52 Days to Strengthen the Soul of Your Marriage {Review}

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My husband and I are always on the hunt for marriage books and devotionals we can read together. We don’t want to just have a “good marriage” but a constantly thriving marriage!

Having weekly date nights, connecting emotionally and physically, and reading books are great ways to make sure you are investing in your marriage.

So I was super excited to receive a copy of this book, The Marriage Devotional: 52 Days to Strengthen the Soul of Your Marriage to review and share with you!

The Marriage Devotional: 52 Days to Strengthen the Soul of Your Marriage

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If you are looking for a great marriage devotional to read each week this year with your spouse, you’ve come to the right place!

This devotional was written by Levi Lusko, the lead pastor of Fresh Life Church in Montana, along with his wife Jennie. Their goal when creating this devotional is to help YOUR marriage flourish!

It’s called “52 days” to strengthen your marriage, but for us, we would use it for a whole year, reading one a week.

This devotional is most importantly, rooted in scripture and the fact that it was written by a husband AND wife really helps couples relate to it.

The authors really want to point couples to God’s word and help them experience depth and beauty in their marriage.

Here are some of the goals they listed for this book:

  • Unlock new joy and vibrancy by recognizing there is better beyond the honeymoon phase
  • Uncomplicate conflict as you learn to fight fairly as members on the same team
  • Access Godly wisdom by engaging and staying steady when your marriage doesn’t look the way you thought it would

What does each devotion include? Keep reading as we take a look inside!

Book Layout

The book is pretty thick, which I LOVE! That means there is some content to each chapter/devotion and not just a paragraph that doesn’t dig deep.

The book is broken down into 12 parts, each with 3-5 devotions focused on that central theme. Some of those themes include:

  • Marriage Has A Purpose
  • There’s Someone Whose against You
  • Regrets, Baggage, and Other Unnecessary Heavy Things
  • There’s Always Room To Grow in communication
  • Unleash the Blessings
marriage devotional

Each devotion itself starts with a “love notes” page to write to each other, a scripture verse, writings from both Levi and Jennie, and then some spots to connect including:

  • Conversation starters – fill in the blanks to start the conversation about what you just read
  • Prayer to pray together
  • Bring it home – we really like this section because it helps you talk and connect and plan for what you’d like to do in the future!

I would plan to set aside 30 minutes each time you do this devotion for reading, praying, and then let the conversation flow from there!

Where Can I Get This Book?

Ready to transform your marriage! You can grab this book on Amazon and have it there before the weekend! Well, if you have Prime you can. 🙂

Final Thoughts On The Marriage Devotional Book

Overall I would recommend this book if you are looking for a weekly devotional to do with your spouse!

Not only is it important to have a good, godly marriage, but it’s more than that. Marriage isn’t about us. It’s about showing the world the Gospel through how we love and respect one another.

It’s supposed to be a beautiful picture of Jesus and His bride, the church.

This is a wonderful book to help your marriage thrive, whether you have been married 1 year or 50 years! Add this to your weekly at-home date night and watch God move through your marriage. 🙂

marriage devotional

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What marriage books have impacted you and your spouse? Let me know below!

*This book was received as a complimentary gift, but all opinions are our own!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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