Taste and See: All About God’s Goodness {Book Review}

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Looking for a fun and creative way to teach your kids about God’s goodness throughout scripture?? What about using… food?! Wait, hear me out!

Check out our book review of this WONDERFUL addition to your shelf, Taste and See: All About God’s Goodness by: Irene Sun!

taste and see: all about god's goodnessbook review

Taste and See: All About God’s Goodness by: Irene Sun

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Reading is such a great habit to build in your kids. Especially when we read to them and with them about the goodness of God!

This book, Taste and See: All About God’s Goodness by Irene Sun is a book that does just that!

It digs deep into theology for kids using beautiful illustrations, rhyming stanzas, and impactful words and truths.

It’s filled with biblical truths from the Old and New Testament, and show us how God provided (food and more) for His children throughout scripture.

We read it in about 5-10 minutes, mostly because we were so enthralled by the pictures, and as soon as we were done my 5-year-old was already asking to read it again!

It would make for a great bedtime devotion or read, because of the sing song tune you follow. Perfect for reading your children to sleep, but filling their minds with God’s truth before they fall asleep.

Keep reading for more insight into this book such as what the layout looks like, what ages it’s for and more importantly… where you can get your hands on this treasure! 🙂

Book Layout + Inside Details

The layout of this book is so simple and flows so well! Each page includes a few short stanzas that follow the tune of “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” somethign both young and older kids will love!

If your kids are younger, they will enjoy hearing the sing song tune in your voice and even practice hearing those rhyming words. For older children, they can read this book on their own!

One of the stanzas that is repeated throughout, and such a great truth and promise of God for kids, is following…

Taste and see the Lord is good, All our needs He understood.

Grace and mercy, deep and wide, Steadfast love is by your side.

Taste & See by: Irene Sun

It goes through stories from the Old Testament such as Adam & Eve in the garden with the fruit of the tree, all the way to the last supper with Jesus, and even the feast in heaven!

What do all of these stories have in common? Food! Something we can all relate too right?

Each story is a full two page spread with the most breathtaking illustrations I have seen. I’m talking my daughter and I both full on *gasped* when we first opened the book!

The picture I took of my daughter at the top was her REAL LIFE reaction when I asked her to open the book before we read it. I was taking some pictures to include on here and cannot believe I caught it. 🙌🏻

I mean just LOOK at this gorgeous visual on the very first page!!…

Your children will aboslutely love seeing each of the beautfiul picrtures, and goign through the rhymes on each page, and seeing how food plays such an important role in scripture!

What Ages Is This Book For

Even though this book is geared towards children , it really can be enjoyed by the whole family. I loved reading through it even for myself!!

This book would be great infants all the way up to older elemnatary school or even middle school children would enjoy it.

Again, the rhyming tune, beautoiful pictures and simple yet theologcal points throughout is benefical for ALL, but espeically childrten. It’s a great introduction into teaching your kids biblical theology.

Ages: 1+

Where Can I Get This Book?

This book is available in many places, and is so easy to get your hands on!

You can find this book for sale on New Growth Press, a Christian publishing company – seriously SO many good books.

If you have seen our morning basket or family devotions, you’ll know how much we love their books! 🙂 Definitely check them out!

Grab it HERE from New Growth Press.

You can also pick this book up on Amazon or Christianbook.com, both with possible free shipping!

Grab this book HERE on Amazon.

Taste and See: All About God’s Goodness – Book Review

Overall I would recommend this book, 10/10! We have already read it multiple times and it’s a beautiful (literally) book to have on your bookshelf.

If you have been wanting a simple, non-overwhelming way to teach your kids biblical theology, or teach them how God always provides for His people, scoop up this wonderful book today. 🙂

*This book was sent as a complimentary gift, but all opinions are my own!

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