as you want on regular printer paper (or white cardstock), use a 3 hole punch them, and place them in a 1 or 2-inch binder.

I would personally add a 3 hole punch pencil pouch in the binder – fill it with pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils, and dry erase markers so you are always prepared.

Pull these Bible activity binders out on rainy days, long car rides, waiting at the Dr. office, restaurants, vacation… so many uses! Your kids will love this!!

In fact, here are some other free printables you can grab and fill your binder with:

Well I know one thing is for sure – your children will never run out of great, Bible-based activities to do!

You can feel relieved knowing your kids are learning about God while doing these fun activities. 🙂

**A lot of these printables can be laminated – we LOVE this pink laminator from amazon here. It’s inexpensive and has worked like a champ for me for 2 years now!!

Use In Homeschooling or Sunday School Lessons

This could be a great addition to your current homeschool or Sunday school lesson plans!

You can use these for either a St. Patricks Day lesson on Sunday morning/Wednesday night, or for if you are doing a lesson on the trinity specifically.

After teaching them about the trinity or using fun objects lessons, let them finish by coloring this page and bring home to talk about with their parents.

For homeschooling, hang them up on your fridge so they can see this concept and let it serve as a good reminder!!

Other Free Trinity Coloring Pages For Kids:

Here are two of my other favorite (and FREE) trinity coloring pages! You can print them all out and add them to your Bible activity binder as well. 🙂

trinity coloring pages for kids

Trinity Coloring Pages For Kids

I hope you enjoy these super fun trinity coloring pages, and use them to help your kids understand these important biblical concepts. 🙂

Want to teach your children other important biblical concepts? Check out these fun and creative ways to teach the fruit of the spirit!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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