Printable Advent Wreath And Candles Worksheets: Fun Activity This Christmas

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Looking for a fun and creative way to teach your kids about Jesus this advent season? And bonus if it’s free and helps teach them educational skills as well too, right??

Then you will definitely want to check out these printable advent wreath and candles activity worksheets!

advent wreath and candles printable

Advent Wreath & Candles Color And Learn Activity

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It’s so important to always make sure we are keeping Christ in Christmas, and showing our kids what advent season is all about.

This would make an excellent advent activity to add to your family’s season this year. It works as a countdown to Christmas Day with the four candles for each Sunday leading up to Christmas, and one last one for Christmas morning.

You could even pair it with a real advent candle set to make it come to life even more. 🙂

It’s also a great learning activity for your kids, so feel free to use them in your homeschooling and Sunday school classes!

They will practice coloring skills, cutting skills, gluing, reading, and understanding biblical concepts.

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Download The Advent Wreath And Candles Template

Go ahead and download your printable advent activity for kids below, and make sure to stick around and keep reading on how to best use it, as well as what supplies you will need! 🙂

Grab your free advent wreath and candles activity from my printables library here OR click the image below! 🙂

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What’s Included In This Advent Wreath Activity:

You will be getting 6 pages in this FREE printable activity bundle!

One page is the main instruction sheet, giving you a general overview of what you will be doing in this activity while encouraging you in your own faith and parenting.

It gives you a guide (no guesswork needed!) to teach your kids about the true meaning of advent and why we celebrate Christmas.

You’ll receive an advent wreath picture for kids to color, and 5 candles for kids to color and cut out, with instructions on how to color them.

Lastly, you will be getting 6 scripture cards – these are the most important!

Each week, read the corresponding card and what that specific candle represents, as well as the included scriptures. There is also a theme each week, including JOY, HOPE, LOVE, and PEACE.

This activity would fit wonderfully into your family Bible time each week!

Example of the First Sunday Advent Candle:

Here is an example of one of the cards you read while doing the advent activity. Feel free to read the scriptures and help your kids memorize them as well…

“A candle is symbolic of the light of the world (John 8:12) and the role we have to be His lights (Matthew 5:16).

The 1st Advent Sunday Candle is purple and presents HOPE. The hope and expectancy that Jesus is coming soon (Revelation 3:11).”

How To Use This Printable Advent Activity For Kids

As I mentioned before, this would make a perfect addition to your family’s current list of fun advent activities. Or if you’ve never really participated in advent outside of lighting candles at church, start here!!

Not only are these great to use in your home, but feel free to use them at church too.

Kids’ Sunday school teachers- this would be a great addition to your Sunday lessons all December!

You can print the wreath out and hang it up, letting the kids glue a candle on it each week.

Or print one wreath and candles sheet off for each individual child, and keep them in class so they can color them and add each week.

Or you can send them home with the activity and cards too!

It comes with the main page that you can read for your lesson and cards with scriptures you can look up and memorize with the kids.

A complete done-for-you Bible lesson plan!

Supplies needed for this activity:

Lucky for you, you don’t need to go out and buy anything separately, you most likely have everything you need at home to do this activity.

You’ll need:

I highly recommend using thick, 8.5×11 cardstock paper, and I laminated the cards and info sheet!

I like the durability that the laminator offers, and also makes it easy to hang them up on the fridge as a reminder.

You can find this cute pink laminator on amazon here – I have used it for years and it’s wonderful and not expensive. 🙂

As far as printing, here are printer my settings for reference, to make sure everything prints evenly!

Feel free to print and use these as a fun, biblical activity for your kids.

Hang them up in your home, and enjoy celebrating advent with your families and friends. 🙂

prtinable advent wreath and candles worksheets

Fun Advent Wreath And Candles Worksheets For Kids

I pray that you and your family enjoy this printable advent wreath and candles activity, and most importantly, have a Christ-centered advent this season!

Download your free advent wreath and candles activity from my printables library here and enjoy a Christ-filled Christmas. 🙂

Download Your Free Advent Wreath & Candles Activity From The Free Printables Library Here.

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