13 Meaningful Christian Christmas Picture Books For Kids

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When you think of Christmas, it’s easy to think about the snow, trees, gifts, and hot chocolate, right? But, you want to make sure you let your kids know the TRUE meaning of Christmas… Jesus!

What’s one way you can do this? With books!

Here are 13 meaningful Christian Christmas books for kids that are all about the birth of Jesus!

christian christmas books for kids

The Best Christian Christmas Picture Books For Kids

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Books are FANTASTIC tools to use to teach your kids a multitude of things. And that is no different when it comes to teaching them about why we celebrate Christmas!

I’m not saying it’s wrong to read non-faith-based books about Christmas – trust me, we love our penguin and snowman books, but we want to make sure our kids never question the true meaning of Christmas and the foundation of our faith.

Any of these books would be the perfect way to help teach your kids more about Jesus this season, and would also make great activities for your advent calendars!

Also, they don’t have to just be read at Christmas… you can keep reading them all year long. 🙂

Christian Christmas Books For Toddlers, Kids & Family:

It’s never too early to start teaching our kids about Jesus’ birth in a way they can understand! These books offer a super wide variety as far as age range, story style, art style, and even the way it’s made (board, paperback, hardcover, etc.).

You can look through this list and pick what would work best for your kids, and even use them as inspiration for your kids’ Christmas shopping this year!

Check out our favorite Christian Christmas books for kids

1. A Birthday Party for Jesus: God Gave Us Christmas to Celebrate His Birth

This book has the most adorable illustrations that toddlers and preschoolers will love!

It helps teach young children about Jesus with a fun new clue on each page, all ending with the final clue to the animal who knows the TRUE meaning of Christmas. 🙂 It’s recommended for ages 4-6.

You can find this book on the Kindle app as well!

2. The Christmas Story

This book is a part of the Little Golden book series and is a classic on the shelf! It definitely has a vintage look and feel, but that is honestly the beauty of it… Jesus’s birth and the story of Christmas never goes out of style!

This book is recommended for ages 2-5. You can read it for less than $4 on the Kindle app!

3. Jesus Calling: The Story of Christmas 

We LOVE our Jesus-calling books! My husband and I read the daily one for adults, my daughter has the daily devotions for kids, and we also use the family version every once in a while as one of our family devotions each night.

This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Jesus from the beginning with supporting Bible verses, plus fun little tips on living it out! I would recommend this for families with toddlers up to elementary-aged kids.

This book is available on Kindle, or on audiobook!

4. Christmas in the Manger

This board book is perfect for little hands! Your infants and young toddlers need to hear the Christmas story too.

This would make the perfect bedtime book, and the colors are bright and fun for littles to look at. You can trust that God will begin to plants seeds of growth, while you are faithfully teaching your kids about Jesus and the Bible. 🙂

5. God Gave Us Christmas

This is such a classic and one of our absolute favorites! There is a whole “God Gave Us” series from this same author with a similar book style, and the Christmas one is a must-have. 🙂

This book does a fantastic job of leading your little reader’s through the Christmas story, as the Mama bear guides her little cub. Your child will learn about the very first Christmas with this cute story and that Jesus is the best present of all!

This book is available on Kindle, and audiobook for less than $3!

6. Baby Jesus Little Board Book

This cute little board book is a must-have for your baby’s bookshelf!

It is a simple read and goes through the story of the wise men and shepherds going to see Jesus. It’s small size (perfect to toss in the diaper bag!), sturdy, and perfect for little hands.

It’s recommend for 18 months and older but this can be used for younger or older than that. 🙂

7. Nativity Flap Book

What makes this nativity book so special?? Not only is the illustration super fun, but each page has a lift the flap feature that preschoolers absolutely love!

It’s more than just a read-through, but an activity book that will actively engage your children involved in learning about the Christmas story of Jesus.

8. Little Stickers Nativity Play

What kid doesn’t love stickers?! My daughter loves them!!

Similar to the previous book, this is a great activity book about the birth of Jesus!! This would be great for preschoolers and older, or even younger kids with some help from mom and dad.

It would also be fun to add this book as an activity to your advent calendars!

9. The Nativity (Touchy-Feely)

Usborne books are known for their interactive books that help kids develop using sound, sight, and sensory touch. This cute nativity book has a fun touchy-feely aspect on each page!

We have so many of these books and young kids – I’d say infants to toddlers – love them!

Let them experience the story of Jesus’ birth with a fun, hands-on book… literally!!

10. Story of Baby Jesus (Picture Book)

This book is a beautiful yet simple story that really helps young kids understand the story of Jesus’ birth! Kids can follow Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem and join in on the magic of the very first Christmas.

The cover of this book is padded so no worrying about tearing pages! Yay 🙂

11. Jesus Came for Me: The True Story of Christmas

This book is perfect for helping toddlers and preschoolers (ages 3-7) understand the true meaning of Christmas in a personal and memorable way!

12. The Christmas Promise: A Captivating Retelling of the Birth of Jesus

This book is recommended for ages 2-6, and truly is a faithful, Bible-centered retelling of the Christmas story. It is in hardback form and has beautiful pictures inside!

13. 25 Days of the Christmas Story: An Advent Family Experience

This book is perfect for making sure your family has a Christ-centered advent season this year!

There are 25 family devotions leading up to December, perfect to pair with any advent activities you may already have in place, or a great one to start with if not!

Each of the 25 days highlights a different person, place, or object from the Christmas story including Isaiah, Baby Jesus, and even the wise men’s gifts.

It’s perfect for ages 4-8 but I would still read it with younger/older kids as a fun family advent experience this Christmas. 🙂

christian christmas books for kids

Christian Christmas Books For Kids

I hope these books have given you some good options for helping you teach your children the true meaning of Christmas, year after year.

You can even snag some of them up for Christmas gifts for family and friends, and spread the love of Jesus this season. 🙂

What’s your favorite Christmas book to read to your kids? Do you have any from this list? Let me know in the comments!

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