Seeds Family Worship Music For The Whole Family {Honest Review}

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Are you looking for a fun and creative way to help your kids memorize scripture, and worship together as a family!

If you haven’t heard of Seeds Family Worship (or even if you have!), you are in for a treat today!

Their mission is to help get God’s Word into the minds of children all over the world through scripture songs, and I’ve got all the info you need here.

Check out this honest review of Seeds Family Worship music!

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Seeds Family Worship Music Review

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How many times have your kids memorized silly songs from TV shows? Does Daniel Tiger or maybe even Bubble Guppies ring a bell?

It’s amazing how much their young minds can take in and remember! So why not fill their minds with good, godly things such as Bible verses they can hide in their hearts?

We have been using Seeds Family Worship materials for a while now, and we were so blessed to receive this awesome gift box of resources!

Seeds has some of our FAVORITE scripture music for kids!

And I’m not talking about the songs that can get stuck in your head and make you want to pull your hair out… no, these scripture songs for kids are fun, family-friendly, and catchy which is a GOOD thing, because you can easily memorize Bible verses.

I have actually listened to these scripture songs in the car, by myself! They help adults, and anyone really, memorize scripture too, and we have enjoyed them so much.

The Bible talks about singing hymns of praise, and even speaking them to one another…

“Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your hearts to the Lord…”

Ephesians 5:19

Using Seeds Family Worship songs is a great way to encourage our kids to do this, and show God’s love to others!

Let’s get more into what Seeds Family Worship music is, and where you can find these awesome resources today…

What is Seeds Family Worship?

So what exactly is Seeds Family Worship? Who started it, and what is the mission behind it? It’s actually a pretty cool story.

In 2004, Josh Houser was writing Vacation Bible School Songs to help kids at his church memorize scripture.

This turned into MORE easy to remember, kid-friendly worship songs that families were loving – thus, Seeds Family Worship was born! I love that it is family-owned and operated, making it even more meaningful to support them.

This is taken from their website about their ministry and just how much God has blessed it since then:

“Seeds Family Worship has created 15 albums and 187 word-for-word Scripture songs and videos for kids and families. We have distributed over 750,000 albums and streamed over 70 million songs and millions of videos. Seeds also has several other resources to help kids and families memorize the Bible through song.”

What Does Seeds Family Worship Offer?

In addition to their CDs, they also offer tons of other great, biblical resources for the whole family, including:

  • Tons of Scripture memory songs with a variety of albums
  • Memory cards to go along with the songs
  • Scripture based music videos and DVDs with motions
  • Church worship videos for kids ministries
  • Worship activity ideas for families
  • Chord charts for their music (grab out your guitar and sing these songs with your family)
  • Seeds Family Box – a quarterly subscription box for families with books, tools, and resources for family discipleship 

You can see that there is such a variety of materials and resources to help instill godly habits in your kids and really encourage them in their spiritual growth.

My daughter LOVES to dance and do motions to songs, so the DVDs have been a huge blessing to us!

The CDs are great for the car, and we even bought a cute little CD player for her room so she can listen to them inside as well.

Seeds Family Worship Subscription Box

We know their goal is to help families grow closer to God and each other, and so they offer another way to do that together as a family… quarterly subscription boxes jam-packed with AMAZING resources!

There is usually a specific theme for each box, and they include their wonderful music and DVDs – that makes it worth the price alone!

The great thing is it is SUPER budget-friendly (only $29 a quarter) and for those who don’t want a box every month (that can get overwhelming), they offer one every 3 months!

Our most recent box was centered around getting deeper into the Word of God – here is what all was included:

seeds family worship subscription box

We received multiple resources (pictured above) including:

They also have past boxes you can look at and have more of an idea of what you’ll be getting. 🙂

The shipping dates are February, May, September, and November – you can get more info and/or order your Seeds Family Box here!

Our TOP Favorite Seeds Family Worship Albums

While we really haven’t met a Seeds CD/album we didn’t like, we definitely have our favorites!

I made sure to ask my four-year-old before choosing our Top 5, so you know that these are 100% kid-approved. 🙂

Each album has a different “theme” such as hope, love, trust, courage, etc. They are made to really encourage kids and families with Bible verses revolving around those themes!

So for example, the Seeds of Character CD includes songs about the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:16), Jesus setting the example for us (John 13:12-17), and tons more!

There is also a great scripture lullaby CD that we play in my daughter’s room, perfect for helping them drift off to sleep with God’s Word to comfort them in their dreams.

Where Can You Listen To Seeds Family Worship Music & Cost

Amazon: you can stream some of their albums with Amazon Prime Music, or purchase as a set & individually! Prices range from $11 – $14 per CD.

Seeds Family Store: you can find ALL of their CDs, DVDs, resources, and more on their website!

They also offer great bundles that will really fit your needs whether you are buying these for your home or church! They offer discounts on bundles as well. 🙂

Want to hear for yourself before you buy? Seeds Family Worship also has a Youtube channel where you can listen to their music and watch the videos online!

seeds family worship review

Seeds Family Worship Review: Music For The Whole Family

I hope that this review encouraged you to check out fun, new ways to help teach your kids about God and to memorize Bible verses!

Overall, Seeds Family worship music is something you definitely need in your Christian Mom arsenal, and it helps support a beautiful ministry all around the world. 🙂

Which CD or resource are you looking forward to checking out? Let me know in the comments!

You can read more about ALL of our favorite scripture music for kids here!

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