Bible Alphabet Letter Recognition Workbook For Preschoolers

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Are you looking for a simple and FUN workbook to help teach your kids letter recognition? Better yet, one that is biblically-based??

Whether you are a homeschool mom, Sunday school teacher, or just want to work on letter learning with your kids, you’ll definitely want to check out this Bible alphabet letter recognition workbook for preschoolers!

bible alphabet letter recognition workbook preschoolers

Bible A-Z Letter Recognition Workbook For Preschoolers

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Teach your kids simple A-Z letter recognition with this Bible-themed workbook! Each letter includes upper and lower case tracing, and letter mazes to help with fine motor skills.

There are scripture references for each letter/word to read to encourage scripture learning and memory with kids!

For example, “A” is for apple and has references to Genesis 3 and the fall of man. “H” is for heaven and the verse included is Philippians 3:20.

Not only will you be helping them learn basic letter skills, but it will also help them learn letter basics with biblical concepts!

So what all will you be getting? Good question!

This is a 28-page PDF digital file and is perfect to use for preschool or kindergarten-aged children. Some benefits of this workbook are…

✨8.5 x 11 portrait PDF format

✨Upper & Lower case A-Z letter recognition

✨Bible-themed words & pictures to associate with each letter

✨Great tool for scripture memory

✨Bind to make a booklet, laminate, or place in a 3 ring binder

✨Toddlers can finger trace until ready to practice writing

You can use this in your homeschool curriculum, make it a part of your morning basket routine, teachers can use it for their classroom, Sunday school teachers, or kid’s ministry workers in class… so many uses!

Download Your Bible A-Z Letter Recognition Workbook Here

Go ahead and grab your printable Bible Alphabet Letter Recognition Workbook today – once downloaded, print and use as many copies as you’d like for your homeschool or classroom!

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bible letter recognition workbook

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How To Use This Alphabet Letter Recognition Workbook

There are so many great uses for this letter recognition workbook for preschoolers and kindergarten-aged children!

Moms, homeschool moms, Sunday school teachers, grandmas… anyone can use these to teach their kids basic learning skills in a biblical way!

Here are a few suggestions to get you started…

Bible Activity Binder

Something you can do that will not only help keep this workbook organized on its own but combine a bunch of different activities for your kids to do, is to create a Bible activity binder!

There are only a few things you’ll need, that you most likely already have on hand:

You can either print these all on cardstock and laminate them for reusable fun at home or church.

Another option is to print them and have your kids complete them, and add them to your completed work folder!

You can use Bible activity binders out on rainy days, on long car rides, waiting at the doctor or dentist’s office, in restaurants, in your Wednesday night kid’s classes at church… so many different ways!

bible alphabet letter recognition workbook page

Kids will love this, and you can be encouraged knowing they are learning about God’s Word.

In fact, here are some other printables you can grab and fill your binder with:

I would definitely add a 3 hole punch pencil pouch in the binder – fill it with pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils, and dry erase markers so you are always prepared no matter the activity.

You can feel relieved and encouraged knowing your kids are learning about God while doing these fun Bible-based activities. 🙂

**A lot of these printables can be laminated – we LOVE this pink laminator from amazon here. It’s inexpensive and has worked like a champ for me for 2 years now!!

Another option is to have this bound in a notebook for your children to work through during the days at home! That’s what we love to do.

You can actually get this printed and bound for 10% off with Watson Family Press – an affordable, family-owned, online printing company. :)Just use the code MINDY at checkout!

Read more about our print partnership and the other wonderful partners here!

Homeschool or Sunday School

This letter recognition workbook is the perfect complement to your homeschool curriculum or Sunday school lessons.

It’s great for preschool age or kindergarten! The great thing is that you can make it fit whatever curriculum or lesson you are using, and reuse it as many times as you need.

And of course, bringing everything back to God and His Word!

Scripture Memory Learning

Each page in the book has either a Bible verse or passage to read, making it perfect to memorize scripture along with learning letters too!

It’s never too early to start teaching young kids to memorize scripture – they can memorize jingles, songs, and phrases… why not the Bible??

Here are some other great printables and tools you can use to help your kids memorize scripture:

And here are 30 easy verses to start memorizing with your toddlers!! You’d be surprised at how much they can take in and memorize.

Remember, you can get this workbook printed and bound for 10% off with Watson Family Press – just use the code MINDY at checkout!

alphabet letter recognition for preschoolers

Bible-Themed Alphabet Recognition Workbook For Preschoolers

I hope this super fun and biblically-based letter recognition workbook is beneficial for your family or church ministry!

It’s a great way to teach kids their ABCs and letter sounds while also incorporating God into every aspect. 🙂

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