Printable “Jesus Loves You” Christian Valentine Cards For Kids

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Are you looking for some unique, and adorable cards for all your Valentine needs this year? Better yet, ones that are Christ-focused?

I’ve got ya covered, whether you need them for kids’ class parties or a sweet note for your family!

Check out these FREE printable “Jesus Loves You” Christian Valentine cards for kids! <3

Christian valentine cards printable

Printable “Jesus Loves You” Christian Valentine Cards

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As my daughter has gotten a little older (she’s only 5) and started attending pre-k the past couple of years, I noticed a big lack of Christ-centered cards out there for kids.

So we would buy the Minnie Mouse cards, Frozen cards, etc. – whatever she was into at the time.

But this year, I really wanted to find some Christian Valentine cards to give out, anyway we can share our faith with others, and this is such a simple way to do so!


They were hard to find! I literally googled “free printable Christian Valentine cards” and they were either not what I was looking for, too expensive, or had nothing to do with Jesus whatsoever.

Then it hit me! Make your own, Mindy.

I created these and am personally using them for my daughter’s pre-k class and wanted to share them with you as well!!

What I love about these is not only are they great for your kids to give away, you can also give them to your spouse, friends, or family!

They are such a great reminder that while yes, we love people here on Earth and it’s good to celebrate that love, nothing comes CLOSE to the love that God has for us, His children.

In fact, we see SO many Bible verses about God’s love in His Word. For example…

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.”

1 John 4:16 NIV

It’s such a beautiful and simple way to remind kids of how much Jesus loves them, and maybe something they have never heard before.

Download Free Printable Christian Valentine Cards

You will be getting 2 pages with this printable – first is the front side with the cute “Jesus Loves You” graphic, and second is the back side that has a spot for you to sign who it is from with a cute decoration!

Keep reading to download your free printable Christian Valentine cards, as well as some fun and UNIQUE ways to use them. 🙂

Download Your Free Printable “Jesus Loves You” Valentine Cards in the printables library HERE.

Christian valentine cards printable

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How To Print & Assemble Your Printable Christian Valentine Cards

Before we get into some fun and creative ways to use these, here’ ‘s how to print and assemble your cards!

It is so simple to put these cards together, I promise. 🙂 First, let’s look at the supplies you’ll need…

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Print and cut out

After downloading these free Christian valentines cards, go ahead and print them on 8.5 x 11 white cardstock paper. These will be best for keeping your cards sturdy, not flimsy!

Then, cut each card out – I left about 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch of white around the edges to make the red border pop!

jesus loves you christian valentines cards

I also use and love this paper trimmer – it helps make sure you get clean lines instead of free handing with scissors, something I am NOT good at, hah!

Now that you’ve got all your cards printed out and cut, let’s put them together

2. Tape together & sign

Put your cards in two stacks – one being the front side and the other the back.

Using a small piece of thin, double-sided sticky tape, place one front side card on one backside card to hold together – it makes laminating much easier too!

You can now have your kids sign their names on each card, depending on how many you need, or you can sign for them.

Now, you can either give them away as is (totally fine especially if you don’t have a laminating machine), or go ahead and go to step number 3!

3. Laminate and cut

I may be *slightly* obsessed with laminating. I bought this pink laminator from amazon in November 2020, and it has gone through I don’t even know HOW many hours of laminating – still works like a champ over a year later!!

Place each card on the laminator sheet – I fit about 6 per sheet) and put them through.

Once they are done, you can either use scissors or the paper trimmer again to cut them.

I prefer using a corner rounder punch to make the laminated corners not so sharp – completely optional and up to you!!

SIDE NOTE: This laminator also includes a paper trimmer and corner edge rounder with it!!

Congrats, you now have your cute Christian Valentine cards assembled and ready to bless others! <3

jesus loves you christian valentines cards
Finished product!! <3

Fun Ways To Use These Printable Valentine Cards

Now that you have your cards assembled and looking great, here are just a few suggestions of ways you can use them!

Whether you are a mom, Sunday school teacher, or just needing some cute Valentine cards to share the love of Jesus, check out these ideas…

Kids’ School Class Parties

The main reason I created these, was for my daughter’s pre-k class Valentine party! I wanted a cute and simple way to show God’s love to her classmates.

These are a great, free option for you to send with your kids whether they are in preschool, elementary school, or if you homeschool, bring them to your co-op group!

You can even tape a pencil or piece of candy to them, or assemble Valentine goodie bags and attach these cards as well.

Teachers Can Use For Sunday School Classes

These aren’t just for moms – calling all Sunday school class or school teachers! These would make great Valentine’s to give to your kids in class.

The fact that it encourages them in God’s love and promises, and are so easy to put together, makes them a great option for you to hand out to your classes!

Attach To Gifts For Family & Friends

These would make perfect gift tags for Valentine’s (or any time) gifts!!

You can hole punch the top left corner, add a cute red or black ribbon to it and attach it to gifts for your family and friends.

Some ideas of Valentine gifts for your family/friends could be:

  • Candy/chocolate
  • Flowers
  • A sweet letter telling that person why you love them
  • Books (Here are some of our favorite godly books for kids)
  • Gift cards
  • CDs or digital music cards (Here’s our favorite scripture music for kids here)
  • Small toys

Or, like I mentioned before, throw it all together in a cute little Valentine goodie bag – fill it with any of the gift items above and attach this card as a gift tag!

There are so many uses, and I pray they meet whatever need that you have for them! 🙂

Free Printable “Jesus Loves You” Christian Valentine Cards For Kids

We truly enjoy being able to show God’s love, especially during holidays throughout the year!

I pray that you and your kiddos love (pun intended 😉 ) these adorable Valentines, and serve as a great reminder to others that Jesus loves them!

Do you want access to MORE awesome, biblical, FREE printables like this one? Get exclusive access to my free printables resource library here!!!

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