Our FAVORITE Christian Easter Books For Kids By Age

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Books are a FANTASTIC tool to teach your kids lots of things. And that is no different when it comes to teaching them about Easter!

While fuzzy chick board books are ADORABLE and great additions to your Easter celebration, it’s never too early to start teaching our kids about Jesus’ crucifixion & resurrection in a way they can understand!

Check out our favorite Christian Easter books for kids by age!

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Christian Easter Books For Kids

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Any of these books would be the perfect way to help teach your kids more about Jesus’ resurrection, and the true meaning of Easter.

They would also make great gifts for your kids’ Easter baskets, as well as work perfectly if you participate in this fun Easter reading challenge with your kids!

These books offer a super wide variety as far as age range, story style, art style, and even the way it’s made (board, paperback, hardcover, etc.). You can pick what would work best for your kids!

The first half of this list is best for infants – 5 years old, while towards the ends of the list you’ve got some great options to dig a little deeper with your preschool – elementary-aged children.

And they don’t have to just be read at Easter… you can keep reading them all year long! 🙌🏻

*These are arranged in order of youngest (infant) to older kids (up to 10 years old). You can click on the book title OR image to check them out!

1. My Easter Basket: The True Story Of Easter

This has been one of our favorites since my daughter was a baby! She got it in her Easter basket and it has been such a cool way, even to this day, to explain to her the true meaning of Easter.

It goes through different colors to explain Jesus’ death and resurrection, making it easy for toddlers to associate colors with the story. 100/100 would recommend it!

2. The First Easter

This book was written with small children in mind, from the board book style and small size to the way the story is told. This book tells the story of Easter in such a sweet way, through a little lamb, making it stand out from the rest. 🙂

3. The Beginner’s Bible the Very First Easter

If you are a fan of beautifully illustrated Bible storybooks, then you will love this one about Easter! It uses the same art style as the popular book, The Beginners Story Bible, with a clear message of Jesus while telling the Easter story for kids to understand.

4. The Story of Jesus 

This book goes through a short summary of Jesus’ life from his birth, childhood, teachings, and eventually his crucifixion and resurrection. Another great one to have all year round, but especially to help explain the Easter story to your toddlers!

5. The Story Of Easter

This book is from the same author/collection as the previous one, so it has a very similar writing and art style! For this book, it focuses specifically on the Easter story with more details, making it a great accessory to your kids’ Easter teaching.

6. Sunrise Easter Surprise

You may have guessed from the title, but this is a very fun and uplifting book about the story of Easter! The overwhelming point in this book is that Jesus lives, and it is told from different perspectives: the sun as it rose, a flower as it bloomed and the people at the empty tomb.

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7. God Bless Our Easter

This is the PERFECT book for preschoolers. It is such a sweet story of Easter with cute animals, springtime, and gentle reminders that God is all around us. This is a great book to have on the shelf all year long!

8. The Easter Story

This tells the story of the first Easter, as well as other important events that happened in Jesus’ life! It explains why Jesus died for us, which is SO important for kids (and adults too!) to understand.

9. God Gave Us Easter

This sweet book is told in story format; it’s about a polar bear cub celebrating Easter with her family. She asks questions and on a fun arctic adventure, slowly learns about the true meaning of Easter… Jesus! It’s perfect for bedtime and reading all year long.

10. Good News! It’s Easter!

This adorable book features playful illustrations, cute animal characters, and fun rhyming lyrics. It’s filled with gentle reminders of Jesus and leads up to the gift of the Good News – salvation!

11. The Very First Easter

This Easter book is great for your kids who have grown out of the toddler/preschool stage and are ready for some more in-depth (but not too much) reading!

It features beautiful vivid pictures and detailed stories of Jesus’ last days on Earth.

12. The Easter Story (Usborne Picture Books)

This is definitely one of our favorites!

It goes through the entire story of Jesus’ last days on Earth, from the miracles he performed, the betrayal, and His glorious resurrection! It’s told in an awesome format with phrases kids can pick out and remember. 🙂

12. Easter Is Coming! 

The Easter is Coming book was from our most recent Hello Bible Box kit, and it is so good!! It is a cute padded book that is about a mom telling her kids the Easter story.

It’s new to our collection and we really love it! I included it in my daughter’s Easter basket this year. 🙂

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Our Personal Favorite Books From This List…

2 christian easter books for kids

We personally LOVE these two – The Usborne Story Of Easter and My Easter Basket: The True Story of Easter!

Like I mentioned, we have had the My Easter Basket book for a LONG time and read it throughout the year too, not just at Easter. She has now memorized the colors and what they mean, and it is so beautiful to watch!!

It is more encouraging that books really do make a difference in teaching kids, especially about God!

Our Favorite Christian Easter Books For Kids!

While Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, and other fun Easter activities are so great to participate in, let’s make sure our kids understand the true meaning of Easter – and that is Jesus!!

I hope you found some great Christian Easter books on this list to help you teach your kids about the cross and why we celebrate Easter. 🙂

Which one of these books is your favorite or do you have another that you love?? Let me know in the comments!!

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  1. What an excellent resource!! I’m going to share this with the Grandparents! I’d rather my kids receive these awesome books than stuffed bunnies that I’ll have to get rid of when the toy box overflows…again!

    1. Yes girl! I am all about some cute stuffed animals in an Easter basket for babies, BUT we have to remember why we celebrate Easter first… JESUS! And books are the most effective tool I think for teaching our kids that. Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

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