Christian Easter Coloring Activity Placemats For Kids {Free Printable}

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Looking for a fun Easter activity for your kids that is FREE and more importantly, helps them focus on Christ? You are in the right place!

Check out these b-e-a-u-tiful printable Easter coloring activity placemats for kids!

free printable christian easter coloring pages

Christian Easter Coloring Activity Placemats For Kids {Free Printable}

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How many restaurants have you been to where they offer colorable kids’ placemats? More than likely you have seen these and your kids used them.

Kids love coloring activity pages, and even littler hands like to color!

So why not add some Easter colorable placemat pages to your tables (and even kids’ Easter baskets) this season?

And these aren’t your ordinary placemats.

There are 4 pages that are colorable and include fun activities to help teach your kids about the death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s so important to find fun, Christ-centered activities to teach your kids about Easter and any occasion!

Keep reading for what exactly is included and how you can use these fun Easter coloring pages! 🙂

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christian easter placemats for kids

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What’s Included In This Christian Easter Coloring Activity

This printable set includes a few different colorable pages that have different Christ-centered activities for all ages!

There are 4 pages included, 3 activity and colorable pages, and one you can personalize with your child’s name! Each one has a different theme.

Let’s break down each page…

  • He Is Risen
  • Jesus Died For My Sins
  • Hosanna
  • Fill-in Name Page

The He Is Risen page is great for toddlers and preschoolers – my daughter just turned 5 and is still learning to write, so this is a simpler option for her.

Toddlers can use this page to color in and you can read to them what it says. 🙂

The other two pages would be great for your older preschoolers and elementary-aged kids – and even adults can enjoy them too!

The colorable name page is for everyone!! Have them practice writing their own name, or write it for them and let them decorate with some fun Easter stickers.

The great thing about these placemats is they are made to be done individually, or you can use them as an interactive way to teach your kids more about God and the true meaning of Easter.

More Ideas For Using These Easter Coloring Placemat Pages

These coloring activity pages can be used for lots of things! Here are just a few fun and creative suggestions…

The possibilities are endless!

christian easter coloring placemats

Christian Easter Coloring Activity Placemats For Kids

I pray that these coloring placemats not only provide a fun activity for your kids but ultimately draw them closer to God and grow in knowledge of Him.

Enjoy reading and learning more about Jesus’ death and resurrection and remember – He is risen!! Hallelujah!

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