Teaching Kids How God Rescues: Moses and the Exodus {Book Review}

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God has a beautiful rescue plan for us all, and we see it happen over and over throughout scripture, ultimately leading to Jesus – His death, resurrection, and return someday!

This book, God Rescues, is a wonderful way to teach this biblical truth to our children, in a fantastic, scripture-packed storybook format,.

Check out our detailed book review of God Rescues: Moses and the Exodus here!

god rescues book review

God Rescues: Moses and the Exodus {Book Review}

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Time and time again throughout the history of the Bible, God rescued His people. He brought them out of slavery, to the Promised Land, delivered them from their enemies, and still does for us (Exodus).

Ultimately this is a picture of God sending His Son Jesus Christ to die for us, so that we can be forgiven of sin and be with Him forever.

This book by Jared Kennedy is a beautiful walkthrough of the story of the Exodus, and really hits home for preschoolers just how God ALWAYS keeps His promises.

This book quickly became a favorite of ours, and is perfect for younger readers!

It’s great to read and use in lots of ways including:

So what exactly is inside this book and where can you get it? Let’s go through all the details below…

Book Layout

The layout in this book contains beautiful images (my daughter’s favorite part) impactful text, and much more! It’s in board book format, 30 pages, so super sturdy for those tiny hands!

There are 5 stories in this book, from Moses being born to the people leaving Egypt.

Each one with a title of what that story is about, where you can find these stories in scripture, and a question/questions at the end to talk about! They are very simple and can get some great conversation going.

I would always recommend reading these – storybook Bibles for kids are a fantastic tool to help them understand the Bible, but they do not replace God’s Holy Word.

Also, for each story there is a part in big, bold letters that hits home the point of the story – and how it points to Jesus. Plus, it’s short and easy for kids to memorize!

This book contains the exact same content from our favorite story Bible for young kids, The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible. However, this book contains stories from the Old – New Testament and has regular pages.

Here is a comparison:

So if you are just wanting something specific to Moses and the Exodus, go with God Rescues!

Or if you have very young children and want something very sturdy, the board book format makes this one great as well.

If you want to pay slightly more and have the whole story of the Bible… definitely go with The Beginner’s Gospel Bible book! Both have the same author so if you love one, you’ll love the other.

What Ages Is This Book For?

This book does a wonderful job of staying true to what scripture says and doesn’t “dumb it down” for kids.

Rather, it holds true to biblical truths and points EVERY single story back to Jesus. because the whole Bible was written and points to Christ!

It says it is geared towards ages 3 – 5, but I would think kids even slightly older can still benefit from this book greatly.

Or, your older kids can read this on their own! So if you have any preschool to elementary-aged children, this book is for you!

Where Can I Get This Book?

You can get this book in multiple places!

One of those places is New Growth Press, a Christian publishing company – seriously they have SO many good books, run sales all the time, and they are such quality material! We own many from them.

Grab this book (plus more!) from New Growth Press HERE.

You can also pick this book up on Amazon, and it’ll be there super quick if you have Prime shipping.

Grab this book on Amazon HERE.

god rescues board book

Teaching Kids How God Rescues: Moses and the Exodus

I pray this book review was so helpful for you! Use this book to show your children that God is always faithful to His promises – and His promises don’t stop now. 🙂

Will you be grabbing a copy? Let me know below!

*This book was given to me as a complimentary gift, but all opinions are my own!

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