25 Amazing Christian TV Shows For Kids To Watch

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Are you worried your kids are getting too much screen time? Raising my hand here too!

What if we could turn that screen time into productive time learning about God and His Word???

It’s so important to monitor what our kids watch while we can – we only have them for a short time and we want to make sure we are helping protect their minds.

Here is a great list of 25 Christian TV shows your kids can start watching today, and where to find them!

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Best Christian TV Shows For Your Kids

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Let me be 100% real with you.

My 4 year old watches TV. And has her whole life.

I do think there’s some good in little kids watching the fun bright colors in shows, learning basic things like numbers, shapes, colors, how to potty (thanks Little Baby Bums), etc.

But God says it pretty clearly here in His Word…

“The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness! If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness! “

maTTHEW 7:22-23

It matters what our kids hear, read, and watch!

Heck, it matters what WE as adults watch!

Something I’ve learned over the years is how much kids take in! While I do love hearing her sing all the cute little Daniel Tiger songs – in very relevant situations I may add – it showed me that she is GRABBING onto this stuff.

We do really well with the different types of Bible storybooks we read, as well as our Bible reading, but screentime was something that needed to be fine-tuned!

I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just helping her learn about God’s Word on paper, but in what we watch, read, and listen to as well!

I needed to make sure her mind was being filled with godly, biblically sound TV shows since I knew screentime wouldn’t be completely cut out in our home.

So what did I do? Take a look…

TV Shows And Kids’ Behavior

There is also something to be said about the correlation between “nonsense TV” and kids’ behavior. In fact, I did a little experiment.

I noticed the more screen time we had including TV and kindle, the worse her attitude got. She was just being very whiny, demanding, and just not herself.

Yes she is 4, so this happens sometimes. I get it!

But I wanted to try something… first, we cut out ALL shows we were watching and only watched Christian TV shows.

I noticed about a 50-70% improvement in her behavior!

Wow, I thought, let’s take this a step further

So we cut out ALL TV and screen time for a couple of days. And you know what?

She played more. She read more books (with me). And told more stories. Lo and behold, she was more kind and patient. It was like a complete 180!!!

So while I realized it wasn’t 100% realistic to completely cut out TV (I’m all for good screen time) I knew that we needed to waaaaaaaay cut down on WHAT she was watching.

Not all secular shows are bad, and some can even be related back to Christ and learn important lessons. Here are some great secular shows you can feel comfortable with kids watching as well.

Alrighty, enough talk, and let’s get to the GOOD stuff you came here for – here are 25 of the BEST Christian TV shows for kids and where you can find them!

I would recommend most of these for preschool age and older, but click below for some great options for infants and toddlers 👇🏻

Looking for faith-based learning videos for your reeeeally littles? Check out these Cocomelon alternatives for infants and toddlers!

christian tv shows for kids

1. What’s In The Bible With Buck Denver

This is probably one of the TOP Christian TV shows for kids! It was created by Phil Vischer and digs into the Bible in a fun and interactive way. Between the many characters and silly songs, it’s sure to be one your kids will love!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Go Minno, DVD

2. Veggie Tales

Veggie Tales is another classic by Phil Vischer! It has been around a long time and for good reason. It brings the Bible to life with stories kids can relate to with silly song breaks too (my favorite part). Plus, they always encourage kids in how much God loves them! Definitely a favorite!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Go Minno, DVD

*UPDATE: Go Minno just released BRAND NEW episodes of Veggie Tales, and they are just as amazing as the original! Check them out:

new veggie tales tv shows

3. Superbook

This show is pretty unlike any of the others! Superbook is so interactive and actually puts the characters INSIDE the Bible stories, bringing your kids along for the ride!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Go Minno, DVD

4. Bibleman

Bibleman gives a LITERAL take on using God’s Word as a “weapon” against evil! Each episode features different situations where they reiterate important scriptures for kids to fight off the bad things, and has that whole “superhero” thing down that kids will love.

Where to watch: Go Minno, DVD

5. Theo

Theo is a great show for teaching children God’s Word! These are great to teach different lessons such as being kind to our neighbors, loving one another, the Gospel, and tons more! The little mice are very entertaining and bring a lot of humor as well!

Where to watch: Go Minno, DVD

6. 321 Penguins

If you don’t know anything about me know this… I LOVE PENGUINS. Okay, there I said it haha. 321 Penguins is a fun (and goofy) space-themed show that teaches kids great character lessons.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Go Minno, DVD

7. Auto-B-Good

Auto B Good is such a fun and cute show! It is especially great for little kids to get them started in learning simple (yet important) life lessons from the Bible. Plus, kids LOVE talking cars. 😉

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Go Minno, DVD

8. Friends And Heroes

Another well-known kid’s Christian TV show, Friends And Heroes helps the Bible come alive! It teaches tons of stories from the Old and New Testaments in fun, new ways.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Go Minno, DVD

9. Gigi: God’s Little Princess

Calling all mommas of little girls! Gigi: God’s Little Princess is such a great Christian TV show for girls! It really reiterates the fact that we are daughters of the King, making us “princesses.” It is so sweet and there are tons of books and accessories that go with it! 🙂

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Go Minno, DVD

10. Hermie & Friends

Hermie & Friends is a fun-loving show that teaches kids valuable life lessons! We really like this one. Through the use of silly cartoon bugs, kids learn how special they are in their own unique way!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Go Minno, DVD

11. Micah’s Super Vlog

Micah’s Super Vlog is a series of short videos that have a modern take on learning valuable life lessons! This is great for kids who are in school as it focuses on a lot of peer pressure type situations!

Where to watch: Go Minno

12. Owlegories

Owlegories is definitely a favorite of ours! It’s set up as a classroom and they learn different Bible lessons, about faith and God through nature. Each one ends with a short devotional for kids about the episode. Definitely, a must-watch!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Go Minno, DVD

13. Making Stuff

This show was soooo designed with kids in mind! Kids love to make things and this show is ALL about how to make things, guided by two cartoon robots. Such a fun, wholesome show and only 5 minute episodes – great to keep their attention!

Where to watch: Go Minno

14. The Amazing Bible Series

You can watch this classic and all its episodes free on Amazon Prime! It is super entertaining and teaches kids about the Bible!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, DVD

15. Bible Stories For Kids

So this one is really interesting! It is a collection of animated Bible stories! It’s almost like a “book format” but you can watch it. This is great to use during Family Bible time or to help your kids learn the Bible. 🙂

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

16. Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible: The Miracles of Jesus

This classic kids show really digs into PEOPLE in the Bible. Jesus and his life, the apostles, Joseph, just to name a few! A great option to help your kids understand more of the Bible.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, DVD

17. Adventures in Odyssey

These books and now shows are super fun for kids and filled with biblical learning adventures! You can also pair one of these episodes with the Adventure Bible for kids and really tie it all together!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, DVD

18. Sea Kids

This show is new to us and has quickly become a favorite!! It’s great for older preschool to elementary-aged kids. These full episodes include two parts, and each features a scripture reference, biblical theme, and lots of prayer! The sea characters are super fun, and your kids will gain a lot of wisdom from watching. 🙂

Where to watch: Right Now Media, PureFlix, DVD

P.S. Good news!! This show is coming to GoMinno soon!! I will update this post when that happens.

19. Church At Home

Okay, I’ve got to say… this is our FAVORITE show to watch and it’s exclusively on Go Minno! It is like a worship service for kids – praise music, little short lessons, one big lesson, and questions, Bible verses, and prayers! LOVE this one!!! It’s great for all ages.

Where to watch: Go Minno

20. Bug Time Adventures

This show is new to us and has quickly become a favorite! It’s a cartoon group of bug friends who go through similar situations as stories from the Bible. They tell the tales in a back and forth format and relate them to kids in a great way!

Where to watch: Go Minno, Amazon Prime

21. Guitar And Drum

guitar and drum

This show is exclusive to Minno and so cute! It’s great for preschool-age children or toddlers. The characters are fun and lovable, and in each episode, they do a different activity while learning about important values along the way.

Where to watch: Go Minno

22. Brewster The Rooster

This is another great option for preschool-aged children. I really appreciate the soft color palette because it isn’t too much. This show has a question & answer format, helping kids understand the world God made around them and what it means for their lives!

Where to watch: Go Minno

23. The Jesus Stories

This preschool-aged show is great because each episode is only 10 minutes! There are 6 episodes that each talk about Jesus’ parables within the story – so kids can apply the parables to their own lives!

Where to watch: Go Minno

24. Adventures in BoogaBooga Land

This show is more for elementary-aged kids I would say, and it is pretty goofy (in a fun way!). Marty the Monkey and Gerard the Giraffe move to a new town and learn how to make good choices in their many adventures!

Where to watch: Go Minno

25. Whirl Ada & Friends and Whirl Leo & Friends

This show is more for elementary-aged kids as well, but still good for younger ages too! They are very short, like 4-5minutes but there are over 250 episodes combined! These whirl cartoon people navigate real-life problems using biblical values.

Where to watch: Go Minno

UPDATE 1/2023: I am not sure I feel comfortable recommending this specific show anymore. There were a couple of inconsistencies with what God’s Word says that have us praying and pausing on this one for now! I want to be diligent in updating this list to make sure it aligns with His Word!

Whew! We made it! Some of our favorites to watch from this list are Veggie Tales, Church at Home, and Buck Denver!

But there is something I want to point out really quick…

You can get access to over half of these 25 shows on Go Minno for only $6.99 a month!! Plus TONS more shows, family devotionals, worship videos, daily shows, and bonuses that I didn’t even cover.

You can get a free month using this link and the best part? There’s no commitment. So if you want to cancel and not get charged, go for it! Although I think you’ll be hooked just like we have been the past 4 years. 😉

**UPDATE: As of 2022 we have cut out all streaming services and only use Go Minno and Prime Video!

Here’s our personal watchlist on the app:

go minno christian tv shows

You can sign up for your free month of Go Minno here!

christian tv shows for kids

Christian TV Shows For Kids

I hope you enjoyed this list of some amazing, alternate TV shows for your young kids to watch, and can make screen time so much more beneficial and intentional!

Feel free to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it! If you are looking for younger options, check out these faith-based learning videos for toddlers (Cocomelon alternatives!).

You can find out about our favorite secular shows you can feel good about kids watching here!

What are your kids’ favorite Christian TV shows to watch? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. The only show I watched back in the day that I’m seeing on this list , is Veggie Tales . We used to watch that show after church when I was younger. I didn’t realize there were many options for children to learn about the Bible in a show form . My kids could definitely use something other then the silly YouTube videos they watch all day :p

    1. Yes girl there are so many!! And they are such fun and cute shows too, with the godly message in them. 🙂 we needed a break from Daniel Tiger every now and then haha!

      1. Does anybody know of any Bible based show with dogs or trains in them? My little one loves both and watches YouTube videos of them which could be productively used for learning or seeing God’s word stuff

  2. LOVE this list! We found Minno thanks to you and we’ve loved Superbook. These are perfect for my 5 year old and me, too! I love that as I’m working from home, I can put a show on for him for a hour or so and I can feel good about what he’s watching.

    1. Oh this seriously makes my heart SO happy! I am so glad you all are loving it. We are slowly but surely cutting out other streaming services and only using this one for her. That’s awesome you can get work done and not worry about what he’s watching! <3

  3. This is such a great list of movies to watch. Great clean fun and entertainment without worry. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Oh for sure!! It is such a relief to actually enjoy screen time and not worry, whether I’m watching with her or not. 🙂

  4. We love so many of these shows, but you’ve given me some new ideas to try as well! It’s so important that we teach our kids to guard their hearts, and that we set a good example for them as well. Great post!

    1. Thank you so much!! You hit the nail on the head. They do what they see so it starts with us! Such a great reminder, and I’m glad you enjoyed! 🙂

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