Free I-Spy Easter Story Printable For Kids

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 Looking for some fun and FREE printables for your kids this Easter holiday season? It can be hard to find Bible-themed activities for kids, and that’s why I want to help you out today with a great way to teach the Easter story to your kids! 

Check out this super cute printable I-Spy Easter Story game for kids!

Free I-Spy Easter Story Printable

Free Printable Resurrection Easter I-Spy Game

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Kids love playing different games and doing fun activities, and this I-Spy Easter activity will be no different! It’s great for younger kids and older kids too!

The great thing about this specific Easter activity is it really focuses on the true meaning of Easter – Jesus’ death and resurrection! We did this last year and had so much fun with it.

While we may participate in a fun Easter egg hunt or two (resurrection egg hunts are great to do too!), eat candy, and enjoy all the cute things that spring and Easter bring about, we have to make sure our kids understand that that’s NOT what it is about.

Easter is one of the most beautiful holidays we celebrate as Christians. It truly shows why we believe what we believe and we can celebrate that Jesus is alive!!

We don’t want our kids to get caught up in the worldly aspect of holidays, but rather understand why we are even celebrating and hopefully share that with others as well. 🙂 This is an easy way to do so!

Some of the people/items your kids can count with this game are the last supper, three crosses, Jesus, Jesus riding the donkey, the crown of thorns, the angel, and more!

Benefits of This I-Spy Easter Printable:

Here are some great benefits to these activity sheets on top of teaching them the Easter story…

  • Helps with memory and observation
  • Helps with math skills (adding) and writing skills (writing in the numbers)
  • Teaches them to recognize shapes and colors (it’s black & white so they can color in as a fun coloring page)
  • Fun game for long car rides
  • Can be used to teach the death and resurrection of Jesus – the TRUE Easter story!
  • They can work on this with friends and use teamwork
  • NON screen time entertainment!

This would be perfect for toddlers, all the way up to elementary-aged kids! It makes for a Christ-centered Easter activity for the whole family.

There is also an answer key included so that your kids can go back to double-check that their answers are right.

Keep reading to download your FREE printable I-Spy Easter Story game, as well as some more fun and creative ways to use it…

Download Your Free Printable Easter Story I-Spy Game

You can download this I-Spy Easter Story printable game NOW in my printables library! It also includes a simple answer sheet for you to check.

Simply click the link below to gain exclusive access to this printable as well as TONS of other printables you and your kids will love.

Download Your Free Printable I-Spy Easter Game In The Printables Library HERE or click the image below:

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How To Use This I-Spy Easter Story Printable:

This printable is definitely a great learning resource to help your kids practice counting, writing, searching, all while teaching them about Jesus.

BUT, there are so many creative ways you can use this I-Spy Easter Story game!

Before we get to those, there are two GREAT ways to approach using this printable:

  1. Print this and let them fill it in and then color the page in, OR…
  2. Laminate the page (we love this pink laminator here), grab some dry erase markers, and let it be a fun activity to reuse over and over

Now, here are just a few suggestions for you, plus some other fun activities/printables to pair with it…

Put Together A Christ-Centered Easter Basket

One great idea would be to create a fun, Christ-focused Easter basket, and add this fun printable activity to it! It would be a great activity for them to do that reiterates the Easter story as well.

You can fill your kids’ Easter baskets with gifts, Easter books, and other fun Easter printables!

We usually add some candy and a stuffed animal in our daughter’s basket each year (she LOVES animals haha) but that’s not the focus of it for us!

Now that she’s older I am definitely going to put this in there and let her practice her writing and math skills. 🙂

Pair With An Easter Story Sunday School Lesson

Do you teach kids at your church? Whether you are a Children’s director, Sunday school teacher, or volunteer on Wednesday nights, this printable is perfect for you on Easter Sunday!

You can pair this Easter Story game with your current Easter lesson leading up to the day of!!

One example would be to first read about Jesus’ death and resurrection from Luke 22-24. Then, let the kids color in this I-Spy game and fill in the numbers. Then you can even follow with a fun holiday classroom party with snacks or egg painting!

It would be great for ages 4+ all the way up to 5th grade.

Use As A Fun Coloring Page

Something else pretty awesome about this printable I-Spy game?? It’s in black and white for a reason…

It would make a GREAT coloring page!!

Most kids of all ages , and my daughter is no different. These pictures are ready to be colored in!

Maybe your kids are a little young to be counting, you can let them just use it as a coloring page until they are ready. You could even let them use dot markers and have each little character on the page be a different color – then have them dot them all!

Use this during your homeschool, or just as a rainy day activity! Feel free to tell them what each picture means though as they color it in. 🙂

**I would recommend letting them color it in after filling it out that way it’s easier for them to recognize each character and count them up. 🙂

free i-spy easter printable

Have Fun With This I-Spy Easter Printable!

No matter how you decide to use this fun Easter activity, I pray that it blesses you and your kids this season, and helps encourage them to appreciate what Jesus did for us on that cross!

Keep Jesus as the focus this Easter, and let your kids have a blast with this free printable Easter activity! Don’t forget to download below. 🙂

*These are for personal use only.

Download Your Free Printable I-Spy Easter Game In The Printables Library HERE.

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