The Spiral Bible Review – Calling All Notetakers!

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Do you love taking notes when studying your Bible and digging deeper into scripture? If you are like me, then yes! Chances are you have searched for great journaling and notetaking Bibles, but have you heard of the Spiral Bible?

You’ll want to check out this wonderful journaling Bible that lays completely flat and offers plenty of space for highlighting and notetaking! Bible study will no longer be the same.

spiral Bible review

What is the Spiral Bible?

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Bible journaling has become even more popular lately, and I think it’s wonderful to make notes as the Holy Spirit reveals things to you in God’s Word!

There are some great Bibles out there that offer space for writing and highlighting, but sometimes you just need a little more. Or, maybe you aren’t comfortable marking up your Bible – that’s totally fine too!

Enter in, the Spiral Bible!

With double-wide margins for note-taking and 50# paper, readers can take notes, journal, draw, or highlight to their heart’s content.

There’s more to unpack here so let’s look at first impressions, key features, which version you should choose, cover options, and where to buy it!

First Impressions of The Spiral Bible

My first impressions of this were very positive! It wasn’t the translation I was used to (more on that later), but I think it’s beneficial to read and study different translations to better understand God’s Word.

The paper was smooth but not SO smooth to where my ink smeared. My pens and highlighters (my two favorite Bible highlighters can be found here and here) didn’t bleed through which was a huge plus!

I had plenty of space to write notes, and even room left over for whenever I come back and read the same passages again.

The cover was slick material, and the back was a hardback, cardboard-like almost. No worrying about it tearing up which is a plus when opening it every day!

Key Features of the Spiral Notetaking Bible

Here are some of the best features of the Sprial Bible and what it has to offer:

  • Different cover options – there are 2 options for the ASV and 8 for KJV!
  • They offer a kid’s version with beautiful illustrations
  • They are notebook size (8.5 x 11) offering lots of space for notes
  • These Bibles lay completely flat and even fold behind for easy notetaking
  • Notebooks and notetaking help boost memory retention and are very beneficial

Which Version Should I Choose?

There are many different versions of the Spiral Bible including different books of the Bible, as well as translations. It offers the ASV translation which is similar to the NASB and NLT, as well as the KJV. There are more cover options if you choose the KJV.

Since this is a larger printed book with tons of space for notes, it comes in separate books of the Bible including:

  • New Testament (what I currently have) for women AND men
  • Genesis – Deuteronomy
  • Joshua – Esther
  • Job – Song of Solomon
  • Isaiah – Malachi
  • The Gospels
  • Large print editions as well!

You could fill your shelves with these notebook Bibles and simply pull out the one you need depending on what book of the Bible you are studying!

We personally prefer the NIV or ESV, however, I think having different translations when studying scripture is beneficial and can give you different perspectives when reading.

Spiral Bible For Kids

There is also a Spiral Bible option for kids! How great would it be to study the Bible together as a family, each with your own notetaking Bible?

Letting your kids see you read your Bible is so wonderful and helps them cultivate that time on their own as they grow! This would be a great option for them to start studying the Word as well.

The Spiral Bible for Kids includes: 

  • A large, 15 pt font 
  • Bible in Basic English (BBE) translation
  • Fun illustrations 
  • Wide margins for note-taking 
  • Currently offered for the Book of Genesis or the Book of Exodus 

The illustrations really make it engaging for children without skipping out on it being the true Word of God.

If your kids are on the younger side (still learning to read or write) check out this printable Bible journal for kids to draw what they are learning in scripture!

Where To Buy This Spiral Bible

Are you sold on this unique and creative Spiral Bible yet? If so, you can grab yourself a copy at their website below!

spiral Bible review

Final Thoughts on the Spiral Bible

If you are a big notetaker and love studying the scriptures through highlighting and writing things down, this may be the perfect fit for you!

My hope is that one day they will offer more versions of the Bible, and I can say with 100% confidence we will be filling our shelves with these when/if that happens. These would make a great family Bible study with the option for kids, and even husbands.

Looking for a new Bible? You’ll want to check out our favorite study Bibles for women here!

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