The Really Radical Book For Kids {Book Review}

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Looking to teach your kids to have radical faith and trust in God? This book may be a great way to do so!

The Really Radical Book for Kids continues diving into scripture and roots of our faith that started in the Radical Book For Kids. There is MORE Bible exploration, more history, more secret codes, and more faith-filled direction for how to live as a believer in the here and now.

Just what we need today, am I right Momma?

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The Really Radical Book For Kids review

The Really Radical Book For Kids by Champ Thornton

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The Really Radical Book for Kids by Champ Thornton was designed to spark curiosity and a love for God’s Word as your kids grow.

Here are some important things to highlight about this book:

  • It’s a sequel to the Christian Book Award-winning Radical Book for Kids.
  • Packed with fun, captivating, and age-appropriate content to help kids ages 8-14 learn more about how to read God’s Word
  • Rich biblical content (church history, apologetics, etc.) that will keep young readers’ attention

So you may have some more questions like what ages this book is best for, what’s the format, where can I buy this, etc.?

Let’s look at those answers next!!

Book Layout

One of the main things I love about this book is that it doesn’t need to be read chapter by chapter. You can do that, if that is what works for your and you want to read it that way you definitely can!

But if you are discussing the Bible with your kids and have questions, you can flip to whichever chapter that talks about it and go from there.

This book features short chapters on a variety of topics! From the publisher…

“Kids will learn about ancient kings, hilarious humor, legendary battles, and fierce snakes and dragons. They’ll discover unusual food to make, secret codes to break, fun crafts to try, and strange planes to fly. They’ll also uncover exciting ways to read the Bible, factual reasons to believe, stunning truths about God, and incredible examples of “radical” men and women who have gone before them and trusted Jesus in challenging times.”

There is a “how to find anything in this book page” which is really cool, and super helpful to find specific topics. These topics include:

  • Bible study
  • Biography
  • Faith Questions
  • Gospel Truth
  • Growing Up
  • Having Fun (crafts)
  • History and Bible facts

I love that you can search based off of what you are actually looking for, and maybe your kids resonate with certain topics more than others. Now, you can find them easily!

The Really Radical Book For Kids book review

What Ages Is This Book For?

This book is geared toward ages 8-12. This one is a little above our current level here (my daughter is 6) but we can still benefit from reading bits here and there! Or if you have children of mutliple ages, it can work great for family Bible time together.

The prequel to this book, Radical Book For Kids is for ages 4-9, so depending on your children’s ages you can start with either.

Our kids can retain and memorize more than we give them credit for sometimes, and what better things to fill their minds with than godly, thought-provoking things.

Where Can I Get This Book?

This book is for sale on New Growth Press, a Christian publishing company – seriously SO many good books! We own many of them, just check out this book list post here.

It’s available for pre-order now with a release date of March 6, 2023. But you can win a free copy now if you keep scrolling!

Grab it HERE from New Growth Press.

You can also pick this book up on Amazon:

**I will say, the publisher’s site usually has better deals, for instance it is currently 40% off as of today! Plus it’s so great to support Christian companies over amazon if you can. 😉

Grab this book on Amazon HERE.

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The Really Radical Book For Kids book review

Final Thoughts The Really Radical Book For Kids

Ultimately, you will never regret teaching your children (yes, even littles!) solid, biblical theology. While books like this don’t replace the Word of God, they can help young children understand it more.

You can check out some of our other favorite books for families, moms, and kids here below…

Will you be picking up your copy of this book? We are loving it so far! Let me know what you think!

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