How Distance CAN Make the Heart Grow Fonder

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The age-old question… does distance really make the heart grow fonder??

The simple answer… YES!

My husband and I spent the first 10 months of our dating/engaged relationship living in different states. I remember how difficult navigating the long-distance was. I always would wish that we could just go see a movie, go on a walk or grab a quick dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings!

However, looking back at this time YEARS ago, I can definitely see how it was used to strengthen our relationship. We were able to really enter into marriage with a great foundation.

Here are three ways you can grow in your relationship when you are physically apart…

You get to miss each other.

This is a good thing! Whenever I saw Nick was pulling up to my house, I would run as fast as I could to squeeze him! (I was usually already waiting on the front porch)

The excitement I felt when I saw him SO outweighed the days I spent missing him. This also gives them an opportunity to miss you and have the same reaction each time they see you.

When you are apart, it creates an opportunity for you to think about them more and look forward to the next time you get to spend together.

You get to practice GREAT communication skills.

Let’s not forget the day and age we live in… we have some UH-MA-ZING forms of technology, that allow us to talk to whoever, whenever and wherever we want! I don’t know how well my patience would do if I had to wait on a pigeon to deliver me letters each month!

Between Skype, Facebook, and video chat, there are endless possibilities to communicate while apart.

These methods also require you to really say what you mean rather than just focusing on the physical when you are together! This is also a huge temptation saver for those of you who are not yet married.

Also, when you are together all the time you can get by with not saying much, but when you’re on the phone awkward silences are kind of, well… awkward.

You can’t hide your emotions when you are looking someone in the eye.

Conversation becomes that much more meaningful when you are only focusing on what the person on the other end of the line is saying.

You have more QUALITY time, rather than quantity.

Seeing each other every day is great and equals high QUANTITY time. BUT, to be able to experience QUALITY time, it requires an intentional investment into one another.

When you know you have a limited time to see each other because of distance, you don’t want to waste it because you know how precious that time together is.

Time spent scrolling aimlessly through Facebook, or binge-watching Netflix (neither of which are technically bad things) will be limited. You may instead choose to do a date night together, an outdoor activity where the two of you can bond, or have some real and intimate conversation.

You can easily cut out other distractions and give your significant other 100% while you are with them.

If I knew I was going to be seeing my husband for two days next weekend, I would be busting my butt to get everything done that I needed to. Our focus could be purely on our relationship during that time.


Maybe you and your significant other are going through a time where you are not in the same city, state or even country. Whether it’s due to a job transition, moving homes, or an extended trip, I want you to know this… You are not alone and there ARE ways to enjoy this season and grow stronger in your relationship!

Don’t let long-distance bring you apart, but grow you together. This season can be so rich for your relationship; it is up to you two to take advantage of a not-so-normal situation and make it shine!

Have you ever experienced a time of physical distance in your relationship?? How did you cope?

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Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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