Printable Bible Journal For Kids {50+ Pages}

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Are you looking for a great way to get your kid’s in studying God’s Word? And not just studying it, but being able to write or draw about what they have learned?

Check out this printable Bible journal for kids!

printable bible journal kids

What’s Included in this Printable Bible Journal For Kids {50+ Pages}

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A while ago I had a friend mention to me that she wished there was an option for her young kids to study God’s Word more. Immediately I thought of Bible journaling, something we used to do often, but got out of the habit.

We just never found a good solution to help my daughter really retain what she has learned, especially since she wasn’t able to write quite yet.

Then it hit me… a coloring Bible journal designed JUST for kids!


We have used this journal for a few months now, and it has been such a huge blessing,m and it’s 5-year-old approved.

Now, you can help your kids retain what they are reading in God’s Word and better study it with this printable Bible journal!

Older kids who read and have their own quiet time can use this independently or talk about it together as a family during your family devotional time.

For younger kids, include this in your morning basket time, or after reading to them from your favorite storybook Bible. Let them draw, write, whatever they have on their heart!

There are also additional questions at the bottom for deeper learning including:

  • What did you learn about God from this story?
  • What can you pray about after reading?

You will receive TWO files – one is a 56-page Color printable (2 cover options), and the other one is a 55-page Black & White printable.


  • 2 files – Black & White Option or Color – 8.5 x 11 portrait PDF format
  • Name & Date – great for writing practice!
  • Bible story & verse title section
  • Space for drawing, writing, or coloring
  • How To Use” and “Helpful Tips” page included
  • Use for home use or print individual copies for Sunday school classes
  • Bind to make a booklet or laminate
  • Recommended for toddlers – elementary school aged kids!

Download your printable Printable Bible Journal For Kids below – once downloaded, print and use as many copies as you’d like. 🙂

Before we get into some fun ways to use this journal, take a quick sneak peek inside with this video:

How To Use This Coloring Kids’ Bible Journal

There are so many fun and creative ways to use this journal. Let your kids write their memory verses, draw a picture and color, or doodle about what they learned from reading God’s Word.

We chose to get our journal bound so we can access it easily (we use Watson Family Press – a super affordable homeschool printing company, you can get 10% off with the code MINDY) but you can also just 3-hole punch them and add them to a 3-ring binder.

Before we get into some different ways to use this journal, make sure you check out these simple bible journaling tips for kids!

Ready? Let’s look at some ways your kids can benefit from this printable journal…

1. Use During Your Morning Basket Time

This Bible journal is the perfect addition to your morning basket time!

What’s a morning basket you ask?

Basically, it’s starting your day reading God’s Word with your children, helping them learn and memorize it, and also some educational learning such as days of the week, colors, weather, etc.

Get all the details below including what it looks like, why it’s for every family (not just homeschoolers), and what to put in it.

Morning Basket Routine Tips & Ideas HERE!

2. Use During Family Bible Time

Your kids can also use this journal during your family Bible time each evening or week!

After reading through one of your favorite family devotionals, ask your kids to draw or write in what they have learned, and then go over the questions at the bottom.

For parents, grab this free printable SOAP method Bible study sheet and join in with your kids in studying God’s Word by writing!

3. Encourage Kids in Quiet Time With the Lord

If your kids are old enough to read and write, this would be a great tool to add to their daily quiet time with God.

Encourage this time and use this journal to help them reflect on what they have read. More importantly, let them see you reading your Bible and having your time with the Lord, and this will help motivate them as well!

4. Sunday School & Homeschool Use

Sunday school teachers and homeschool Moms, this one is for you!

Print out copies and use them for your Sunday school classes, or your homeschool curriculum during Bible time.

It makes for a great addition to your current lesson plan, or you can build your lesson around it! Plus, the kids can take it home with them and remember what they learned!

Download Your Printable Bible Journal For Kids HERE

You can download your printable Bible journal for kids below. Enjoy, and make sure you keep reading to learn how!

Simply click the button below to order. Share this with your friends so they can grab theirs too!

Remember, you can also get this journal printed and bound for 10% off with Watson Family Press – just use the code MINDY at checkout!

Read more about our print partnership and the other wonderful partners here!

Printable Bible Journal For Kids {50+ Pages}

Printable Bible Journal For Kids To Study God’s Word

I pray that this printable Bible journal not only blesses your family as it has mine, but also begins to form a solid biblical foundation in your children for studying God’s Word.


Did you grab this printable kids’ Bible journal? Let me know below!

Grab your Printable Bible Journal For Kids {50+ Pages} HERE!

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  1. Hi Mandy I’m Lorraine Maggott a newly Sunday school teacher I always check your site for ideas and alot of stuff you say get your free sample but I never get the free stuff always ask for card details

    1. Hi Lorraine! I sent you an email. 🙂 The code to receive this Bible journal for free this month, plus instructions on how are both listed in the article. Please let me know if you run into any issues! <3

  2. Hi, is this printable still free? At check out is says $7 but has a space for a discount code.


    1. Thanks so much for reaching out! Unfortunately that promotion has ended. 🙁 So sorry!

  3. Hi what is the name of the book in the picture?

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