12 Fun Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

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Do you ever notice how there are SO many resources out there for homeschooling, schedules, learning resources, and how to work from home???

But what about spending time with your spouse??

I think we (myself included) have been so focused on the fact that our kids are home and making the best of that present situation – that we forgot our spouses are home too!

Here are 12 FUN stay at home date night ideas to help you and your spouse connect!

fun date night ideas

12 Fun Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

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Sometimes we can think that going on a date with your spouse means this:

Get dressed up, go eat dinner, watch a movie, come home and… well you know.

But there are so many other great ways you can date your spouse! Not only are these ideas FUN but also necessary.

We need to try new things with our spouse and make sure to keep pursuing each other. It’s easy to get into a routine, and stop doing “silly” or “spontaneous” things, especially after you have kids!

Don’t ever stop pursuing your spouse.


Even you young married couples out there – start practicing these fun date nights now!

The best part about these date night ideas is they are mostly FREE (some have low cost involved) and can be done in your home after the kids go to sleep. This is especially good for the time we are in now, when we actually can’t leave our houses.

Remember, “date nights” don’t have to mean getting dressed up and going out (this is good to do as well) but a weekly check-in with your spouse to keep that passion and love growing more and more.

Now for the 12 fun stay at home date night ideas! Here you go…

1. Home Movie Theater

Here’s a new take on popcorn and a movie!

What You’ll Need:

  • Movie – Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, IMDB TV, Youtube TV
  • Blanket & Pillows
  • Mattress or lots of comforters
  • Popcorn & snacks

When your kids go to bed, turn your living room into a home movie theater!

Make some popcorn, grab some snacks & drinks and head to the living room. Set up your mattress in the living room floor, pile it up with blankets and pillows and get comfy! You have SO many options to stream movies, and this is more fun than just sitting on the couch.

You can even play the movie on your laptop on the coffee table to make it a little cozier.

*We actually did this date night a few weeks ago! My husband drove out to the movie theater just to buy POPCORN. Talk about literally bringing the movie theater into our home. 😀

2. Board Game Night

This may sound SUPER simple, and honestly, it is! So simple that you may even skip over this as a date night idea!

I’m telling you, board games are such a fun way to learn more about each other and challenge each other. It’s not very often we get to sit down, put our phones away and play some classic board/card games with your spouse!

Some of our favorite games we like to play:

  • Quelf – yes this is fun with just two people, but nice to have in your house for big group get together as well!
  • Pass The Pigs
  • Farkle
  • Guess Who
  • Name 5
  • Buzz Word
  • Jackbox TV – this is a SUPER fun party pack game that you can purchase through a smart TV, fire stick, PC, etc. You have lots of game options with this for a super cheap price!

What if you don’t have any board games in the house??

That’s okay!

There are tons of free game apps on your phones to play. Our favorite free game to play on our phones is called “Charades” – it’s very similar to “Heads Up,” but completely free and you have ENDLESS categories to guess!

The important thing here is to have fun and laugh with each other!

3. Ask Each Other Questions

One of our favorite go to “date nights” whether at home or after we’ve gone out somewhere, is to ask each other questions! These help you learn more about each other, laugh together, dream together and talk about your future goals.

Some great date night questions resources:

4. Spa Night

Have a nice relaxing evening at home with your spouse! Do this after the kids go to bed, or even better if you can have the grandparents watch them!

What you’ll need:

  • Candles
  • Spa Radio on Pandora
  • Massage Oils
  • Towels

Set up your bedroom as an in-home massage studio! Light candles for ambiance, play “Spa Radio” on pandora, and lay down towels on the bed so you don’t spill any oil on your sheets! Grab the massage oil and give each other nice relaxing, full-body massages.

You can even mix together some essential oils with coconut oil for your own homemade massage oil.

5. Play Video Games Together

Ladies are your husbands into video games?? Well then join him!

This was one of our FAVORITE things to do early in our marriage. In fact, we may be trying this here soon! We would play zombie games or COD and an entire campaign would take us around 4 hours.

It was so fun to work together and take our minds off of everything else. It helps that we both love video games haha.

6. Stargaze

Head outside and enjoy stargazing with your spouse!

Lay out a blanket in the back yard and enjoy staring up at the sky together. We use our daugher’s trampoline to lay on and it’s actually super comfy!

This would be a great idea to bust out some fun date night questions!

7. Strip Poker

I’m just saying… it’s fun! 😉

8. Firepit + Hot Chocolate

Take advantage of these nice cool evenings and head outside to light a fire in the fire pit!

Make some hot chocolate or coffee, and enjoy a quiet evening outside around the campfire, snuggled up together.

No fire pit? No problem! You can sit at the fireplace inside OR get creative and use youtube to find a fireplace video to play on the TV.

9. Work Out Together

Have you been like us and trying to get healthy?? Encourage each other and do a fun work out together!

There are tons of free resources on Youtube, and then enjoy a nice hot bath together after!

10. Read Together

For my book lovers out there, and even if you don’t like to read, hear me out…

Grab your favorite books and set aside time to read together! Sit next to each other and enjoy this shoulder to shoulder friendship with your spouse.

If you’d rather not read separate books, I would encourage you to read some scripture or a couple’s devotional. This will help strengthen your marriage and bring up some great things/questions to talk about with one another!

For some ideas on what biblical resources you could read together, check out our top 10 favorite marriage resources! A LOT of these are free for Kindle Unlimited. 🙂

11. Cook A Romantic Dinner

Cook up some dinner together! Make one of your favorite recipes or get creative with what is in your cabinet.

If you have kids at home, wait until they go to bed to make your dinner! Light a candle at the kitchen table, sit together and eat by candlelight.

12. Go Camping Inside

Got a tent? Great, go set it up in your living room!

You can put it up in the basement if there is more room. Grab lots of blankets and pillows, and snuggle up in the tent together! You can grab your laptop/iPad to watch a movie or do some fun questions like I mentioned earlier.

If you don’t have a tent, make a homemade tent. I bet your inner child will come out to make one awesome fort!

stay at home date night ideas

Don’t let the thought of needing to go out for date nights keep you from having them! Now you are equipped with these awesome free stay at home date nights to grow closer to your spouse.

I hope you all LOVE these ideas and that they bless your marriages. ❤

What are some of your all’s favorite date night ideas? Let me know in the comments!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤


  1. This goes along with reading together, but I read to my husband. He’s not big on reading books but there are books he is interested in. So I started reading to him The Magnolia Story by Joanna Gaines (we love Fixer Upper) and then Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines. This just stuck with us and we enjoy it when we have the time.

    1. That is awesome!! Reading together is something we love to do, I love that you still find books you both enjoy together! I love Chip and Joanna Gaines but I’ve never read her book, I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Mary Wentz says:

    Thank you so much Mindy! Great ideas! I love your comment, “Never stop pursuing your spouse.” Reminds me to do so. I am also very cheap, so these are great, cozy ideas!
    God bless you as you bless others.

    1. So glad you enjoyed these ideas! Thank you so much for your encouragement, and I pray God blesses your marriage. <3

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