One Simple Rule To Create Your Perfect Work From Home Schedule

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What if I told you there was a simple way that will COMPLETELY change the way you schedule? That’s it, just one shift in your planning and you will suddenly find yourself less stressed and more time for other things!

I am going to share with you the SECRET to creating your perfect work from home schedule, just by following this one simple rule.

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When I transitioned from a stay at home mom to work at home mom, I didn’t really realize the actual NEED for scheduling. I thought I could just fit in here or there some work hours and ta-da! Good to go, right?


I actually realized that I was a little (maybe a lot) lazy and would make excuses for pushing work back.

For example: I’d say, “well let’s go to the park today it’s nice out”, “the house needs to be cleaned”, “well I’m not really feeling well”… I was still living as if I didn’t work from home BECAUSE I was still home all the time. And then my weekends were suddenly filled trying to scramble and catch up.

Talk about feeling stressed out!

It was then that I quickly realized that it was hard to balance working from home and family life! I had to learn how to manage my time better as a work at home mom like never before.

What I needed was a HUGE mental shift, and once I figured out this one simple rule, it completely changed the way that I made my work from home schedule.

Maybe you have been struggling with finding a good rhythm with your work at home mom schedule; let’s go ahead and fix that with this one rule!

The 3:1 Rule

We’re calling this, the 3:1 rule. Now, what in the world does that mean??

To sum it up, get all your work done in LESS THAN 4 DAYS a week. Work REALLY hard for 3 days, 1 light load day, and 3 free days to do whatever!

This is perfect for those of you who work part time in your home, say 20 hours.

You can pick 3 days that you are going to get at it. Bust your behind, so to speak. You want to get the core of your work done in these three days. Spend about 6 ish hours each of those three days, to where you only have an hour or 2 left to go.

Try and keep these hard-hitting days the same each week. This will help you know what to expect and start planning other things around it.

That’s the beauty of working from home – YOU get to set the schedule! YES!

Then on your “light” day, keep it under 2 hours, 1 hour is even better. Use this as a time to catch up on emails, draft out your schedule for the following week, make phone calls, or schedule out blog posts. Make this a flex day that can be done at any time!

Now you have 3 whole days to NOT worry about getting work done! Catch up on rest, housework, spend time with your family, and know you are free to enjoy it.

MAJOR Benefits To Following This Rule..

Here are some AMAZING benefits of using this rule when making your work from home schedule

  • Your family will be on the same page because you’ll know exactly what days you will be working hard
  • You’ll have a “flex” day so to speak, so you can decide when you want to spend that extra hour or 2 finishing simple tasks
  • You have built-in 3 rest days to be present with your family and not worried about work – scheduling family time is just as important as scheduling your work

The 3:1 rule ensures that you MAKE time for your family! Those 3 free days are for sure set up to spend time with your family, NOT working or finishing up last-minute tasks.

Want to see this scheduling rule in action? Check out my actual weekly work schedule here!

Remember, the whole purpose of working from home is so you can be there for your family! You can go on your kids’ field trips, be home with them when they are sick, and be present! No more feeling like you sacrificed one job for another.

Apply The 3:1 Rule To Other Areas

This can be applied to other things you need to schedule too, whether you work from home or are a stay at home mom.

Use this rule when tackling big projects like outdoor work, painting, organizing, cleaning, meal planning… it can work for all!

If you have been wanting to tackle decluttering out your home, use this rule to help. Work super hard for 3 days, and take one easy to regroup.

Depending on how many rooms you need to declutter (including garages and basements) You could knock this out in one week! Rather than working an hour or 2 every day and dragging it on for waaaay longer than necessary.

Are the days of your kids napping during the day over?? Check out these 11 ways to get work done from home when your child no longer naps!

simple work from home schedule

I hope this will help you find a new balance between work and family!! Use this rule when making your work from home schedule from now on! Find calm and relief in a steady routine. 🙂

How would you incorporate this in your life?? Let me know in the comments!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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