Faith-Based Lunchbox Notes For Kids {Free Printable}

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Looking for a fun way to show love to your kids this school year? Nothing will make their day more than a sweet lunchbox note from Mom or Dad!

Not only will they have a smile on their face, but these notes have biblical truths and encouragement on them, so your kids can always be pointed back to Jesus.

Check out these free printable faith-based lunchbox notes for kids!

printable lunch box notes for kids

Lunch Notes for Kids

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Last year my daughter attended a Mother’s Day Out/Pre-K at our church. Something she looked forward to each day was her sweet lunch box notes from Mom.

Now, I just used some little encouraging notes I bought off Amazon similar to these, that said “Have a good day” or “BE kind” or “You are brave” … things along those lines. Then I would sign “I love you, Mommy” on the back!

But I realized, wait just a minuteI can create my own! And not only that, but fill them with encouraging words from the Lord to always point them back to what matters, and that is our Savior, Jesus Christ.

These cute notes can be printed in multiple colors for boys and girls, and there is also a blank one to write your own personalized notes. Print them out over and over, or laminate and reuse them.

It’s up to you!

The best part… they are free! I want you to be able to show the love of Christ to your children this school year, and for them to be encouraged and know that God loves them.

These are great for even your little toddlers and preschoolers (teachers can read their notes to them) or elementary-aged kids.

And it doesn’t matter whether they are in public school, private school, or even homeschooled! Kids will love these.

Keep reading to download your printable lunchbox notes for kids (5 pages) + more fun ways to use them…

Free Printable Lunchbox Notes

Here are your free printable lunchbox notes for kids! There are 6 notes, with 4 color options and even a page of blank ones to fill them in yourself.

All you have to do is fill out the form below to access the free printables library, and grab them there. 🙂

Download your Free Printable Lunchbox Notes For Kids in the printables library HERE.

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Fun Ways To Use These Lunch Notes For Kids

Once you download these you can print and reuse them essentially for every day of the school year!

You can print multiple copies, or print a few, cut them out and laminate them (we love this pink laminator from Amazon here). That is what I usually do because I like being able to reuse them!

But I also keep a few unlaminated so I can write little notes and sign the back. Totally up to you. 🙂

Now, I know I mentioned you can use them even if you homeschool, which we are doing next fall as well.

How can you do that?

Simply place these notes by their lunch on the table when they eat, or even breakfast! You can still encourage your kids throughout the day while homeschooling. 🙂 Even explain to them what the card saying means.

How else can you use these? I’m glad you asked!

Here are some fun ways to use these printable lunchbox notes for kids…

Put In Kid’s Lunchboxes

Obviously, they are made for kids’ lunchboxes! It’s a great way to encourage them no matter where they are during the school day, at school, or at home.

Simply place one in their lunchbox, and it’ll brighten their day when they see it later!

Once you have used one, keep reusing them in their lunchboxes, or feel free to tape them to their mirrors, dressers, doors, etc., anywhere they will see them. 🙂

Use As Encouraging Bookmarks

After putting them in your children’s lunchboxes, you can let them use these note cards as bookmarks!

They can put them in school books, their Bibles, or books that they are reading for fun.

That way, whenever they pull out their books to read, they can remain encouraged! Such a simple way to remind them of biblical truths. 🙂

You can even use them to mark your spot in your favorite family devotional or any of your morning basket books!

**I would definitely recommend laminating them for the most use!!

Use For Church/Kid’s Ministry

These printable faith-based notes for kids would be a great way to minister to kids in your church through children’s ministry!

Whether you are a Sunday school teacher, volunteer, or children’s minister, use these notes to biblically affirm the kids in your care.

How awesome would it be to not only encourage your church member’s children with these, but also reach out to those children and families who don’t know Jesus with one simple gesture of kindness?

faith based notes for kids

Encourage Kids With Faith-based Lunchbox Notes

I pray that these faith-based lunchbox notes for kids will help remind your children that God loves them, and they can find their trust and hope in Him.

Use these printable notes for kids’ lunches, your classroom, children’s ministry, or just around the house at home. 🙂

How will you use these printable lunchbox notes for kids? Let me know in the comments!

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