Chloe and the Closet of Secrets: A Book About Lying {Review}

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Teaching our children to tell the truth is SO important, and it is addressed many times throughout scripture. Reading Bible verses and helping our kids understand the consequences of sin is a must!

But there is also another great, biblical way we can teach them this as well!

This book by Ginger Hubbard can help! Read all about this fantastic book for kids, Chloe and the Closet of Secrets: A Book About Lying in this in-depth review!

Chloe and the Closet of Secrets A Book about Lying

Chloe and the Closet of Secrets: A Book About Lying – {Book Review}

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We have always loved reading as a family and individually, so the hunt for books is always on!

However, after having my daughter, the search for material that was a) biblically based b) included good moral values, and c) solid truthful teaching, have made their way to the forefront of my mind.

Surely there were books out there that we would enjoy reading, but also have a scriptural base that wasn’t watered down to “do a good job” type material.

This book by Ginger Hubbard, as well as her other book here, definitely fits into that category!

Chloe and the Closet of Secrets is a fantastic book for all ages of kids, to help teach them the importance of telling the truth and that our lies have more consequences than we may think.

There is the power of death and life in our words, according to Proverbs 18:21, and those who love it will eat its fruit – let me give you a hint… it ain’t good fruit!

Let’s take a deeper look at this wonderful, Gospel-focused take on lying and how to teach it to our children. It has made a huge difference in our home personally, and it can for you as well!

What is Chloe and the Closet of Secrets About?

This book is about Chloe, a little girl who starts telling little white lies.

But the twist is what happens each time she tells a lie… a little fluff creature appears out of nowhere for each lie! Not only that, but they grow bigger and bigger until she can’t hide them anymore.

She learns that her words have power, and (through forgiveness and grace in Christ) she confesses her sins to those to who she lied to, and asks for Jesus to forgive her.

It’s a beautiful story, with lots of humor and truth throughout!

What I really like about the ending though (I won’t give too much away, I promise) is that Chloe is led to confess her sin after watching her father do the same. THAT is powerful right there, and good for parents to hear!!

How is it laid out? We’ll look at that next…

Book Layout

This book follows a very simple, flowing, easy-to-read layout.

It’s written in rhyming stanzas, in an almost sing-songy way. One thing I appreciate about the writing is that the rhymes don’t feel “forced” – it doesn’t trip you up at all when reading!

Each page has really bright and fun illustrations, with 3-6 stanzas on each page. The story flows very well to a great ending!

The end has a beautiful arc of going through the process when we sin – recognizing sin for what it is, confessing that sin, and then praying and asking God to forgive us and change our hearts.

What Ages Is This Book For?

This book would be great reading material for later elementary to read on their own, or you can read it to your young preschool-aged children.

It makes for a great daytime reading, adding it as a read-aloud for your morning basket, or even a bedtime story!

You can also add in some scriptures about life-giving words and telling the truth, and make it a short devotion for kids OR use it as a lesson for family Bible time!

It would really be great for ALL ages of kids, because we can all understand the benefits of learning what God says about lying. I read this to my 4, now 5 year old and it quickly became one of our favorites!

Where Can I Get This Book?

This book is available in lots of places!

One of those places is New Growth Press, a Christian publishing company – seriously they have SO many good books, run sales all the time, and they are such quality material! We own many from them.

Grab this book (plus more!) from New Growth Press HERE.

You can also pick this book up for the full price on Amazon, and it’ll be there super quick if you have Prime shipping.

Grab this book on Amazon HERE.

Pros and Cons of This Book About Lying for Kids

Whenever I read a book review, I like to see the pros and cons – I want the truth on what people liked and didn’t like!

Go ahead and take a look at some of the things we LOVED about this book, as well as some things we may not have loved below.


Here are some positives to this book, and what we really enjoy about it…

  • Solid, biblical teaching
  • Easy to read with the rhyme format
  • Filled with fun humor, but also doesn’t distract readers
  • A storyline that children can relate to
  • Spends adequate time on the solution – Jesus


There aren’t really any cons I can think of! I promise I’m not lying… I can’t help it, I love puns. 😉

The only thing I can MAYBE say is the fluff characters could possibly be a little scary for super young readers – like toddlers I’m thinking – although my daughter thought they were cute!

Just the idea of fluffs appearing could cause that though, although highly unlikely!

But seriously, all around this is a fantastic book to add to your bookshelf at home, church, library, etc… anywhere!

chloe and the closet of secrets ginger hubbard

Teach Your Kids About Telling The Truth With This Book!

This book is a wonderful addition to your home book selection.

Not only is it an enjoyable read but you can rest assured that you are instilling good, biblical teaching in your children when it comes to telling the truth and using our words wisely!

Looking for more resources on other topics such as whining in your kids, check out my review of Ginger’s other book, Sam and the Sticky Situation: A Book about Whining!

*This book was given to me as a complimentary gift, but all opinions are my own!

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