Easy Cleaning Schedule For Stay At Home Moms + Free Checklist

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Recently, I was asked on one of my posts about creating a daily stay at home mom schedule, where in the world do I find time to clean?

Well, that is the question I want to help answer today, by sharing with you a super EASY and totally doable stay at home mom cleaning schedule!

Whether you have one kid or four kids, I hope this cleaning schedule helps make life a little easier for you, AND helps you think of cleaning in a different way. 🙂

stay at home mom cleaning schedule

Easy Stay At Home Mom Cleaning Schedule

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Let’s face it, cleaning is NOT the most fun way to spend our time.

Or rather I should say cleaning in of itself may not be fun, but the end result is amazing, right?

I love lighting candles, diffusing essential oils, and just sitting and looking around enjoying the clean space in front of me.

It may only last for 2.5 seconds, but it helps me feel productive and accomplished. But we all know as moms, it can be hard to find the time to clean!!

I used to try and clean every two weeks on one day but then started getting so worn out and just DREADING it.

Or something would come up that day and I wouldn’t be able to do it, pushing it back another week.

Since I started implementing this super easy cleaning schedule (specifically for stay at home moms) it has made life seem a lot easier and fits right into ANY daily routine!!

Why Should Stay At Home Moms Make A Cleaning Schedule?

Why is it important to have a cleaning schedule, you ask? Can’t I just clean as I see something or whatever day I have free?

Technically you can. BUT…

It may cause you extra stress, and we know, as moms especially, we don’t need any extra stress added to our plates!

In fact, let’s just look at some things that we do on a daily basis…

I do believe God calls us to be keepers of the home (Proverbs 31), and to take care of our home, making it a safe place for our family to be.

But what I’m not saying is our home has to be 100% spot-free, UBER clean all the time.

I mean, you can come to take a look at my house right now and you will see that’s definitely not true.

But a less cluttered and chaotic environment does help ease those stress levels, which in turn can help us be a little more peaceful in our homes.

So why not schedule in specific cleaning time and make it a part of your day, to where it doesn’t feel like you’re doing something extra?

That is the whole point of this!! To feel like the super simple things you can do each day will help keep your house clean without adding MORE to your already full plate!

What To Include On Your Daily Cleaning Scheudle

So what kinds of things can we do each day to keep our home in a comfortable condition??

I actually got a TON of inspiration from Clean Mama to help make my own routine that works well for our family, by creating 4-5 daily tasks. She also has great tips for making your own cleaning resources!

Basically, when you accomplish your 4-5 daily tasks (or however many you decide on), when it comes time to deep clean it’s much less overwhelming. You don’t have as much built up to where you want to run and hide – not that I’ve done that before. 😬

These are some of the simple daily tasks you can choose from (and what we personally do):

  • Make beds
  • Load/empty dishwasher
  • Wipe counters
  • Pick up clutter
  • Sweep after eating
  • One load of laundry – when you keep up with it, you won’t have a load every day!

These things are interwoven throughout the day, and can be added to your daily stay at home mom schedule too!

For wiping down surfaces, we love using our thieves cleaner from young living! It smells amazing and you can feel good knowing it won’t harm kids if they were to touch the surface!

Another great option for natural-based cleaning products (and more) is Grove Collaborative.

Right now, you can get a FREE gift set PLUS $10 off your next purchase using this link!

We have personally used this subscription service and enjoyed it!

My favorite products are the method bathroom cleaner, babyganics toy cleaner (we used this ALL the time when G was a baby), and the 7th generation wipes.

This also eliminates store trips, saving you time to get other things done, and money too!!

What To Include On Your Weekly/Monthly Cleaning Scheudle

There are definitely things that you don’t want to do, or have to do every single day.

These are the things that you can do either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! Those things can include:

  • Washing bed sheets
  • Deep cleaning (wiping baseboards, washing windows)
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning out the fridge
  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • …and more time-consuming things like these!

On my free printable cleaning checklist, there is also a spot for your weekly and monthly things too!

That way you can see what things you’d like to check off for each day, and for that week/month! It’s awesome having it all in one place. 🙂

More Simple Tips For Sticking To A Cleaning Schedule

So now that we’ve looked at why we need a cleaning schedule and what kinds of things need to be on there, here are some SIMPLE, helpful tips to keep things running smoothly each day…

1. Focus On One Thing At A Time

I know this is a super hard concept, at least for me, because I tend to look at the day and think of every single thing I need to do. But try and focus on one thing at a time!

When you concentrate on doing one thing at a time and completing that, it definitely helps it seem more doable, and then you can move on to the next thing without a million other things on your mind!

This simple 3:1 rule definitely helps you to focus on one thing at a time before moving on to the next!!

Now I understand life happens and this isn’t always possible but it’s a good 80/20 general rule that can help you out! 

2. Look For Simple Tasks To Accomplish

We pretty much already talked about this in the daily things you can do, but I want to break it down further…

It’s good to have simple things to accomplish daily, and you can even divide them up into 5, 10, and 20-minute tasks to better plan your day.

For example, making the beds is a five-minute thing. Whereas emptying the dishwasher could be more of a 15 to 20-minute thing. This all can depend on if you have your kids helping you out!

Which leads right into the next point…

3. Get The Kids Involved

Get your kids involved in the cleaning! 

Not only will it help you get things done a little quicker (divide and conquer is a strategy, right?) but it’s also teaching them responsibility!

It teaches them that they live in the house too and have a certain expectation of keeping up after themselves.

My daughter will help me sweep up after we eat, put up her laundry, and do other little things.

There’s no reason why our children shouldn’t be helping us, and kids absolutely love to help anyway so it’s actually fun for them!

Now the older they get it definitely gets less fun, but it’s a good teaching opportunity to encourage them to do their best, work hard, and have a cheerful heart (Colossians 3:23), which honors God!

That’s the important part. 🙂

Download Your Daily Cleaning Checklist here.

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easy cleaning schedule for stay at home moms

Easy Cleaning Schedule For Stay At Home Moms + Free Checklist

Overall, cleaning doesn’t have to be a SUPER dreaded ordeal.

When we are leaning into God’s strength, He can help us push through the day, even in what seems mundane – He has called us to love our families well!!

I hope this easy cleaning schedule helps make your life a little easier and brings a little more joy into your home!

Do you currently have a cleaning schedule you follow? Will these simple daily tasks help make your life a little easier? Let me know in the comments below!

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