Faith-Based Learning Videos For Toddlers (Cocomelon Alternatives!)

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Are you looking for some good Christian shows, songs, and videos specifically for your infants and toddlers to watch?

As much as screen time is very limited at that age, it’s still nice to know there are other options out there for our littles to watch that point them to Jesus, right?

Check out these fun, faith-based learning videos for toddlers and babies!

christian learning songs for toddlers

Christian Learning Videos For Toddlers And Babies

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If you have been around here for a bit, you know we try and fill our home with good, godly shows and movies that we can feel okay with our daughter watching.

But that wasn’t always the case. I am sure there has been a time in your life when Cocomelon has graced your TV screens. Because we definitely did!

Actually, there was a study done that talked about how watching a show like Cocomelon was SUPER stimulating for children, especially young ones, that acted almost like a DRUG in their brains.

And I noticed it in my own child! Her attitude, mindset, and behavior were way more negative after watching lots of shows like this, and TV in general.

There are SO many different educational shows out there for our babies and toddlers to watch such as Cocomelon, Little Baby Bums, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, etc… and while none of them are necessarily bad (at least, not yet!), why not fill their young minds with godly things?

In fact, super recently, I prayed and asked God, Lord, I would love to find some great educational shows like these but that point to you.

Not even a couple of days later, out of nowhere, I found TWO! How good is God??

I’m not going to lie, there are not a ton of options. But, that’s okay!

The options that are out there are plenty enough for your babies and toddlers because this time is to really be present and engaging with them anyway!

Um, no thank you!!

We still like Little Baby Bums (the old version, now new) but have definitely outgrown it.

However, I would definitely switch up what we watch and use these options on this list instead, if we were to ever have another child!

Check out these awesome Christian videos and songs for toddlers below…

1. Listener Kids

If you haven’t heard of Listener Kids, you are in for such a TREAT today! They have great music options for infants all the way up to elementary age.

These guys are right up there with Seeds Family Worship, and definitely one of our favorite scripture song options for kids.

We have really been enjoying listening to the “Let It Shine” album as well as the “Sunday School Pop VOL 2” album.

Both are available on Prime Music for free as well! But, for babies and toddlers, they have super cute videos on Youtube and DVD!

This is actually one of the ones I saw after I prayed about more options like this for littles to learn about God. We had already been listening to them but had no idea they had songs and videos for toddlers!

They are cute little characters with bright, yet soft colors kids will love looking at. And they sing hymns and other praise and worship songs!

It reminded me a lot of Little Baby Bums. 🙂

Find Listener Kids on Youtube HERE or Amazon HERE.

2. Labutina

This is a newer show to us, but we watched it on Go Minno when we were watching one of their Minno Day Shows.

It was a little young for my daughter but we still enjoyed it, and it had some great learning material in there as far as educational knowledge – ABCs, colors, shapes, etc.!

You can watch every episode free on Go Minno – get your first month of this AMAZING Christian streaming service for kids for FREE here.

We have used this streaming service for about 4 years now, and it is one of the only streaming services we have now (no more Disney or Netflix for us!).

They have old favorites like Veggie Tales, family devotionals, praise music and SO much more.

Check out the Labutina website HERE.

3. Yancy’s Little Praise Party

Speaking of Go Minno, you can also find Yancy’s Little Praise Party episodes on there!

These are praise and worship songs with lyrics to cartoons. You can also find some on Youtube.

It may be slightly older for infants and toddlers, but your older toddlers will love dancing and eventually singing these upbeat songs about Jesus!!

Check out Yancy’s videos & music on Youtube HERE, Amazon HERE, or get access to everything on Go Minno (first month free!).

4. Praise Baby DVD’s

We used these Praise Baby DVD’s when my daughter was a baby and they were SO sweet! It actually shows real toddlers and infants playing, plus hymns and worship songs in the background.

praise baby dvd

We purchased this one, plus a couple more in 2017. My daughter was just about 6 months old!!

The kids in the video (real kids, not cartoons) play with bright-colored objects and other things similar to that, so you still get that learning aspect from it.

They have so many different versions such as lullabies, hymns, and different themes! Here are just a few…

Check them out on Amazon HERE or by clicking each below…

learning videos for toddlers

Teach Your Toddlers And Babies About God With These Fun Learning Videos

I hope this list helped provide you with some video options you can feel good about your infants and toddlers watching.

But most importantly, being able to fill their mind with godly things daily, even at such a young age! 🙂

Have you ever seen any toddler learning shows from this list? Let me know below!

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  1. Where can I purchase some of these wonderful Christian dvd song videos for 4 year old?

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your comment, I am so glad you are wanting to find these great faith-based media options for tddlers. 🙂 In the post, there are sections under each one that says “Check them out HERE” whether it be on Amazon or their website! <3

  2. I love these videos! They are so helpful and informative for toddlers.

  3. Love this post! As a parent of a toddler, I’m always on the lookout for new and engaging ways to teach my little one about faith. These videos look like exactly what I need – thank you for sharing! 😊

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