Easy Tissue Paper Craft Ideas For Kids {Great for Sunday School!}

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Are you looking for some fun and easy crafts to do with your kiddos? Especially ones that can point them to God?

Check out these 3 simple tissue paper crafts for Sunday school or fun at home with your family!

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Using Crafts To Teach Kids About God

Bible crafts are great ways to not only teach kids about God, but in a fun and hands-on way. When kids particpate in this, they remember them!

As good as it is to teach your kids about God, read to them from His Word, and help them learn these bibilcal truths… crafts can be a fun addition to help hit those points home further!

So today I wanted to share with you these 3 easy tissue paper crafts – perfect for home or church use!

For each craft listed you will find the following:

  • Step by step instructions on each craft
  • Pictures to follow along with
  • Ideas to tie in with a lesson plan
  • PLUS free printable instructions of everything listed out here!

These would be so great for your Sunday school classes, homeschool curriculum, or just a fun rainy day craft with your kiddos!

These crafts can be made for gifts as well such as birthdays, Mother’s Day gift ideas, Christmas, etc. It’s a super cheap and easy way to teach kids about God through crafts!

Check out 50+ of our favorite Bible crafts HERE!

3 Tissue Paper Crafts With Pictures:

Here are 3 super easy tissue paper crafts for Sunday school or home! You don’t need much, just some supplies and a love for the Lord. 🙂

1. Suncatcher

This beautiful sun catcher is so fun! Kids can use these in their windows at home, or at church in your class.

Supplies Needed:

Step By Step Instructions:

1. Take a piece of wax paper and start applying a thin layer of mod podge onto the wax paper. Use a brush to apply glue.

2. Now add pieces of tissue paper on top of it. It’s time to get creative.

3. Keep adding pieces so that there are as few gaps as possible.

4. Apply another layer of mod podge over the pieces.

5. Let your project dry completely. Once it dries, cut it out in the shape you want to make.

6. You can make a frame around the suncatcher with popsicle sticks by simply gluing them onto the wax paper. Colored popsicle sticks would be a hit!

7. Then, add some string or yarn, whatever you have available, for hanging your beautiful suncatcher.

tissue paper craft suncatcher

Lesson Plan Idea:

This would be great for a summertime lesson! You can read any of these Bible verses about Summer, and remind kids that God shines His light into darkness.

John 9:5 is a great one to read and help them memorize!

The darkness that is in our world, and our hearts, but His light overcomes it! And it’s beautiful, just like His love is for us.

2. Rainbow

A beautiful reminder of God’s promise to never flood the Earth again, and also of His MANY promises to us!

Supplies Needed:

Step By Step Instructions:

1. Find a coloring page and print it onto cardstock paper – you can use any of these free rainbow ones!

2. Cut tissue paper into small squares.

3. Squeeze glue onto the coloring page.

4. Crumple up the tissue paper and place it on top of the glue.

5. Continue putting glue on the page. Crumple tissue paper and put it on top until your page is complete!

rainbow tissue paper craft

Lesson Plan Idea:

This is also a great summer lesson, to remind kids of what the rainbow stands for and why God created it!

Read the story of Noah in Genesis 9 and God’s promise never to flood the Earth again, as well as these other amazing promises of God for kids.

3. Flower

This super simple tissue paper flower craft is so fun and easy, and would make a very cute tabletop decoration as well!

Supplies Needed:

Step By Step Instructions:

1. Take your sheet of tissue paper and cut it into quarters. Make a pile of the quarters, fold them in half, so it looks like a rectangle, and cut along the fold. You should now have eight rectangles of tissue paper.

2. Make a neat pile and fold them into an accordion (short edge). Once you have folded them, take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center.

3. Once the center is secured, fan out the paper folds and start to pull them towards the center of the flower; do this layer by layer. This takes a little time as you want each layer puffed so that your flower is full when you are finished; put your flower in a vase and make more!

flower tissue paper craft

Lesson Plan Idea:

Talk about how God makes beautiful things like flowers, trees, the ocean, and of course… you and me! Read through Genesis and God’s creation to accompany this craft too.

The great thing about this tissue paper craft is the kids can choose whatever color “flower” they want, and even make multiple to put in a jar or vase.

I think this one would make for a beautiful Mother’s Day gift. 😉

These would be a fun craft at home as well when building your home garden and getting kids excited to learn about nature and God’s creation.

Printable Tissue Paper Crafts For Lesson Planning

You can print all of the instructions and pictures for easy supply gathering and step-by-step instructions!

Download the Tissue Paper Craft Supplies and Instructions HERE.

tissue paper crafts for kids

Tissue Paper Crafts For Sunday School + Printable Lesson

I pray that these crafts are not only so FUN for you and your kids, but ultimately helps aid you in teaching them about God.

Whether you are a Sunday school teacher, Mom, or grandparent, these tissue paper crafts are a great visual and creative way to show kids God is in everything!

Which craft is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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