Super Fun Easter Reading Challenge Kit For Kids! {Free Printable}

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Do you want to get your kids reading more this season, but need some fun inspiration and ideas??

Check out this super fun Easter reading challenge for kids and the whole family, plus a free printable!

family easter reading challenge

Fun Easter Reading Challenge Kit For Kids

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We love books in our home! From the time my now 5 year old was a baby, we would read and read and read and… well, you get the idea.

It’s also a great way to make sure you are teaching your kids about God from a young age, whether you read from illustrated storybook Bibles or just Christ-centered books in general.

Don’t get me wrong, we read lots of fun and rhyming books that weren’t necessarily Christ-focused, it’s just such a great way to do so and instill a love of reading in your kids. 🙂

And that’s why I wanted to make a super fun reading challenge for the whole family, but especially one your kids will love!!

This free printable Easter Reading challenge is a 5-page pdf, and would be best printed on cardstock!

The reading kit includes:

  • Easter Reading Challenge with 16 Easter related prompts
  • 16 Bible verses that relate to the Easter story
  • Reading log to record what your kids have read and if they liked the book
  • Printable booksmarks your kids will LOVE!

Go ahead and download below and then keep reading to see how to use it!!

Download Your Free Printable Easter Reading Kit For Kids From The Printables Library HERE.

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What Is Included In This Easter Reading Challenge For Kids:

What exactly will you be getting in this awesome easter reading challenge printable bundle? Here is a closer look at what this activity entails plus some fun ways to use it!

You’ll be equipped with everything needed to help encourage a love of reading in your children while also teaching your kids the resurrection story.

*Make sure you keep reading for some fun and creative ways on how to use this reading kit!

1. Easter Reading Challenge

This page is the “meat” of the challenge! These are the squares you want to pay attention to and make sure you are knocking them out.

They include fun prompts such as:

  • Read a book with Easter eggs on the cover
  • Read a book while eating jelly beans
  • Read a book with a flashlight
  • Read the Easter story
  • …and tons more!!

You can print this page off and laminate it (we love this pink laminator from Amazon here), and hang it up on the fridge or anywhere you will see it.

Then, have your kids use a dry erase marker to check off which ones they have done!

You can make it into a fun contest and see who can complete it the fastest, or offer a fun reward for completing one such as ice cream or their choice of a movie!!

These all encourage reading while also giving more opportunities to learn more about the true reason for Easter… Jesus!

2. Bible Verses That Celebrate The Easter Story

This page is equally as important for the challenge because it has tons of Bible verses that talk about the Easter story and why we celebrate it.

You can use these during your family Bible time, reading them and discussing them together.

Or, if you are a Sunday school teacher, print these verses off and read them along with your Easter Sunday school lesson plan!

3. My Easter Reading Log

This is the page your kids will use to record all the books they have read! Not only is there a spot for the name of the book, but a section to “rate” it with stars based on how much they liked it or didn’t like it.

This also gives a good start for some discussion after reading. Here are some questions you could ask to get the conversation flowing with your kids:

  • Why did you like this book?
  • What didn’t you like about this book?
  • How many stars would you give this book?
  • What did you learn from reading this book?

4. Printable Bookmarks

As an avid reader and writer myself, I am a SUCKER for bookmarks of all kinds!!

That’s why I wanted to make sure your kids had some fun and cute bookmarks to use as they work towards completing this Easter reading challenge.

These are made to be printed out, and let your kids draw their names on them, laminate and ta-da! Free bookmarks that are super cute and will last a long time.

Plus it makes for a great, Christ-centered Easter activity. 🙂

They can also serve as fun reminders to complete the Easter reading challenge whenever they open their books!

2 christian easter books for kids

How To Use This Easter Reading Challenge

There are so many fun ways to participate in this reading challenge! I’ve got some fun and creative ways to help get you started. 🙂

I would recommend printing this out, placing it in a 3 ring binder or folder (laminating certain pages), and include a pen as well.

This way you can take it with you to different places that we will get into right now…

Go To The Library

You don’t have to have a giant collection of Easter books at home… head out to your local library and enjoy reading with your kids!

You can read books there each time you go and bring the printables with you, or check out a few at a time and bring them home.

It’s a free option for daytime activity and your kids will have a blast too!! Bring your printed-out reading challenge kit and enjoy. 🙂

Sunday School Lesson Plan

This one is for you, Sunday school teachers, or anyone who works with kids at church!

This printable activity is FREE, so super budget-friendly, and can help you prepare lesson plans for Easter!

You can work through this in your Sunday School classes each week leading up to Easter, or in your homeschool curriculum.

It would make for a fun classroom challenge to do, and then celebrate with a donut or pizza party!

Enjoy A Fun Family Activity At Home

This would make a great family activity to do together at home!! After reading some verses together for family Bible time, encourage your kids to pick out books from the challenge page.

Here is a list of some of our favorite Christian Easter books for kids by age to get them started.

If they are still learning to read or toddlers, you can read the books to them. If they are old enough to read, go ahead and grab your favorite book and join in as well!

Along with this free printable activity, here are TONS of other Easter activities that focus on Christ, that you can do together as a family at home.

Print & Place In Your Kids’ Easter Baskets

This would be a great, fun little packet to put in your kids’ Easter baskets!

We do Easter baskets here, and along with some chocolate and sweets, we make sure to fill it with Christ-centered gifts and activities – this would be a great one to add.

easter reading challenge

Super Fun Easter Reading Challenge For Kids {Free Printable}

I hope you and your kids have a blast with this Easter reading challenge! My prayer is that your kids ultimately grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and this is a fun way to help do so.

Go ahead and download your free copy from my printables library, and most importantly… have fun. 🙂

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