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It’s a beautiful thing to be able to have your kids in service with you on Sunday mornings, and worship together as a family.

But, if we are being super real and practical, it can be hard to keep their attention for that hour you are in there!

That’s why I wanted to offer you these FREE printable sermon notes for kids, ages 3 – 10 or even older! 🙂

sermon notes for kids

Printable Sermon Notes For Kids

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Being able to worship corporately together is so important. And even more so, having your family together, praising God through song and the hearing of His Word is vital for Christian homes.

Our kids can learn songs, math problems, games, and more… so why do we shy away from them sitting in “big church” with us?

Do I believe kids can sit through a service and learn from the singing, preaching, and prayer? Yes.

But do I also think that we could do more to help them adjust while they are learning and growing? Also yes!

That’s why I wanted to offer you these free printable sermon notes for kids, not just to “keep your kids attention” but to FOCUS their attention on why you are there – learning and growing more in faith and into the likeness of God.

These children’s sermon note printables include a page for little kids AND big kids, and there are so many benefits and ways to use them! 🙂

**Keep reading to download and for some fun and unique ways to use these notes!

Download Your Free Printable Sermon Notes For Kids

This is a 2 full page PDF file. There are two pages, one for younger kids and for older elementary-aged kids. Both are geared towards each specific age group!

Here’s exactly what you will be getting:

The younger kids’ page is geared towards ages 3-5, whether they can write or not they still will have fun drawing, or parents can help them fill it out after service.

It has a space to draw what they learned from the sermon, as well as the following:

  • Bible verses studied
  • What they learned
  • Who preached
  • Their favorite song
  • Something they learned about who God is

The older kids’ page (ages 5 or 6+) has more lines to take notes during the sermon and includes the following:

  • Date
  • Scripture references during the sermon
  • Application to their life
  • What stood out to them, one takeaway
  • Prayer points for the week
  • “God is my” section
  • A cross they can color in at home

You can print these with your normal printer settings, on regular 8.5 x 11 copy paper. Feel free to print in bulk at one time if you want – 52 copies for each week of the year, per kid!

Download your FREE printable sermon notes for kids in the printables library HERE.

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Creative Ways To Use These Kids’ Sermon Notes

These also aren’t just for during the church service; you can use them in Sunday school, during family Bible time, for kids camp, or any time!

But first, I would recommend making a sermon note binder or notebook for your kids!

It is super simple and can help keep all their notes organized, that way they can look back and reflect on what they have learned, and any prayers God has answered.

“Bible Notes” Binder Supplies:

First, print out as many copies as you want of the sermon notes – you can make a binder for each child, so use either the big kids or little kids page… or a mix of both!

Use the 3-hole punch on them, and add them to the binder. Put the pens, pencils, and crayons in the zipper pouch. Ta-da! It’s that easy!

Another option would be to have a stack of these pages bound into a journal – we love Watson Family Press; they are a great family-owned business that specializes in homeschool printing. 🙂

preschool journal
Our preschool journal we had bound. Love it!

Your kids can take this binder to church every week, kids camp, Sunday school, or use it during family Bible time.

It’s a great way to keep all the notes in one place – keeping your home clutter-free (yay!) and also helping your kids reflect on important biblical truths they may be learning.

Here are more creative ways you can use these sermon notes, not just for sermons. 😉

Talk About After The Service With Kids

When my husband and first began dating, and I would visit him or him visiting me (long-distance relationship), we would always talk about the sermon after church.

We’d look at our notes and see what things we both write down, as well as get different perspectives on the teachings. We grew so close by doing this, and it’s a tradition to carry on with kids now too!

Whether you make a sermon note binder/journal or not, your kids can still use this printable page each Sunday for church!

Then, once church is over, you can talk about it all together as a family.

Make sure to really focus on the key points and what they took away from it. It may also help encourage them to keep good notes, knowing you will all talk about it after service!

It’s a great way to have a family devotion time on Sundays, and really chew on what God has been teaching you through your Pastor.

Use For Sunday School Or Kids Camp

Are your kids going to any kids’ camp or conferences this year? These note pages would be great to take with them!

You can send them with these pages, but it may be easier to send them in a binder or journal that they can carry in their backpacks with them.

Then, when they get home, they can tell you all about what they learned! How cool?!

And for Sunday school teachers or kid’s ministry workers, you can use these for your kid’s worship services, Sunday school, or Wednesday nights!

Use For Family Devotions At Home

Do you currently have family Bible time or a devotional time each day together? If not, now is a great time to start!

You can use these free printable SOAP Bible study sheets for your notes, let your kids use these sermon notes, and spend this important time together as a family!

They work great for any biblical learning and are a great way to help kids really take in what they are reading and hearing.

**Here are some of our favorite family devotional books, as well as some tips for starting family Bible time each day. 🙂

sermon notes for kids

Kids Sermon Notes For Church

It’s a blessing to be able to have your kids in service with you on Sunday mornings and worship together as a family. Noise in the church means lots of kids to teach the Gospel and raise other future believers!

I pray that these kids’ church notes bless you and your family, and help your kids grow closer to God!

DON’T FORGET!! Download your FREE printable sermon notes for kids in the printables library HERE.

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  1. Thank you very much for making these! I LOVE them 🙂 Can’t wait t use them this Sunday with our kids!

    1. Yay! I am so glad you love them! I pray they bless your family and you can use them for many more Sundays. 🙂

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