30+ Christian Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids By Age!

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Looking for the ultimate gift guide when it comes to your kids? But more importantly, gifts that will help point them to Christ?

As Christian parents, we want to make sure we are keeping Christ at the center of everything we do – and that is no different when it comes to Christ in Christmas!

Check out over 25 amazing, “out of the box” Christmas Christian gifts for kids, by age!

christian gifts for kids

Best Christian Gifts For Kids This Christmas

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While we try and make sure we are focused on Jesus all season long, filling our calendar with tons of Christ-centered advent activities, we DO buy gifts for our child. As I am sure most of you do!

We have gotten pretty good at streamlining our gifting. This happens by us getting her things (not Santa, you can read about that here!) that she could use for a long time, or gifts that would help encourage her spiritual growth.

Also, I really love that most of these are budget-friendly! For the ones that are more expensive, I would rather spend my money on godly things that I know will benefit my child, than frivolous things that she’ll be bored of in two days.

The good news… I wanted to share these awesome Christian gifts with you too!!

Grab your pen and paper – or iPhone since we are in the 21st century haha -and start filling your family’s Christmas gift list with awesome godly options.

I’ve broken them down by age including babies, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary, and preteens – feel free to use the “quick navigation” menu to find the exact ages you are looking for!

There are over 25 different gift ideas, giving you tons of options. 🙂

Another great thing about this list of Christian gifts for kids… you can use these as gift ideas ALL year long!

They aren’t limited to just Christmas – use for birthdays, for your nieces, nephews, friends’ kids, Easter baskets, etc.

This gift guide is perfect for equipping your kids with toys and other things that will ultimately point them back to Christ.

One thing I wanted to make note of really quick, just because the gifts are under certain ages, doesn’t mean you can cross them over to other ages!

Your 2-year-old may like a gift from the preschool section and vice versa. This is just to help you quickly find what you are looking for and be able to scroll easier. 🙂

So without further ado, scroll down and see what you can find! You will definitely find at least a few things that catch your eye…

**Feel free to bookmark this page or add to favorites as well so you can easily access it.

Christian Gifts For Babies & Toddlers

These gifts are perfect for your infants and toddlers, I would say up to 2 years of age!

I really wanted to focus on meaningful books, and toys that would help them with sensory development too. Check them out!

1. Jesus Loves Me Onesie

Do you ever find it hard to find gifts for babies who are born like LITERALLY right before Christmas? I mean, they can’t do much yet, right?

Well, this onesie is absolutely adorable, and would be great for your babies!

My sister-in-law had a baby right before Christmas and I could totally picture her in this! It comes in lots of different colors too.

It is 100% cotton so I would size up one!

2. Hello 2 Kids Dance with Jesus Sound Book

Babies LOVE looking at bright colors and listening to sounds – I remember my daughter loved the sound of water running and the hand dryer running!

This sound book is so cute with the brightest and vibrant illustrations! Each page has a different song of praise including “This Little Light of Mine” and “Jesus Loves The Little Children.”

All you need is 2 AAA batteries and you are good to go. 🙂

3. My First Noahs Ark Baby Gift Set

This gift set is SO cute and comes with a lot, making it an excellent gift set for your babies, toddlers, or friends’ kids!

It includes a lamb hooded towel, 3 squirt toys, and a My First Noah’s Ark board book! I love gifts that include multiple things, and these all pair so well together.

4. For This Child We Have Prayed Baby Bodysuit

We know that our kids are blessings from the Lord, and this onesie perfectly reflects that!

It’s more of a reminder for you the parent, that God keeps His promises and children are SUCH a blessing. 🙂

These would be very cute to do newborn pictures with!

*This one is 100% cotton as well, so I would size up one.

5. Personalized “Thank You” Prayer Photo Book Album

This book is one of the coolest I have seen!!

It is the scrunchy fabric style book that babies love to grab (and chew on hah!) with a rattle handle.

But what I really love about it is it has places to add photos inside!

It goes through different things to be thankful for such as family, toys, etc., and you can personalize for your child. How cool!!

6. God Gave Us You

The books from the God Gave Us collection are some of our favorites, and this one is no different!

It’s a beautiful story you can read to your babies and toddlers about how they are God’s precious gift to you. 🙂

7. Plush Baby Soft Rattle Toys

Babies love things they can hold on to, squeeze, shake and let’s be honest, put in their mouths.

This adorable set of plush baby rattle toys would make a great Christmas or Easter gift!

You can start talking to your baby about how God created all the animals too – it’s never too early to start teaching your toddlers about God. 😉

Christian Gifts For Preschoolers

This is such a fun age!! My daughter is 4, and it has been the most fun age to experience!

They are in such an open and learning stage here, everything they are taking in and absorbing.

This makes it perfect to teach them the things of God (such as memorizing bible verses) and see it develop in their little minds. I love it!!!

Here are some gifts that we have personally used, and would be great for your preschoolers, 3 – 5 year olds. 🙂

8. Seek & Find Bible Books

These two books are FIRST on this list for a reason… all I can say is WOW!

First of all, these books were written and illustrated by a beautiful, godly couple, who launched their business not knowing it would grow so big!

They are so kind, and it just makes these Seek & Find Bible activity books even sweeter. These books have stories from the Old and New Testaments, with the most beautiful and vibrant illustrations!

Each page includes a list of 1-10 things to find, with a short description of each story. What I love about these is older kids would enjoy them, but it wasn’t too hard for my four-year-old to do.

These are a MUST HAVE on your kids’ bookshelf, and would pair great with a good storybook Bible to refer to!!! We absolutely LOVE our copies. 🙂

Find the Seek & Find New Testament Bible Stories book here, and the Seek & Find Old Testament Bible Stories book here.

9. The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers

If I could buy his book for every parent and child I knew, I would! This has been our go-to kids’ devotional each morning with my 4-year-old.

It relates God’s teachings to kids on a level they can understand, without sacrificing biblical truth and the importance of His Word.

Each page corresponds with a day of the year and includes a devo, prayer, and short Bible verse that toddlers can memorize.

If you are wanting to start having some family Bible time with your kids, I would highly recommend starting with this devotional!

10. Religious Assorted Stampers for Kids

Kids love stamps!! So why not let them play with stamps that have Bible meanings to them?

This stamp set has 50 pieces with it, and includes cute little Christian symbols such as a Bible, rainbow, “God Loves Me”, etc.

Grab out some plain construction paper and let your kids get creative with this super fun Bible-based stamp set. 🙂

11. Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story

I feel like the Little People collection has been around since “I” was a kid many years ago… emphasis on the many!!

This Little People nativity set is a great one to have at home, and can also help boost imaginative play in your kids!

We usually have a nativity set somewhere out in our home for Christmas decor. This would be a great way to let your kids have their own decoration out too!!

But one that they can play with and even act out the story of Jesus’ birth this Christmas.

12. Wooden Toy Noah’s Ark Set

This little wooden toy set is so adorable!

Your kids will absolutely love this Noah’s ark toy set. They can play with the little wooden animals and you can also help them learn the story of Noah in the Bible (Genesis 6).

13. Jesus Loves Me 5-Button Songbook

This one is similar to the sound book for babies from earlier, but a more advanced version!

It has beautiful illustrations, a handle for holding, and includes Bible songs on each page that your preschooler will love. 😉

14. Nativity Scene 24-Piece Wooden Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle 

This nativity puzzle set would be a great addition to your advent calendars, but also for teaching the birth of Jesus year-round to your kids!

The puzzle has an inset design, so all the pieces fit nicely in and create less of a mess for clean up. Win-win!

15. Floor Puzzle for Kids – Noah’s Ark

This 48 piece puzzle would be so much fun to do with your preschoolers! They will love learning about Noah and the ark, and the puzzle pieces are super sturdy.

It IS a floor puzzle, meaning it’s pretty big – 2 x 3 ft when assembled. It would be great to spread out in your family room and do together!

16. Peek-a-Flap Noah Board Book

This cute, chunky board book is perfect for little hands! It has flaps on each page which help kids develop motor skills, and enjoy reading through the story of Noah!

Enjoy learning about all kinds of animals that were on the ark with this fun, vibrant board book. 🙂

17. Little Seeds Co Sensory Kits

If you love sensory bins and activities for your kids, then you will LOVE these!

These sensory kits are Bible-based and include homemade playdough, adorable manipulatives for playing, as well as parent guide story cards to explain different Bible stories and themes to your kids.

Here are some of our favorites:

We have the In the Beginning kit and it really is amazing at the attention to detail that she has when creating these!

Emily is a small shop owner and I am all about supporting other Christian Mamas!!!

**You can grab any of the single Christmas kits for 10% OFF when you use the code MINDY10 at checkout! 🙂

Christian Gifts For Elementary Age Kids

Here are some great gifts for your elementary-aged kids, ages 6+!

This includes games and puzzles you can do as a family, writing activities, and more to help fuel their knowledge of God, and love for Him!

18. Seeds Family Worship Music CDs

We have been listening to Seeds Family Worship Music for such a long time, and it is a must-have for Christian parents!

These songs include different scriptures in the Bible, but not in a “kiddie” oh my gosh my ears are bleeding type of way… you know what I’m talking about, right?

NOPE, these kids’ worship songs are fun, upbeat, serious when needed, and they literally sing scriptures in a beautiful way. Ultimately, it helps your kids (and you too!) memorize scripture in a fun and unique way!

We play these in the car, at home on my daughter’s portable CD player (we love this one from Amazon), and when we are outside playing.

Our two favorites that we play on repeat at home and in the car, are the Seeds of Character and the Seeds of Faith.

Seriously a must-have in your Christian Mom arsenal. 😉

Plus, they would make a fantastic gifts for your friends’ kids, nieces, nephews, and even your children’s pastor at your church!

**You can also stream most of these albums for FREE when you sign up for Amazon Prime!

19. Kid’s Bible On CD – New Testament Bible Stories for Children

Do you have a desire to get God’s Word into your children’s minds in a fun and interactive way?

You will LOVE this – it’s the New Testament on CD for kids! It includes 15 CDs with all of the New Testament and features the CEV version.

The narration is fun, with different voices, background music, and it includes fun songs throughout to break it up and keep their attention. Such a fun and CREATIVE way to wash your kids with the Word! 🙂

We play these during quiet time, or just while she is playing with her barbies or magnetic tiles, anything that she is doing independently.

You could also incorporate them into your family devotions if it’s there’s a verse from the NT!

This would also be FANTASTIC to have in your children’s ministry or Sunday school classes at church.

**This would also be a good gift for preschoolers too, depending on their attention span- for reference, my daughter was 4 at the time we bought this and she loved it!

20. Noah’s Animal Rescue! Board Game for Kids

It can be tough to find Bible board games for kids and families, but this one definitely stands out!

The premise of the game is to help Noah get ALL the animals back on the ark. So fun!! It’s a great activity for family game nights, or if your kids have friends over.

21. Super Heroes of the Bible Sticker and Activity Book

This would probably be toward the younger elementary-aged kids, but stickers are always a hit, right??

This fun activity book has 16 pages of Bible-based content, over 50 reusable stickers, and lots of puzzles. These would be great gifts for kids, especially to keep in the car for short and long trips!

22. Bible Bingo

This Bible Bingo game is so much fun and comes with a lot of info! It’s a great way to help children and families memorize God’s Word together by matching the verses and pictures.

There are 150 game tokens, 90 cards, 6 game boards, and 20 unique scripture verses!

Looking for other fun, Bible-based BINGO activities? Check this FREE Acts of Kindness BINGO activity for your family to do together!

23. Noah’s Ark Don’t Rock The Boat Game

This game is so much fun and definitely not your average board game!

It’s a fun interactive way to learn about Noah’s Ark, strategic thinking, and working together.

You take turns drawing cards with facts about different animals, and try to balance them on the boat without tipping it over!

Your preschoolers will totally love this game as well! It’s definitely ALL family-friendly. 🙂

24. Bibleopoly Board Game

I’m not gonna lie, Monopoly is NOT one of my favorite games… I know, I know, crazy right??

But if I were to play something similar to Monopoly, it would be this super creative, BIBLEopoly!

It’s a fun biblical twist on Monopoly that the whole family can play, with hours of fun! The point is to “build a church” in one of the Bible cities on the board. 🙂

Christian Gifts For Pre-teens

Sometimes, it can be hard to buy gifts for this preteen stage, let alone gifts that they will enjoy, and point them to Christ!

This is SUCH a critical age because the next year they will be entering the teenage years, high school, and all the things that come with that.

Make sure you are fueling their mind with godly things, and encouraging them to stay true to the Word, cling to God’s promises, and trust in Him!

Here are some gifts for your preteens, ages 10-13!

25. So You Think You Know The Bible Trivia Game

This is a fantastic Bible trivia game for the whole family! Your preteens will be questioned and quizzed (in a FUN way of course) about the Bible… secretly learning and memorizing it in the process.

Well, maybe not so secretly, but it’s always great to do fun and practical things to teach our kids about God, right!

They will love this fun trivia game, and it would even make a great activity for family Bible time during the week.

26. Big Book of Bible Puzzles for Preteens

This activity book is full of fun Bible puzzles for preteens. It would be great to have them keep in the car, waiting for you to pick them up from school, etc.

There are over 180 fun puzzles that incorporate nearly every book in the Bible!

27. You’re God’s Girl! Coloring Book

This Bible-focused coloring book would be a great gift for your preteen girl!

The pages are filled with great biblical affirmations that our kids NEED to hear. It’s very therapeutic as well for that stage of life and helps them keep their thoughts focused on godly things.

Plus this is a great way to get your daughters started in Bible journaling, and using art as a creative form of worship!

28. Preteen Devotional for Girls & Boys

Devotionals for kids are always a great gift to give, and especially for preteens. It helps encourage them in their faith because they are starting to learn that independence.

These are two great options, one for boys and one for girls!

Christian Gifts For Kids of ALL Ages

Obviously, some of the listed gifts already can be applied to different ages, that is totally up to you!

Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas however for children of all ages, or group gifts…

29. Yoto Player

What if you could help the screentime issue that may exist in your home, while still keeping kids engaged? Or maybe you want to add more read-aloud to your routine, or your kids already love to read??

Then you will absolutely fall in love with the Yoto Player!! The perfect Christmas gift for kids this year.

Basically, you can purchase premade cards on their website (or Amazon) of books, stories, songs, and more! My favorite is the “make your own” card option, where you can upload your own audio files to it.

You can upload books, songs, your voice recording reading a book, and tons more.

There are two sizes – the bigger one works as a nightlight and okay-to-wake clock which we use in my daughter’s room, and the mini connects with headphones and can be used on the go!

Plus, the fact that you can upload your own audio files on “make your own” cards helps to build your child’s Christian content library! Kids can listen to fun and interactive Bible stories, or worship music.

We have loaded some of our favorite Christian books for kids onto Yoto Cards, including the Little Pilgrim’s Progress, The Biggest Story Bible, and the Go Minno Storybook Bible. So many options!!!

Get 10% off your Yoto Player here from their website, or find it on Amazon here.

*We chose this one over the Tonies box due to what companies and projects they support.

30. Subscription Boxes

Rather than more toys or stuff, get your kids or other children the gift of a subscription box!

We know there are so many kid’s subscription boxes out there, but what about one that is biblically based?

Not only will your kids love the activities inside and learn more about God, but you can create memories together rather than just having more “stuff.”

Check out 7 of our favorite Christian subscription boxes for kids HERE and more discounts! We personally love Hello Bible and Bible Crate.

christian christmas gift ideas for kids

Best Christian Gift Ideas For Kids

I hope this list helps inspire you when it comes to buying Christmas (or NON-Christmas) gifts for your kids this year. And more importantly, help point them back to Christ.

Jesus is the reason for ALL seasons, and this list gives you great options no matter how old your kids are – from infants to preteens, you’re sure to find some great stuff!

Make sure to bookmark this page so you can easily access it whenever you need it. 🙂

Which gifts from this list are your favorite? Will you be grabbing any this year? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This is a really cute Christian gift guide for kids. I really like #22 the Christain bingo, thanks for that idea.

    1. Thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The Bingo is so fun, we love it too. 🙂

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